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Students for Life of America’s Planned Parenthood Project Creates Dialogue (6045)

Pro-life groups on college campuses take a stand for life.

11/19/2013 Comments (14)
Students for Life of America

– Students for Life of America

MANASSAS, Va. — This fall, college students on a number of U.S. campuses saw the large pink, trendy tear-drop-shaped banner labeled the “Planned Parenthood Project” (PPP) and might have thought the nation’s largest abortion provider was on their campuses — though, according to polling data, many of these students would not have known about Planned Parenthood’s bedrock connection to abortion.

Instead, the manned display was a very specific awareness campaign from Students for Life of America (SFLA) to inform students about the practices of Planned Parenthood. The displays and volunteers reached 40 campuses in 20 states over eight weeks from September into November.

“It wasn’t: ‘We’re...READ MORE

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Religious-Freedom Experts: Stand Up for Persecuted Minorities (2717)

Christians in the Middle East are in particular danger of grave persecution, they warn.

11/19/2013 Comments (5)

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, the U.K.'s minister of faith and communities

– gov.uk

WASHINGTON — Members of minority religious communities, particularly Christians in the Middle East, face grave persecution around the world, religious-freedom experts warn.

“There are parts of the world today where to be a Christian is to put your life in danger. From continent to continent, Christians are facing discrimination, ostracism, torture, even murder, simply for the faith they follow,” British cabinet minister Baroness Sayeeda Warsi said in a Nov. 14 commentary in the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

“Christian populations are plummeting, and the religion is being driven out of some of its historic heartlands,” said Warsi. “There is even talk of Christianity becoming...READ MORE

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She Was an American Millionaire and a Saint; Living Dangerously: Christian Persecution and More! (4202)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

11/19/2013 Comment

She Was an American Millionaire & a Saint. Follow the link by Beverly Stevens of Regina Magazine to read more.

She Was an American Millionaire & a Saint by Beverly Stevens of Regina Magazine - BigPulpit.com

Living Dangerously: Christian Persecution Around the World - Christopher White, The Catholic World Report

The Byzantine Pope – Byz Pulpit

Are New Evangelizers Ready to be Hated, Tortured, & Killed? - John Janaro, Never Give Up

A Car Accident & a Spiritual Attack – Dan Burke, Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction

New Evangelization: Responsibilities & Challenges for America – Archbishop Charles J. Chaput OFM Cap, On the Square

Hidden Light in Syria - Bethanie Ryan, Ignitum Today

Beauty & Poverty – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

Student Athletes & Sexual Assault, the...READ MORE

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Rio Archbishop Calls for ‘Missionary Disciples’ in Americas (2158)

Archbishop Orani Tempesta said Christians ‘must live the encounter with Christ’ if they are going to witness Christ to others.

11/18/2013 Comments (1)
Michelle Bauman/CNA

Archbishop Tempesta of Rio de Janeiro speaks in Mexico City, Nov. 16, 2013.

– Michelle Bauman/CNA

MEXICO CITY — The Church in the Americas will be strengthened only by faithful Catholics whose lives of witness flow from their relationship with Jesus, the archbishop of Rio de Janeiro has said.

“A missionary disciple must live the encounter with Christ,” Archbishop Orani Joao Tempesta said Nov. 16 to a group of Catholic leaders gathered in Mexico City.

The Americas today are in urgent need of missionaries, and evangelization is critical, Archbishop Tempesta said, pointing to those who have strayed from the faith, as well as those have not yet received the good news of Jesus Christ.

When Christians see adults who have been baptized but not catechized, they realize the need for a...READ MORE

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Cardinal Jaime Ortega Resigns From Cuban Bishops’ Conference (10175)

NEWS ANALYSIS: Will Pope Francis reformulate Vatican policy vis-à-vis Cuba?

11/18/2013 Comments (1)
2003 Jorge Rey/Getty Images

Cardinal Jaime Ortega y Alamino of Havana

– 2003 Jorge Rey/Getty Images

HAVANA — With the announcement Nov. 14 that Cardinal Jaime Ortega y Alamino, 77, resigned from the Cuban Conference of Catholic Bishops, speculation began about a new era for the Church in Cuba.

“The retirement of Cardinal Ortega is imminent,” Nestor Carbonell, an author, analyst and Cuban-American Catholic told the Register. “And that’s a healthy development.”

Appointed bishop in 1978 and cardinal in 1994, Cardinal Ortega submitted his resignation to Pope Benedict XVI when he turned 75 two years ago, as is standard practice.

The Holy Father asked him to stay through last year’s papal visit to the island, then for celebrations around the 400th anniversary of Cuba’s patron saint, Our...READ MORE

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Pope Francis to Release First Apostolic Exhortation (2981)

The document will be proclaimed at the Nov. 24 closing Mass for the Year of Faith.

11/18/2013 Comment

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican announced today that Pope Francis will deliver his first post-synodal apostolic exhortation to coincide with the end of the Year of Faith.

During a Nov. 18 press conference, the Holy See revealed that the title of the new document is “Evangelii Gaudium,” or “The Joy of the Gospel,” which will be publicly proclaimed by the Pope during the closing Mass for the Year of Faith on Sunday, Nov. 24.

The exhortation is a concluding document of last year’s Synod of Bishops, which centered on the theme of “The New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith.”

Although the Pope will make the initial proclamation on Nov. 24, the official presentation...READ MORE

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Fear of the Lord: The Beginning of Wisdom (6565)

COMMENTARY: A Register series on the gifts of the Holy Spirit

11/18/2013 Comments (6)

– Shutterstock

Last time in this space, we talked a bit about what the fear of the Lord is not: It is not servile or cringing fear. This is news to a lot of people in our culture — and not all of them are non-Catholics.

Still and all, it is true, and the proof of it is seen in the most perfect lover of God the Father: namely, God the Son. Jesus feared the Lord, but he did not cringe before him. Rather, he held him in awe and majesty and adored him as Abba. How could he both fear and love God?

This puzzles moderns, but there is ancient wisdom in it — and the wisdom of childhood. One of the curious things about the way we are made is that very similar physiological reactions can accompany profoundly...READ MORE

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Evangelize With Honey, Not Vinegar, Cardinal Dolan Says (5204)

The archbishop of New York said that people need to fall in love with Jesus Christ as the first step of their conversion.

11/18/2013 Comments (26)

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York

– archny.org

BALTIMORE — Christians should be warm, and so invite people into relationship with Christ and the Yes of the Gospel, says Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York.

“Evangelization means attracting people to the person and message of Jesus Christ,” Cardinal Dolan told CNA Nov. 12, while attending the U.S. bishops’ general assembly in Baltimore.

“If they fall in love with Jesus and the Church, then we can begin to do a lot of the conversion and the tough moral teaching,” he said, adding that “we can never turn our back on those.”

Cardinal Dolan was outgoing president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops at the USCCB assembly. His successor in the post is Archbishop Joseph...READ MORE

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