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Archbishop Sartain Praises Women Religious as 'Great Gift' to the Church (2647)

Comments come days after he was asked by Pope Benedict to help reform the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.

04/24/2012 Comments (5)

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Archbishop J. Peter Sartain of Seattle praised American religious women as a “great gift” days after being asked by Pope Benedict to help reform the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.

“What I hope and pray for every day is that I, first of all, do as the Lord asks and do as the Holy Father asks,” said the archbishop, describing the task of renewal ahead to CNA on April 23.

He said he hopes “to work in a positive way,” recognizing “the wonderful contribution of religious women in the United States, and to work in a way that shows our continued love and support for their extraordinary contribution.”

Archbishop Sartain made his remarks in Rome only days after Pope Benedict XVI...READ MORE

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Archbishop Wenski Defends America's 'First Freedom' (1452)

Miami archbishop writes op-ed on religious liberty.

04/24/2012 Comments (2)

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Efforts to restrict religious liberty break with American traditions and seek to “delegitimize” the Catholic Church’s participation in public debate, said Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami.

“America's ‘first freedom,’ the freedom of religion, is under great stress, if not under outright assault, and not just for Catholics,” Archbishop Wenski wrote in an op-ed April 23.

He said the Health and Human Services mandate requiring insurance coverage for contraception, sterilization and some drugs that can cause abortion represents “an unprecedented intrusion by the federal government.”

The mandate not only forces religious institutions to “facilitate and fund” products and procedures...READ MORE

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B16 on Truth and Bible, Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music, About Confirmation, and much more! (3221)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

04/24/2012 Comment

Pope Benedict XVI Reflects on the Truth and Inspiration of the Bible. Click on the link by Fr. James V. Schall S.J. to read more.

Pope Benedict XVI Reflects on the Truth and Inspiration of the Bible - Fr. James V. Schall SJ, Catholic World Report

Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music - Kathleen Pluth, The Chant Café/Rome Reports

Clarifying Certain Misunderstandings About Confirmation - Msgr. Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington

What Conservative Catholics Should Keep Doing - Bonchamps, The American Catholic

Should Confirmation and First Eucharist be Given to Infants? - Fr. Ryan Erlenbush, New Liturgical Movement

Is the Panzer Pope Back Again? No, Clichés are Silly as Ever - William Oddie, Catholic Herald

St. Mark and Responding to the Rough Profession - Ben Akers, Crisis Magazine

'Power to the...READ MORE

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Importance of Catholicism Hits Home for Arizona Diamondbacks Player (8580)

Major League Baseball veteran Willie Bloomquist appreciates his blessings now more than ever.

04/24/2012 Comments (10)
Courtesey of Arizona Diamondbacks

– Courtesey of Arizona Diamondbacks

The way Willie Bloomquist sees it, he’s living an impossible dream. Of all the players who try to make it to the major leagues, only a relative few actually get there.

Bloomquist is one of those few, but he doesn’t attribute this to his own skills.

The 34-year-old Port Orchard, Wash., native says he’s not as talented as some other players who never made it to the majors. Why, then, is he there?

In part because of the intercession of St. Rita of Cascia, he says. After hitting a low point in the minor leagues, he began to ask for her prayers, and he made it through the often slow grind.

After playing nine full seasons in the majors, Bloomquist has a renewed appreciation for his...READ MORE

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Seeking Holiness, Prayer Postures, Being Broken?, Apologetics, Limits of Subsidiarity, and more! (3536)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

04/23/2012 Comment

Seeking Holiness: An Intimate, Unceasing Trinitarian Union - Kathleen A. Kanavy MA, Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Seeking Holiness: An Intimate, Unceasing Trinitarian Union - Kathleen A. Kanavy MA, Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Prayer Postures: What They Mean & Why They Matter - Heather M. Erb, New Oxford Review

Broken? ~ Stanza I ~ Part I - Becky Ward, Catholic Spiritual Direction

5 Common Protestant Objections to Sacrament of Confession - Deacon Mike Bickerstaff, Integrated Catholic Life™

Pushing Back the Limits of Subsidiarity - Tim Shaughnessy, Truth & Charity

Chuck Colson: Requiescat in Pace - Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

Pursuit of Hoppiness - J. Q. Tomanek, Ignitum Today

Music for Private Devotion, Not Liturgy - Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

Catholyc...READ MORE

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Pope Says First Communion Preparation Requires Love and Reverence (3251)

The Holy Father addresses soon-to-be first communicants April 22.

04/23/2012 Comment

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During his April 22 Regina Coeli address, Pope Benedict XVI said adults should bring reverence and love to the task of preparing children to receive their first holy Communion.

“Dear friends, the Church at Easter time usually administers first Communion to children,” he noted in the midday address. “I, therefore, urge the pastors, parents and catechists to prepare this feast of faith well, with great fervor, but also with sobriety.”

Among the large crowd gathered in the sunshine of St. Peter's Square were thousands of Italian children who will make their first holy Communion in the coming weeks. As Pope Benedict addressed them, the young pilgrims cheered and released hundreds of...READ MORE

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Egg-Producing Human Ovarian Stem Cells Concern Ethicists (6660)

Will this discovery provide an unlimited egg supply and an anti-aging elixir, or the ingredient for more embryo destruction?

04/23/2012 Comments (12)
MRC Centre for Reproductive Health at Edinburgh University, Scotland.

Scottish researcher Richard Anderson and colleagues plan to experiment on human embryos made from ovarian stem cell-derived eggs.

– MRC Centre for Reproductive Health at Edinburgh University, Scotland.

Human eggs apparently now can be produced in a lab dish from stem cells derived from adult women’s ovaries.

That is the promise of groundbreaking research by Harvard Medical School professor Jonathan Tilly.

The finding raises possibilities such as a limitless supply of lab-grown human eggs for experimentation and fertilization from one woman, as well as some sort of embryonic stem cell-derived, anti-aging elixir.

Tilly’s research team at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Vincent Center for Reproductive Biology published their findings — which turn a half century of embryology orthodoxy on its head — in the March issue of Nature Medicine. The dogma that women inherit a fixed “bank...READ MORE

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Why Good Is More Interesting Than Bad (2413)

User's Guide to Sunday, April 22.

04/22/2012 Comment

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Sunday, April 22, is the Third Sunday of Easter (Year B, Cycle II).

Acts 3:13-15, 17-19; Psalms 4:2, 4, 7-9; 1 John 2:1-5; Luke 24:35-48

Our Take
Regina Doman, author of young-adult fiction, spoke at Benedictine College recently and demonstrated a common modern fallacy.

“Who is more interesting: bad guys or good guys?” she asked the students.

The answer came back: “Bad guys!”

She asked them why and did an exercise with their answers that was very instructive about what our culture trains people to think of the lives and lifestyles of the good and bad — and how wrong our culture is.

The truth is: Evil is more banal than good, the virtuous are more complex than...READ MORE

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