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Archbishop of Canterbury Pushes for Universal Anglican Acceptance of Women Bishops (3115)

Archbishop Rowan Williams, leaving office in December, wants the measure passed at next month’s General Synod.

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– Chris Jackson/Getty Images

LONDON — Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, the leading cleric in the Worldwide Anglican Communion, is trying to persuade members of the Church of England’s upcoming General Synod to support the ordination of women as Anglican bishops.

In an article published in the Anglican newspaper The Church Times, Archbishop Williams said the church legislation “will shape the future of the Church of England for generations.” He contended that a vote against the proposal “risks committing us to a period of continued and perhaps intensified internal conflict with no clearly guaranteed outcome.”

The archbishop is trying to push through the measure at the General Synod in November. The synod...READ MORE

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Ontario Pressures Catholic Schools Over Abortion (6557)

Provincial government backpedals after Cardinal Collins reaffirms Catholic system’s independence

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Archdiocese of Toronto

– Archdiocese of Toronto

TORONTO — The government of Canada’s largest province has backed down from statements by a senior cabinet minister last week calling the Catholic school system’s pro-life teachings illegal and anti-women.

In a confrontation similar to that between U.S. Catholic institutions and the Obama administration over the federal contraception mandate, the minority government of Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty called Catholic teaching on abortion “misogynistic” and indicated it was a violation of the government’s new anti-bullying law, the Accepting Differences Act, also known as Bill 13.

The controversy started Oct. 10, when a reporter asked Education Minister Laurie Broten whether Catholic...READ MORE

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Bishops Stir the Pews (4674)

Oct. 21 issue editorial on the election and the New Evangelization.

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Whether in Miami or Seattle, Newark or St. Paul-Minneapolis, the U.S. bishops are ratcheting up the influence of their office during the final days of the 2012 campaign season.

Providentially, during the last lap before the election, Church leaders and lay experts are meeting for the Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization in Rome, where they are discussing the best way to mute the siren song of secularism and draw Catholics back to faith in Jesus Christ.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, in his opening address at the synod, urged Christians to "overcome the syndrome of embarrassment" that led the faithful to shrug off threats to the survival of "marriage, family, the concept of...READ MORE

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A Carthusian Nun Wearing a Stole and Maniple, St. Kateri Tekakwitha and Gregorian Chant, and More! (3076)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

10/22/2012 Comment

A Carthusian Nun Wearing a Stole and Maniple. Follow the link by Shawn Tribe of the New Liturgical Movement website to read more of this ancient tradition.

A Carthusian Nun Wearing a Stole and Maniple by Shawn Tribe of the New Liturgical Movement - Big Pulpit

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha and Gregorian Chant – Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

Archbishop Jose Gomez: Traditional Devotions Together with the New Media – Fr. Z’s Blog

Saint Pedro Calungsod – Cristina Montes, Ignitum Today

Is It a Sin to be Late for Mass? – Fr. Tim Finigan, The Hermeneutic of Continuity

Three Masks of the Culture of Death – John P. Hittinger, Truth and Charity Forum

Las Presentaciones: A Vibrant Hispanic Tradition – Fr. Gus Puelo, Homiletic & Pastoral Review

The Clarity and Specificity of Thomistic Natural Law – Howard Kainz, The Catholic Thing


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World Series Week and Election Advice (1765)

User's Guide to Sunday, Oct. 21.

10/21/2012 Comment

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Sunday, Oct. 21, is the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B, Cycle II).

Family Movie

 It’s World Series week, and if your family is excited about baseball but not about the series, it would be a good week to watch The Perfect Game (2009). The film is based on a true story (and popular non-fiction book) about a rag-tag group of Mexican boys who competed in the Little League World Series in 1957. The story is sweet and “pro-Catholic,” even if it won’t win film awards. Cheech Marin plays Padre Esteban, the priest who keeps the boys in line and inspired. Hannah Montana fans will recognize “Rico” (Moises Arias) on the team. As always, preview it and confer with at Kids-in-Mind.com to see...READ MORE

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America's New Saints: Kateri and Marianne (7340)

Print features for the Oct. 21 canonizations

10/21/2012 Comments (5)

St. Marianne Cope via Mary Hansen; St. Kateri via North American Martyrs' Shrine

Following God's Call: Marianne Cope

New Saint ‘Filled the Weary Heart With New Life’

On Oct. 21, World Mission Sunday, the Church will canonize two new American saints: Blesseds Marianne Cope (1838-1918) and Kateri Tekakwitha. Blessed Marianne will be canonized because of her heroic work with the lepers of Molokai, Hawaii, continuing the mission that Belgian priest St. Father Damien De Veuster had begun.

It all began with a letter: In 1883, Hawaiian missionary priest Father Leonor Fouesnel was desperate for nurses in Hawaii. He appealed to more than 50 superiors of religious orders in Canada and the United States. "Have pity on our poor sick," he pleaded. Only one superior...READ MORE

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Special Needs Etiquette, Search for the Perfect Guy, Same-Sex "Marriage" Myths, and More! (3010)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

10/20/2012 Comments (2)

Special Needs Etiquette. Click on the link by Bonnie Engstrom to read more.

Special Needs Etiquette – Bonnie Engstrom, Ignitum Today

The Search for the Perfect Guy – Chloe M., Mountaintop

Ten Myths About Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ by Peter Saunders – Big Pulpit

G.K. Chesterton, the Complete Thinker – Catholic World Report

2012 Election: The U.S. Senate – Paul Zummo, The American Catholic

Why I Hate Bad Church Music – Nico Fassino, Madison Catholic Herald (WI);Fr. Z Opines

Hope for New Scholas – Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

About The Truth and Charity Forum – Roland Millare, Truth and Charity Forum

On Eastern Christians Loving Western Saints (and Vice Versa) – Prayer of Saint Ephrem

St. Boniface, Apostle Among Pagans - Brennan Pursell, Crisis...READ MORE

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Civility in the City (5351)

The archbishop of New York keeps religious freedom in the news while modeling Christian charity at the Al Smith Dinner.

10/20/2012 Comments (30)
Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Facebook

– Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Facebook

NEW YORK — “Our two candidates claim that both your parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, are ‘big tents,’  containing extraordinarily diverse, even contrary, opposite people and groups,” Cardinal Timothy Dolan noted Oct. 18 at the Al Smith Dinner. “Well, you don’t have a thing over the Catholic Church. We got both Biden and Ryan!” Dolan continued.

The 67th annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, raising money for Catholic charities, enjoyed its most successful year, with 1,640 people in attendance, at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. The event raised $5 million for the likes of the Good Counsel Homes for young mothers in need and the New York Foundling Vincent J....READ MORE

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