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If Pope Could Perform One Miracle, It Would Be ‘to Heal Children’ (8300)

Pope Francis talked candidly with parishioners of a Roman church after confirmation, talking about the sacraments, his experiences and drawing others to Jesus Christ.

12/05/2013 Comments (6)
Marianne Medlin

– Marianne Medlin

VATICAN CITY — During a recent visit to a parish on the outskirts of Rome, Pope Francis revealed that if he had the power to perform one miracle, it would be to heal suffering children.

The Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano reported the Pope was visiting St. Cyril parish to celebrate the sacrament of confirmation, and, afterwards, he spent several hours visiting with the people there. One of the teenagers who was being confirmed asked him what miracle he would perform if he could.

The Holy Father’s answer was: “To heal children, because it pains me to see children suffer.”

The Holy Father greeted the sick people at the parish one by one, embracing them with a smile and sharing...READ MORE

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Six Simple Ways to Nudge Conversions, Does God Still Give Visions? and Much More! (3901)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

12/05/2013 Comment

6 Simple Ways to Nudge Conversions. Follow the link by Carrie Gress of The CWR Blog to read more.

6 Simple Ways to Nudge Conversions by Carrie Gress of The CWR Blog - BigPulpit.com

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Traditional...READ MORE

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The Courage to Speak Publicly About Church Teachings on Sexuality (11599)

A talk about homosexuality at a New York City Catholic high school is postponed — but not canceled — after accusations of intolerance towards students with same-sex attraction.

12/04/2013 Comments (65)

NEW YORK — A New York City Catholic high school recently postponed an address on homosexuality, responding to critics who turned to Facebook and local media to accuse the speaker of fostering intolerance toward students with same-sex attraction.

The furor was sparked by news that Father Donald Timone, a retired priest in the New York Archdiocese, who has been affiliated with the Courage apostolate, which helps people with same-sex attraction live chaste lives according to Church teaching, had been invited to speak to parents at Cardinal Spellman High School in the Bronx. 

And while the school’s president described the canceled address as a postponement, the news underscored the...READ MORE

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Catholic Refugees in Balkans Deserve Justice, Bishop Says (3095)

In the Bosnian Serb Republic, the Catholic population has fallen from 220,000 to 11,500 since the Yugoslav wars ended in the 1990s.

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Wikimedia Commons

Bishop Franjo Komarica

– Wikimedia Commons

SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina — A bishop in Bosnia-Herzegovina says that Catholic refugees from the Yugoslav wars conducted in the 1990s continue to suffer and face barriers to their return home.

“Croatian Catholics must finally be put on an equal footing with the other two ethnic groups,” Bishop Franjo Komarica of Banja Luka told the charity Aid to the Church in Need Nov. 29. “They must be allowed to return from abroad, and possibilities must be created for them to build up a life in their hometowns.”

In the early 1990s, the breakup of Yugoslavia worsened tensions over territory and the future of minority ethnic groups and erupted into wars primarily involving Catholic Croats,...READ MORE

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Harvesting Fruits of the Year of Faith (2727)

The bishops of Shrewsbury and Portsmouth, England, are building on the just-concluded jubilee in 2014.

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LONDON — Two English bishops — Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury and Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth — have written to their flocks announcing plans to continue deepening the experience of the recently concluded Year of Faith.

“The celebration of this Year of Faith has surely invited us all to raise our own voices calmly and clearly in a renewed profession of our faith,” Bishop Davies wrote in a pastoral letter marking the year's end on the feast of Christ the King.

Announced by Pope Benedict XVI, the Year of Faith ran from Oct. 11, 2012, to Nov. 24, 2013. The year sought to encourage a renewal and rediscovery of the faith among Catholics. It coincided with both the 50th anniversary...READ MORE

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Council of Cardinals Commences Second Meeting on Curial Reform (2074)

After their last meeting with Pope Francis, the eight cardinals consulted with other bishops, particularly at meetings of their national bishops’ conferences.

12/04/2013 Comment
Vatican Radio/CTV/Facebook

Pope Francis meets Oct. 1 with the council of eight cardinals advising him on Curial reform in the library of the Vatican's Apostolic Palace.

– Vatican Radio/CTV/Facebook

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis met with the group of eight cardinals advising him on the reform of the Roman Curia and the government of the Church this morning, initiating the council’s second meeting.

“The meeting began this morning, continuing the look at the Roman Curia with a view to its reform, as requested by the cardinals prior to the conclave,” Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Holy See Press Office, said at a briefing of journalists on Dec. 3.

This second meeting, lasting Dec. 3-5 and conducted at Casa Santa Marta, follows an initial meeting held Oct. 1-3.

The council of cardinals, made up of eight members from six continents, comprises Cardinals Francisco...READ MORE

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‘Sacrosanctum Concilium’ Turns 50 (7491)

Though its initial reception was turbulent and sometimes confused, Vatican II’s liturgical constitution has yielded abundant fruit after five decades.

12/04/2013 Comments (84)

WASHINGTON — Catholics who witnessed the liturgical changes after the Second Vatican Council tend to recall two things about them: Mass in their native language, instead of Latin, and the priest facing the people.

As the Church marks the 50th anniversary of Sacrosanctum Concilium on Dec. 4, Vatican II’s constitution on “The Sacred Liturgy,” it is clear that, significant as those initial changes were, it has taken decades to digest the document’s message and shape the reform.

Although much has been written about missteps and misinterpretations in the wake of the Council, even critics generally agree that a singular achievement has been increased participation in the Mass.

“It is hard...READ MORE

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ACLU Lawsuit Targets U.S. Bishops’ Health-Care Directives (2880)

The lawsuit claims the directives resulted in negligent care, but a specialist in high-risk pregnancies counters that ‘abortion is never necessary to save the life of the mother.’

12/04/2013 Comments (4)

Pro-life demonstrators in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.


LANSING, Mich.— A lawsuit charging that the U.S. bishops’ ethical standards for hospitals caused negligent care of a pregnant woman wrongly claims that abortion was medically necessary, a doctor and professor of medicine has said.

“Abortion is never necessary to save the life of the mother,” said Dr. Brian Calhoun, a professor and vice chair in the obstetrics and gynecology department at West Virginia University-Charleston.

Calhoun, who specializes in high-risk pregnancies, rejected the deliberate killing of an unborn patient in a medical emergency.

“Abortion is not medicine. It is something else entirely,” he told CNA Dec. 2.

The American Civil Liberties Union on Nov. 29 filed a...READ MORE

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