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Pope Francis and the Reform of the Priesthood (43185)


03/28/2013 Comments (75)
Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Pope Francis, greeting pilgrims gathered March 19 for his first Mass in St. Peter’s Square, kisses a disabled man on the forehead.

– Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

If there were any doubt that Pope Francis was elected by the cardinals to lead the reform of the Vatican, he himself implied as much when he joked with journalists on March 16 that various cardinals had suggested he take the name “Adrian” after Adrian VI, a Pope who aggressively reformed the Church’s central administration after the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.

But the reform that man proposes is often just a small part of the renewal God disposes.

When St. Francis of Assisi, for example, heard Jesus say to him from the St. Damian Crucifix, “Rebuild my Church,” he thought that the Lord was asking him to rehabilitate that tiny dilapidated Church, but God actually had a much...READ MORE

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Pope Stresses Selfless Service to Youth at Holy Thursday Mass (3929)

The Holy Father opened the Triduum by spending it with young men and women at a youth detention center in Rome.

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Rome Reports

Pope Francis delivers his Holy Thursday homily at Casa del Marmo youth detention center in Rome.

– Rome Reports

VATICAN CITY — At a young people’s detention center just outside of Rome this evening, Pope Francis urged a group of jailed teens to be at the service of one another, reminding them that Jesus came to serve and help mankind.

The Holy Father made the comments at the Casa del Marmo youth detention center, where he celebrated the Mass of Our Lord’s Supper for 50 young offenders, including 11 girls, as well as staff, volunteers and dignitaries.

Among those concelebrating the Mass with the Holy Father were the vicar of Rome, Cardinal Agostino Vallini; the deputy secretary of state, Archbishop Giovanni Angelo Becciu; private secretary Msgr. Alfred Xuereb; and the detention center chaplain,...READ MORE

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Bishop Vasa Proposes New Plan to Improve Schools’ Catholic Identity (4025)

The California bishop announces a two-year program to help Catholic educators become closer collaborators in promoting the New Evangelization.

03/28/2013 Comments (6)

SANTA ROSA, Calif. — Catholic educators in the Diocese of Santa Rosa’s schools will not find in this year’s teacher’s contract what detractors called a “loyalty oath” to Church teaching.

Changing tactics in his quest to bolster the schools’ Catholic identity, Bishop Robert Vasa has dropped plans for a beefed-up teacher’s contract in favor of a two-year program to renew Catholic educators and make them closer collaborators with him in the New Evangelization.

“I recognize that I do have a duty to be vigilant, but I recognize that this can be done better through teaching than it can by way of decree,” Bishop Vasa said in a letter to pastors, principals and teachers dated March 19.


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Seven Myths Regarding the Extraordinary Form, Meet the ‘Podcasting Priest’ and More! (3126)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

03/28/2013 Comment

Seven Myths Regarding the Latin Mass. Follow the link by Richard Collins to read more.

Seven Myths Regarding the Latin Mass by Richard Collins - Big Pulpit

Meet Fr. Roderick Vönhogen, the “Podcasting Priest” – John Paul Shimek, The CWR Blog

Entering into Holy Thursday With Venerable Sheen – Emily C. Hurt, Ignitum Today

New Experiments Date the Shroud to 1st Century A. D. – Andrea Tornielli, La Stampa/Vatican Insider

How to Find Faith at the Movies, Fool’s Quest to Understand - John Darrouzet, Catholic Stand

Young Men Getting Job Done and Implementing the Extraordinary Form of the Mass in a Parish – Fr. Z’s Blog

Islam and Dialogue - Big Pulpit

Stupidity: A Malady of the Cultural Elite – James Kalb, Crisis Magazine

The Rebellion Against the Self-Evident –...READ MORE

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North Dakota Bishop Praises New Laws Protecting Unborn Life (2256)

The new laws include bans on abortions performed after a fetal heartbeat is detectable.

03/28/2013 Comment
File Photo/CNA

Bishop David Kagan of Bismarck, N.D.

– File Photo/CNA

BISMARCK, N.D. — Bishop David Kagan of Bismarck, N.D., praised the North Dakota Legislature and governor for passing into law three pro-life bills that place stronger restrictions on abortion.

“The protection of all human life from the moment of conception to natural death is the primary purpose of government,” Bishop Kagan said. “All persons, including our elected officials, are obligated to unceasingly seek protection of this basic human right.”

The bishop said he applauded members of the state Legislature who “bravely supported measures to extend protections to unborn human life and to advance the health of women.”

The new laws include bans on abortions performed after a fetal...READ MORE

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Pope to Priests: Anointing Others Will Strengthen Your Heart (2505)

During the Holy Thursday chrism Mass, the sacred oils for baptism, confirmation and the anointing of the sick were blessed.

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Pilar Peiro/CNA

Pope Francis speaks to the priests of Rome on Holy Thursday, March 28, in St. Peter's Basilica.

– Pilar Peiro/CNA

VATICAN CITY — The Pope told priests that if they “anoint” others by bringing the grace of God to their everyday realities, they will be strengthened in their priesthood.

“A good priest can be recognized by the way his people are anointed,” said Pope Francis during the Holy Thursday chrism Mass at which oils that will be used in the sacraments are blessed.

“When our people are anointed with the oil of gladness, it is obvious, for example, they leave Mass looking as if they have heard good news,” he said at St. Peter’s Basilica.

The Holy Father noted that priests must “go out in order to experience anointing, its power and its redemptive efficacy.”

He illustrated what he meant by...READ MORE

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10 Best Arguments for Same-Sex 'Marriage' and Why They're Wrong, Shroud 2.0 and More! (8810)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

03/28/2013 Comments (1)

Ten Best Arguments for Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ and Why They’re Flawed. Follow the link by B. Vogt to read more.

Ten Best Arguments for Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ and Why They’re Flawed by B. Vogt - Big Pulpit

The Holy Shroud is on iPad and Becomes 2.0 – La Stampa/Vatican Insider

Quotes Suitable for Framing: Pp. Leo XIII – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Of Holy Thursday and the Foot-Washing Rite: Problems and Solutions – Fr. Z's Blog

Beauty – Sean Connolly, Ignitum Today

The Virtue of Fidelity – Fr. Kenneth Baker SJ, Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Divine Intersection – Christina Weber, Catholic Stand

Fathers and Sons – Brad Miner, The Catholic Thing

The Best Punditry, Analysis and News on Pope Francis - Big Pulpit

Sin: 44 Questions on Sin and Its Different Types – Saint Peter’s...READ MORE

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Supreme Court Weighs the Case for Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ (3277)

During oral arguments on the constitutionality of Proposition 8 and DOMA, the justices focused on technical issues as well as the impact on children.

03/28/2013 Comments (13)

– Wikipedia

WASHINGTON — Activists on both sides of the national debate on same-sex “marriage” gathered before the U.S. Supreme Court on March 26 and 27, as the justices heard oral arguments for two closely-watched marriage cases.

“We are gathered here to send one simple message to the justices of the Supreme Court,” Jennifer Roback Morse, the founder of the National Organization for Marriage’s Ruth Institute, said in a March 26 speech at the March for Marriage. “Do not try to short-circuit the debate over marriage the way Roe v. Wade short-circuited the debate over life.”

Inside the high court that day, several of the nine justices echoed Morse’s plea. They noted the scant evidence available to...READ MORE

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