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Pro-Life Film ‘Gimme Shelter’ Highlights Crisis-Pregnancy Centers (4163)

Film director Ron Krauss said he was inspired by the decades of work by Kathy DiFiore and her Several Sources Shelters with at-risk mothers in need of a safe place.

01/22/2014 Comments (5)
Day 28 Films and Roadside Attractions

“Gimme Shelter” poster

– Day 28 Films and Roadside Attractions

DENVER — A soon-to-be released film chronicling a pregnant teen’s struggle for survival is not so much a story about abortion, the director says, even though the mother chooses life for her child despite difficult circumstances.

“This isn’t a film about abortion,” writer and director Ron Krauss of the film Gimme Shelter, to be released Jan. 24, told CNA in a recent interview.

He affirmed that, although the film is undoubtedly pro-life, the story does not so much center around the teen’s choice to have her child as it does center on her struggle to become a young mother.

“This young girl made her decision to have that child, and when we get into the film, that decision is made...READ MORE

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Reaching Out to an Abortion-Wounded Nation (4374)

A conversation with Project Rachel’s Vicki Thorn.

01/22/2014 Comment

Vicki Thorn, founder of Project Rachel.

As crowds of impassioned pro-lifers gather once again on Jan. 22 for the annual March for Life in Washington, Pope Francis has said more should be done in reaching out to women who’ve had abortions.

Vicki Thorn, founder of the post-abortion apostolate Project Rachel, recently spoke to Register correspondent Sue Ellen Browder about why abortion is still such a hot-button emotional issue and how Catholics can help pour “oil on the wounds” of abortion in our culture today.


As the March for Life unfolds once again, what’s the most important thing pro-lifers, Catholic or otherwise, need to think about when we talk about this sensitive subject?

We must always remember the walking...READ MORE

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Why I'm Not Watching Super Bowl Halftime Show, The Stressed Out Parent's Prayer and More! (4255)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

01/22/2014 Comments (2)

Why I’m Not Watching the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Follow the link by Shaun McAfee to read more.

Why I’m Not Watching the Super Bowl Halftime Show by Shaun McAfee - BigPulpit.com

The Stressed Out Parent’s Prayer - Tina Santiago-Rodriguez, Catholic Mom

Cuomo to Pro-lifers: Get Out of New York – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Is It Bad to Date Someone You Met Online? – Aleteia

Conspiracy Theories & Catholicism: Vampires – Foxfier, Catholic Stand

Cardinal O’Malley with Pro-Aborts at Pro-Abort Mayor’s Inauguration – Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report

Did Cardinal O’Malley Create Another Scandal with a Women Priest? – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Positive Liturgical Fruits of Vatican II - Jeffrey Ostrowski, Views from the Choir Loft


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Bikers Join Dallas March in Defense of Unborn Underdogs (3358)

Mark Crutcher, the founder of Life Dynamics, says the biker community is staunchly committed to the culture of life.

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Life Dynamics

Mark Crutcher

– Life Dynamics

When Texans gathered in Dallas Jan.18 to march for life, the environment was a little louder — and shinier — than what they’ve come to expect at pro-life marches. That’s because it was the debut event for Bikers for Life, a new organization started by the founder of Life Dynamics, Mark Crutcher

Crutcher, himself a longtime motorcycle enthusiast, says the biker community is staunchly pro-life. Given initial response to the launch of Bikers for Life, he says that he expects that, within a year, there will be a “gigantic” biker presence at pro-life events, particularly at abortion facilities.

The Register spoke with Crutcher about this new initiative on Jan. 15, as he was preparing for...READ MORE

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Pope Francis to Meet With President Obama in March (2760)

The Vatican confirmed the papal meeting, which will come on the final leg of the president’s trip to Europe.

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The White House

– The White House

VATICAN CITY — Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi has confirmed that, in March, President Barack Obama, during a European trip, will stop in Rome, where he is scheduled to meet with Pope Francis.

As the final part of President Obama’s visit to Europe — during which he will travel to the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy — the Pope and the president will meet on March 27, Father Lombardi said Jan. 21.

In a statement Tuesday by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, the White House announced that the president “looks forward to discussing with Pope Francis their shared commitment to fighting poverty and growing inequality.”

While in Rome, Obama will also meet with Italian...READ MORE

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Father Schall: Pleasure Is Part of the Moral Life (2476)

In his new book Reasonable Pleasures, Jesuit scholar James Schall discusses its ‘valuable and subordinate role’ in human existence.

01/21/2014 Comment

LOS GATOS, Calif. — Reasonable Pleasures, the latest book from scholar Father James Schall, examines the “valuable but subordinate role” pleasure plays and how it can contribute to a life that is both fulfilled and good.

The Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle believed “that the human being has a variety of tendencies … all of which have some kind of pleasure connected with it,” Father Schall, emeritus professor of philosophy at Georgetown University, told CNA.

“So the reasonable man, if he is virtuous, will put the proper pleasure on the proper ends of his activities, so the pleasure itself is a consequence of, is involved in, every action you do,” he said.

“These pleasures are to...READ MORE

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Thousands Defend Holy See’s U.N. Status Against Attacks (3114)

In only three days, an online petition endorsing the Holy See’s contribution to United Nations discussions accumulated more that 3,000 signatures.

01/21/2014 Comments (5)

United Nations building in New York

– Shutterstock

NEW YORK — Catholics have joined with members of other faiths to support the Holy See’s permanent-observer status at the United Nations, defending it against a group of abortion proponents seeking to oust the body from the international organization.

“The Holy See’s special status enables it to encourage genuine dialogue, promote peaceful resolution of conflicts and appeal beyond the mere territorial interests of states to the consciences of their leaders,” states a declaration and petition supporting the Holy See’s unique presence in world diplomacy.

The statement explains that the Holy See’s “disinterested, non-partisan service has always been appreciated by the member states at the...READ MORE

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Pope Francis Visits Parish Serving Homeless, Poor in Rome’s Center (2236)

The Bishop of Rome told the migrants, homeless and poor to have faith in Jesus, who 'never deludes,' but brings peace to the heart.

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Lauren Cater/CNA

Pope Francis meets children of Rome‘s Sacred Heart of Jesus at the Praetorian Barracks parish on Jan. 19.

– Lauren Cater/CNA

ROME — As the Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis made a pastoral visit to one of his parishes Sunday, choosing one situated in an area filled with migrants, refugees, homeless persons and drifters.

During his Jan. 19 visit to Sacred Heart of Jesus at the Praetorian Barracks, Pope Francis said Mass in the evening and met with members of the parish, including the homeless who live near Rome’s large Termini train station.

While located in Rome’s geographical center, three miles east of the Vatican, Sacred Heart is in an “existential periphery” of the city.

“Initially [Pope Francis] said, ‘I don’t want to go to a church in the center of Rome, but on the outskirts,’” the parish’s pastor,...READ MORE

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