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40 Days for Life Celebrates Success at Campaign’s End (3480)

Since 2007, the pro-life group has conducted 2,480 campaigns in more than 500 cities and reports that 7,000 babies’ lives have been saved.

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WASHINGTON — On a rainy sidewalk in Washington, D.C., 40 Days for Life's founder, David Bereit, and Bishop Marc Aillet of Bayonne, France, joined 15 pro-life activists in prayer outside of a Planned Parenthood facility. Bishop Aillet led the group in a bilingual Rosary on the busy sidewalk on 16th Street in the nation’s capital. 

Similar vigils were scheduled throughout the country since Sept. 25, as part of the most recent “40 Days for Life” campaign, which ended Nov. 3.

40 Days for Life’s mission is “to bring together the body of Christ in a spirit of unity during a focused 40-day campaign of prayer, fasting and peaceful activism,” according to the group’s website. The mission is...READ MORE

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Women Uniquely Understand ‘Truth of Man,’ Philosopher Says (2223)

Rocco Buttiglione recommends the writings of Edith Stein, as a striking example of the capacity of women to communicate the essence of human sexuality.

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Andreas Dueren/CNA

Italian philosopher Rocco Buttiglione

– Andreas Dueren/CNA

VATICAN CITY — In light of Pope Francis’ call for a deeper theology of women, a leading Italian philosopher spoke of the importance of Edith Stein’s writings on gender, saying that she extracts the essence of human sexuality.

“For women, it is easier, because they are taught through this experience of pregnancy something about man, about the truth of man, that is more difficult for us males to understand and to enter,” Rocco Buttiglione told CNA during an Oct. 31 interview.

Buttiglione, who is currently a professor of political science at St. Pius V University in Rome and who has spent the majority of his career teaching various topics of philosophy, has recently returned from the...READ MORE

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For Divorced & Remarried Catholics, a Time for Mercy; On Creative Minorities and Much More! (3798)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

11/04/2013 Comment

For Divorced & Remarried Catholics, a Time for Mercy. Follow the link on OSV Newsweekly to read more.

For Divorced & Remarried Catholics, a Time for Mercy – OSV Newsweekly

3000 Religious Leave Religious Life Each Year, Some Reasons via Fr. Z's Blog – BigPulpit.com

Distinguishing Vocations from Occupations – Denise Hunnell MD, Truth and Charity Forum

Quotes Suitable for Framing: H. Richard Niebuhr – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Medicine As If Catholicism Mattered – Robert Royal, The Catholic Thing

Timothy Leary and the 1960’s Counter-Culture - Robbe Lyn Sebesta, Catholic Stand

On Creative Minorities – R. R. Reno, On the Square

A Singular Vocation - Emma Smith, Ignitum Today

Bishop Egan of Portsmouth on Importance of Plainchant & Latin – Charles Cole, New...READ MORE

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Journalist: Pope Concerned About Misunderstanding of ‘La Repubblica’ Interview (12773)

According to Catholic columnist Antonio Socci, the Holy Father afterward took corrective measures to address the problem.

11/04/2013 Comments (27)
Marta Jiménez/CNA

– Marta Jiménez/CNA

VATICAN CITY — According to a Catholic writer in Italy, Pope Francis was aware that his reported words in an Oct. 1 interview published in La Repubblica could be misunderstood and took measures concerning this.

Antonio Socci, a Catholic columnist for the Italian newspaper Libero, wrote Oct. 27 that, after the publication of the interview, Pope Francis was fully aware of the risk of misunderstanding some of his words, particularly those on conscience.

In the interview, Eugenio Scalfari, the atheist founder and former director of La Repubblica, quoted Pope Francis as saying that “the conscience is autonomous, and everyone must obey his conscience.”

Pope Francis reportedly reiterated...READ MORE

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Clergy Sexual Abuse and the Church: Views From Rome and Washington (10966)

NEWS ANALYSIS: Lessons learned from a harrowing, complex struggle to protect children by changing institutional culture.

11/04/2013 Comments (45)

Auxiliary Bishop Charles Scicluna of Malta, who served from 2002-2012 as promoter of justice at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

– twitter.com

WASHINGTON — More than a decade after the clergy-abuse crisis made headlines, Catholics remain aghast when they read fresh reports of predatory priests, innocence lost and ambiguous or inadequate responses from local bishops.

Have we learned anything in the past 11 years?

“Yes,” say two experts who have approached the clergy-abuse scandal from different vantage points.

One man, Auxiliary Bishop Charles Scicluna of Malta, led the Holy See’s investigation of clergy-abuse cases from his post at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, while the other, Deacon Bernard Nojadera, implemented reforms in the Diocese of San Jose, Calif., before taking up his post as executive director...READ MORE

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Appeals Court Unanimously Overturns Block on Texas Abortion Law (4520)

The decision reinstates a provision of the law that requires abortionists to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their facilities.

11/04/2013 Comments (9)

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas pro-life advocates have claimed victory after a federal appeals court unanimously reinstated state rules that require abortionists to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.

“Legislators worked so hard to pass House Bill 2, because they are not only concerned about protecting the unborn, but also about women going to abortion clinics with sub-standard conditions and unsanitary equipment,” Elizabeth Graham, director of Texas Right to Life, said Oct. 31.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit on Oct. 31 reinstated a provision of an abortion law that requires abortionists to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their businesses....READ MORE

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The Charity of Pope Francis; In London, the Anglican Ordinariate Begins to Bear Fruit and Much More! (2230)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

11/03/2013 Comments (1)

The Charity of Pope Francis. Follow the link to read more.

The Charity of Pope Francis – BigPulpit.com

In London, the Ordinariate Begins to Bear Fruit - Joanna Bogle, The Catholic World Report

Know Your Faith Learning Style - Anabelle Hazard, Catholic Stand

Pope Francis Celebrates Ad Orientem - Ben Yanke, New Liturgical Movement

Inward Eyes - Ryan Kraeger, Ignitum Today

8 Papal Tweets on Salvation and the Cross - Brantley Millegan, Aleteia

With the Wolfhounds - Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Myths, Lies, or Truth: Can We Really Trust the Gospels? - Carl E. Olson, Strange Notions

10 Favorite Quotes from Catechesi Tradendae - Tom Perna™

The Joy of Pope Francis – BigPulpit.com

Forget Her Bloody Reputation, Mary I...READ MORE

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Pope Praises ‘Ridiculous’ Tax Collector Who Sought Jesus (2960)

By climbing a tree, the Holy Father said, Zaccheus ‘expresses the interior attitude of a man who seeks to bring himself above the crowd in order to have contact with Jesus.’

11/03/2013 Comments (1)
Elise Harris/CNA

Pope Francis greets pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square Oct. 2.

– Elise Harris/CNA

VATICAN CITY — In his Sunday Angelus message to the crowds in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis praised the ‘ridiculous’ actions of Zaccheus, the short tax collector who climbed a tree in order to be able to see Jesus in the crowds.

“This external gesture, a little ridiculous, nevertheless expresses the interior attitude of a man who seeks to bring himself above the crowd in order to have contact with Jesus,” Pope Francis said Nov. 3.

Despite the oddity of Zaccheus’ action, it serves as a model for sinners who may feel far away from Jesus, he explained.

“But let’s look at Zaccheus today in the tree: He is ridiculous, but it is a gesture of salvation,” the Pope said. “And I say to...READ MORE

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