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New Minnesota Bishop Brings Heart for Evangelization (5856)

Bishop Andrew Cozzens’ college-ministry work helps him share the joy of the Lord.

12/20/2013 Comments (9)
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ST. PAUL, Minn. — When Bishop Andrew Cozzens’ phone rang Oct. 1 with the news that he’d been nominated to become an auxiliary bishop for the St. Paul and Minneapolis Archdiocese, he sensed it was also a call for him to give himself more fully to God.

And since it was St. Therese of Lisieux’s feast day, he felt he should have her confidence that Christ and his Blessed Mother would guide him in this somewhat daunting new endeavor. 

At 45, he is the second-youngest U.S. bishop, after Detroit Auxiliary Bishop José Arturo Cepeda Escobedo, and Bishop Cozzens brings to the episcopacy his own pro-life story, youth evangelization experience, a love of the Eucharist and priesthood — which he...READ MORE

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Vatican to Host January Meeting to Seek Peace in Syria (5532)

The meeting will take place Jan. 13, just a few days before U.N.-backed peace talks begin on ending the conflict.

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VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis is to assemble diplomats and experts next month for a surprise meeting on how to resolve the conflict in Syria, the Register has learned.

The meeting, to be hosted at the Vatican by Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, will take place Jan. 13, just a few days before U.N.-backed peace talks begin on ending the conflict.

The Geneva II Middle East peace conference, to take place Jan. 22, will bring together the Syrian regime and the Syrian opposition to discuss a possible transitional government with full executive powers.

The Vatican meeting is aimed at “influencing” the peace talks so that the most just and...READ MORE

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‘Duck Dynasty’ Suspension Sparks Backlash (9957)

A&E’s ‘hiatus’ of Phil Robertson for comments he made to GQ magazine about sin and homosexual behavior has fomented a backlash against the network.

12/20/2013 Comments (29)

The Robertsons (left to right): Miss Kay, Phil, Willie, Si, Jase, and Korie.

– Wikipedia

WASHINGTON — The recent suspension of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson over comments he made on homosexual behavior has prompted a storm of controversy and major boycott threats.  

Robertson and his family are the focal point for the A&E show Duck Dynasty, which follows the Louisiana clan’s home, business and recreational life as successful duck-call manufacturers.

The reality TV show attracts a weekly viewership of around 14 million people, according to the Nielsen Co.’s television ratings reports, and it has broken records for the most-watched nonfiction cable telecast in history. In addition, the family has been involved in a number of books, speaking events and merchandise...READ MORE

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SDG Reviews ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ (8876)

Tom Hanks is Walt Disney and Emma Thompson is Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers in an entertainingly Disneyfied take on the making of the beloved family film.

12/20/2013 Comments (14)
Walt Disney Pictures

– Walt Disney Pictures

Tom Hanks as Walt Disney. That’s almost enough to sell the picture by itself, isn’t it? Who but Hanks can one imagine in the role?

Hanks isn’t the spitting image of Disney: His face is a bit broader, and Disney had a more prominent nose. Hanks is squintier, too, and tends to knit his brows, where Disney’s brows often levitated well above his eyes.

Yet Hanks’s genial, beloved public persona — the most trusted man in America, according to a rather head-scratching recent poll — may be the nearest analogy we have to Uncle Walt in his day. Disney was Mickey Mouse; Hanks was (and is) Pixar’s Woody.

At 57, Hanks is almost the right age to play Disney at 60, when he finally met Pamela L....READ MORE

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Computer System Could Help Deaf Catholics Make Confessions (2699)

The Holy See must still approve the system that allows priest and penitent to communicate via typed messages.

12/20/2013 Comments (5)
Ramon F. Velasquez/Wikipedia

– Ramon F. Velasquez/Wikipedia

PHOENIX —  A Phoenix priest has invented a computer system intended to help Catholics who are deaf, hearing-impaired or speech-impaired to make their confessions.

Father Romuald Zantua, the system’s inventor, told CBCP News, the news service of the Philippine Catholic bishops, that his invention will help increase the practice of confessions, especially for deaf people, who have limited access to priests who know sign language.

The website for the system, called St. Damien’s Confession Box, says it is primarily aimed at the deaf and those with speech impediments who may not be able to communicate well to the priest hearing their confession.

“Most priests are also not trained or...READ MORE

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Vatican Official: Belgium’s Bid to Euthanize Children a ‘Perversion of Mercy’ (8628)

Msgr. Renzo Pegoraro, chancellor of the Pontifical Academy for Life, deplores the majority Catholic country’s effort to extend its euthanasia law.

12/19/2013 Comments (21)
Pontifical Academy for Life

Msgr. Renzo Pegoraro, chancellor of the Pontifical Academy for Life

– Pontifical Academy for Life

VATICAN CITY — Belgium’s Senate voted on a bill Dec. 13 to approve legislation that extends its euthanasia law to children.

The bill seeks to allow children to ask for euthanasia if their illness is terminal, they are in great pain and there is no available treatment. They must also have their parents’ permission, and a psychologist must also attest to the patient’s maturity. According to The New York Times, in order to become law, this must be voted on by the Parliament’s lower house, called the Chamber of Representatives, which is expected to vote on the matter before elections in May.

Belgium legalized euthanasia in 2002.

Some say the bill is likely to be approved when it is...READ MORE

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‘Extreme’ Judicial Appointee Confirmed to Key Court Position (4517)

The confirmation of Judge Cornelia 'Nina' Pillard to the federal appellate court draws concern over her record on abortion and religious freedom.

12/19/2013 Comments (13)

Cornelia 'Nina' Pillard

– Georgetown.edu

WASHINGTON — The confirmation of Cornelia “Nina” Pillard to the D.C. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals has prompted concerns from critics worried about her “radical” views on abortion and religious freedom.

Ed Whelan, president of the Washington-based Ethics and Public Policy Center and former clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, criticized Pillard’s “manifest extremism on abortion” and “extremism against religious liberty.”

Whelan offered reflections on Pillard’s confirmation in two Dec. 13 posts at “Bench Memos” for National Review Online.

He pointed to the fact “that three reputedly moderate Democrats voted against the Pillard’s nomination,” saying that this is a...READ MORE

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What Does the Future Hold for the Legion of Christ? (12304)

Exclusive interview with its acting general director, Father Sylvester Heereman.

12/19/2013 Comments (32)

Legionary Father Sylvester Heereman was born on Sept. 10, 1974, in Bad Neustadt an der Saale, Germany. He joined the novitiate of the Legion of Christ in Germany in 1994, made his first religious vows in 1996 and his perpetual profession in 1999.

He was territorial secretary of Italy from 2001 to 2003 and a member of the formation staff of the Center for Higher Studies in Rome while studying theology. Ordained a priest on Dec. 23, 2006, Father Heereman was named territorial director for Germany in 2007. Not yet 40 years old, he was appointed vicar general of the beleaguered congregation on Feb. 16, 2012, by Cardinal Velasio de Paolis.

Cardinal de Paolis was appointed apostolic...READ MORE

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