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A Child's-Eye View of the Pope at Prayer (4307)

Papal portraitist Natalia Tsarkova depicts a different perspective of the Holy Father in a new fairy-tale book featuring Pope Benedict XVI.

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Papal portraitist Natalia Tsarkova.

– nataliatsarkova.net

ROME — What does one give the Pope for Christmas? Somehow appliances seem inappropriate, altarpieces and reliquaries have been done to the point of overkill, and food, cash and other sundries will be immediately regifted.

It takes a truly creative mind to come up with the perfect papal present.

Therefore, it should not be surprising that the best pontifical stocking stuffer was produced by Rome’s reigning queen of painting, Natalia Tsarkova, papal portraitist to John Paul II and Benedict XVI as well as executrix of the only official portrait of the short-lived Pope John Paul I.

This Christmas, however, instead of using her formidable talent to compose monumental canvases of men and...READ MORE

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Trashing the Seamless Garment, Think Again; Who Wrote the Holy Gospel of Saint Mark and Much More! (2901)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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I Just Got Done Trashing the Seamless Garment and This Came Along. Follow the link by the Tiber Jumper to read more.

I Just Got Done Trashing the Seamless Garment and This Came Along by The Tiber JumperBig Pulpit

Who Wrote the Holy Gospel of Saint Mark – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Patheos/Standing on my Head

Socialism vs. Catholic Social Doctrine – Saint Etheldreda’s Place

The Worldly Priests, Part of the Problem – Roger Conley, #Moronic Prochoice Quotes

Catholic Witness in a Nation Divided (Build the Church, Bless the Nation) – Kathy Schiffer, Patheos/Seasons of Grace

Why the Welfare State Denies Catholic Freedom – James Kalb, Crisis Magazine

Archbishop Vincent Nichols Forceful Pastoral Letter on Same-Sex “Marriage” – Dylan Parry, A Reluctant Sinner

The Usus Antiquior in North Florida –...READ MORE

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Pope Benedict’s Momentous 2012 (3597)

In the seventh year of his pontificate, the Holy Father is as vital as ever.

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– CNA courtesy of the Knights of Columbus

VATICAN CITY — For Pope Benedict XVI, 2012 has been a year of momentous events: two consistories, a trip to Cuba and the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council to name just a few.

Here, we take look back on seven of the top events during this pontifical year.


Two Consistories

This was the year in which the Holy Father awarded two New Yorkers a red hat: Archbishops Timothy Dolan of New York and Edwin O’Brien, grand master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. They were among 22 distinguished Churchmen to be made cardinals at a consistory in Rome on Feb. 18. But the appointments were criticized for being top-heavy with European...READ MORE

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Pope Benedict’s Message for the Feast of the Holy Family (3401)

After the Dec. 30 Angelus, the Pope offered a special prayer for all the families of the world.

12/31/2012 Comment

– Wikicommons

VATICAN CITY — Tens of thousands thronged St. Peter’s Square Dec. 30 as Pope Benedict XVI marked the feast of the Holy Family with a special prayer for “all the families of the world.” He prayed that parents “seriously concern” themselves with their children’s education, that they realize that every child is “an incomparable gift from God” and that they are neither “friends nor masters” of their children’s lives, but “guardians” of this gift.

Below is a Vatican Radio translation of the Holy Father’s Angelus address for the  feast of the Holy Family:


Dear brothers and sisters,

Today is the feast of the Holy Family of Nazareth. In the liturgy, the passage from Luke’s Gospel...READ MORE

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Catholics Emphasize Needs of the Poor as Fiscal Cliff Looms (2741)

Concerns increase as a bundle of automatic spending cuts and tax increases will kick in tomorrow, unless Congress and the White House reach agreement today on deficit reduction.

12/31/2012 Comments (15)

Father Larry Snyder, president of Catholic Charities USA.

– catholiccharitiesusa.org

WASHINGTON — With 2012 drawing to a close, advocates for the poor are asking elected officials to avert the fiscal cliff and its potentially devastating effects on the economy.

The federal budget “is a moral document that demonstrates the nation’s priorities,” said Father Larry Snyder, president of Catholic Charities USA, on Dec. 4. “Therefore, the needs and concerns of the most vulnerable must be a top priority.”

Concerns over the plight of the poor are continuing to be raised as the U.S. approaches the “fiscal cliff,” a bundle of automatic spending cuts and tax increases that will kick in at the new year unless Congress and the White House reach an agreement on a deficit-reduction...READ MORE

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Atheists: Richard Dawkins ‘an Embarrassment,’ Helping a Relativist to Think and More! (3815)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Richard Dawkins ‘An Embarrassment'. Follow the link by Matthaeus to read more.

Richard Dawkins ‘An Embarrassment' by Matthaeus of the Sub Umbra Alarum Suarum blogBig Pulpit

How to Help a Relativist Think – Saint Etheldreda’s Place

The Sea Within – Dr. Peter Kreeft, Integrated Catholic Life™

Esoteric Elite Morality – R. R. Reno, First Things/First Thoughts

Catholics Must Not Cede Ground in Public Debate – James Kalb, Crisis Magazine

Byzantine Catholicism – John Russell, Holy Dormition

Employees Paying the Price for Obama’s H. H. S. Mandate – Wesley J. Smith, Life News

In Praise of Eastern Catholics – Jason Liske, Ascending Mount Carmel

Ousting Boehner? – Carson Holloway, Catholic Vote

Of Magi and Modernity – Emi Parker, Ignitum Today

Cardinal...READ MORE

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Celebrating the Divine Mystery (2454)

BOOK PICK: Benedict XVI’s Reform: The Liturgy Between Innovation and Tradition

12/29/2012 Comments (1)

Benedict XVI’s Reform: The Liturgy Between Innovation and Tradition

By Nicola Bux

Ignatius Press, 2012

144 pages, $14.95

To order: www.ignatius.com


One year has passed since the changes to the English version of the Mass. After taking effect last Advent, familiar responses such as “and also with you” were replaced with “and with your spirit,” as an attempt to improve upon the English translation of the Latin Mass.

While the subtle changes may have resulted in a few weeks of confusion for the laity and priests alike, the changes have been widely embraced and are beginning to become ordinary routine for Catholics.

While familiarity is generally a good thing, the liturgy of...READ MORE

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Is Anybody in Hell, Sola Scriptura Began in 70 AD, Healthy Societies=Successful Marriages and More! (5912)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Is Anybody In Hell? Follow the link by Fr. Dwight Longenecker to read more.

Is Anybody In Hell by Fr. Dwight Longenecker of the Standing on my Head blogBig Pulpit

“Sola Scriptura Began in 70 A. D.” – Devin Rose, St. Joseph’s Vanguard

Healthy Societies Need Successful Marriages – Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine

Discerning a Vocation – Saint Etheldreda’s Place

Are You Afraid I’ll Turn Muslim?: Encountering Non-Christian Religions – Fr. David J. Endres, Homiletic & Pastoral Review

My New Book *The Eternal City*: About Rome and Catholicism – Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Christmas Mass Pics in Des Moines, Iowa – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

Pope Addresses Our Truly Confused Age - Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic


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