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Student-Led Project Provides Breakfast to 1,500 at D.C. Homeless Shelters (1431)

The schoolwide project by students at St. Peter’s School was part of a larger initiative called ‘Cup of Joe,’ organized by Catholic Charities.

03/04/2014 Comment
Addie Mena/CNA

Students at St. Peter's School in Washington make breakfast bags for the homeless.

– Addie Mena/CNA

WASHINGTON — Students at St. Peter’s School in Washington led a recent project to assemble 1,500 bagged breakfasts for those seeking refuge from the cold in homeless shelters around the city.

“It’s so important to understand that we have lots of blessings and gifts, and that’s why we need to share with other people who don’t have such opportunities,” said Maggie, an eighth-grader helping lead the project.

She told EWTN News Feb. 27 that, in her group, students ensured that “nobody got anything less than anyone else” by assigning people tasks. One student was named “granola girl,” another was “applesauce guy” and so forth, as they filled up the bags with breakfast items for the homeless.


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‘Son of God’ Film Draws Audiences (2423)

Movie about Jesus debuts at No. 2 during its opening weekend

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– MovieWeb.com

Son of God, a new movie depicting the life of Christ according to the Gospels, saw tremendous success and positive reviews when it opened in theaters at the end of February.

The movie, which opened Feb. 28, grossed $26.5 million at the box office upon its debut, surpassing BoxOffice.com’s prediction of $17.5 million, and came in No. 2 at theaters on opening weekend.

Yahoo fans gave the film 4.5 stars, and on March 4, it became the No. 1 fan-rated film on Fandago.

The movie, which is being distributed by Twentieth Century Fox, has drawn praise from Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles and Carl Anderson, supreme knight of the Knights of Columbus.


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Cardinal Müller Discusses Divorced-Remarried Reception of Communion and Liberation Theology (25595)

An exclusive Register interview with the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, who became a new cardinal at last month’s consistory.

03/04/2014 Comments (13)
Edward Pentin

Cardinal Gerhard Müller at the Feb. 22 consistory that made him a cardinal.

– Edward Pentin

Many of the faithful have become uneasy over reports speculating that the Vatican may change the Church’s approach to its teaching on the indissolubility of marriage — and in particular the status of divorced and remarried Catholics.

In an email interview with the Register, Cardinal Gerhard Müller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, addressed the concern. The newly named cardinal also discusses his work as prefect, concerns among some Catholics that politics is increasingly emphasized over salvation in the Church’s preaching and the beneficial aspects of liberation theology.


Your Eminence, how will being a cardinal help you in your work as prefect of the...READ MORE

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Pope Francis ‘Stunned’ by Abortion Rate in Spain (4063)

The Holy Father made the comment after being informed by visiting Spanish bishops that more than 110,000 abortions occur annually in their nation.

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Pope Francis blesses a group of Spanish bishops during their ad limina visit to the Vatican.

– ctv.va

MADRID — The spokesman for the Spanish Bishops’ Conference said that when a group of bishops from Spain informed Pope Francis of the abortion rate in their country, the Holy Father said he was “stunned.”

For more than five years, the number of abortions in Spain has topped 110,000 annually.

According to the Cope Radio Network, Father Jose Maria Gil Tamayo revealed the Pope’s reaction on his Twitter account Feb. 28 and quoted the Holy Father as saying that, in many cases, “The god of money is the focus and not the human person.”

“Whatever doesn’t fit into that arrangement is thrown away, and the children that are unwanted are thrown away,” Pope Francis reportedly told the bishops.


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Ancient Lenten Pilgrimage Comes to Life Through New Book (2567)

The book helps readers join a pilgrimage once led by the pope during the days of the early Church and which has begun a modern revival in the last 30 years.

03/04/2014 Comment
Kerri Lenartowick/CNA

Roman Pilgrimage by George Weigel

– Kerri Lenartowick/CNA

ROME — Author and scholar George Weigel says his new book offers readers the opportunity experience a centuries-old Lenten practice from Rome in their households across the globe.

Weigel called Roman Pilgrimage: The Station Churches an “invitation to people all over the world to spend Lent in Rome, at home.”

“This book is a way to make the ancient station church pilgrimage in Rome, really, without coming to Rome,” he told CNA.

The station church pilgrimage is a Roman tradition, dating back to the fourth century. Each day during Lent, the pope would lead the faithful to a different church, often built on the site of a martyr’s house. There, he would celebrate Mass for the Christian...READ MORE

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Catholic Marriage Prep Keeping Pace With Changing Culture (6038)

Dioceses are developing diverse solutions to serve the marriage-preparation needs of the current generation.

03/04/2014 Comments (90)

– Facebook/MarriageMinistries

LOS ANGELES — Marriage and family are themes Pope Francis has repeatedly emphasized in his pontificate, especially in recent months, calling for the Church to invite couples to experience the joy of God’s plan for marriage and family “with a pastoral ministry that is intelligent, courageous and full of love.”

Catholic dioceses across the United States are hoping to start married couples off on the right foot, as marriage-preparation courses take on new structures and methods in order to adapt to a changing culture.

For one thing, diocesan leaders recognize that people’s backgrounds in the faith and experiences with marriage are very different than they were 40 years ago. In general,...READ MORE

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Cardinal Kasper’s Speech on Divorce, Remarriage and Communion (8703)

While the German cardinal affirmed Church teachings in other areas, he controversially suggested reception of Communion for divorced-remarried Catholics might be permissible.

03/04/2014 Comments (35)

Cardinal Walter Kasper, prefect emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity

VATICAN CITY — In a two-hour address to a consistory on the family last month, Cardinal Walter Kasper discussed marriage and family life, devoting the last section to “the problem of the divorced and remarried.”

The final of the five sections has garnered much attention in the press. In that portion, he commented, “Is it not perhaps an exploitation of the person,” when a person who has been divorced and remarried is excluded from receiving Communion? And he suggests that for “the smaller segment of the divorced and remarried,” perhaps they could be admitted to “the sacrament of penance and then of Communion.”

The president emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity...READ MORE

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Why Catholics Practice Fast & Abstinence? Giving Up Facebook for Lent; Holy Obedience and More! (4010)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

03/04/2014 Comment

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