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Exorcisms in Indiana Reflect God’s Healing Power (18420)

While mainstream accounts of the incident focus on the demonic, Catholic experts point to the dominion of God and his Church.

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Statue at the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, Palermo, Sicily.

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GARY, Ind. — The story of an Indiana family attacked by demons and freed by a Catholic priest through a series of exorcisms has stirred imaginations and curiosity. It also seems to confirm what many Catholics already know — evil is no match against the power that rests in the Church founded by Jesus Christ.

Most media accounts of the story have focused on the power of evil. But according to Father Vincent Lampert, designated exorcist for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, such news is highlighting the wrong thing.

“I keep waiting for the faith component to come out,” he said. “There is too much focus on what evil is doing instead of what God is doing.”

Father Lampert has an inside account...READ MORE

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Cardinal Pell to Head New Vatican Office for Economic Oversight (1762)

The new body, composed of eight cardinal and seven lay business experts, will have authority over all economic activities within the Holy See and the Vatican city state.

02/24/2014 Comment
Alan Holdren/CNA

Cardinal George Pell

– Alan Holdren/CNA

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis announced on Feb. 24 the establishment of a new entity for oversight of Vatican economic and administrative affairs, headed by Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, Australia.

According to the statement issued by the Holy See Press Office, the new Secretariat for the Economy “will have authority over all economic and administrative activities within the Holy See and the Vatican city state.”

Cardinal Pell has been appointed prefect of the new secretariat. His role includes the implementation of policies decided upon by a new 15-member Council for the Economy, made up of eight cardinals or bishops “reflecting different parts of the world,” and seven “lay experts of...READ MORE

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Pope: Christian Leaders Should Be ‘Good Servants,’ Not Masters (2206)

The Holy Father asked Christians to pray that the Church’s leaders respond to the call to service that helps the community ‘walk the path of holiness with joy.’

02/24/2014 Comment
Lauren Cater/CNA

Pope Francis greets a little girl and her mother at Sunday Mass.

– Lauren Cater/CNA

VATICAN CITY —  In his Sunday Angelus message, Pope Francis spoke about the importance of service rather than special privilege in the Christian community, and he connected the day’s Gospel reading to the Saturday consistory that created 19 new cardinals.

“Through baptism, we all have the same dignity — all of us, in Jesus Christ, we are sons of God,” the Pope said on Feb. 23 to the huge crowds filling St. Peter’s Square and spilling out onto the road.

Many pilgrims had come to Rome for the consistory of cardinals. Pope Francis took the opportunity to issue a reminder about the importance of a spirit of service in the Church.

“Those who have received a ministry of leadership, preaching,...READ MORE

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Pope Francis to New Cardinals: This Is a Church, Not a Royal Court (19984)

At a consistory attended by Pope Emeritus Benedict, the Holy Father gave the red biretta to the 19 newest members of the College of Cardinals.

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Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti receives his biretta from Pope Francis during a consistory at St. Peter's Basilica on Feb. 22.

– Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis used his homily at a Mass for new cardinals to hold up a vision of holiness for the 19 new recipients of the red biretta, exhorting them to be docile to the Holy Spirit, to love their enemies and to answer the call to conversion.

During the Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica on Sunday, he also stressed that each member of the College of Cardinals enters the Church of Rome rather than a royal court.

“A cardinal — I say this especially to you — enters the Church of Rome, my brothers, not a royal court,” the Holy Father told a packed basilica. “May all of us avoid, and help others to avoid, habits and ways of acting typical of a court: intrigue, gossip, cliques,...READ MORE

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Vatican Consistory Mulls How to Repair the Catholic Family (3928)

Discussions centered on the canonical implications of administering the sacraments to divorced-and-remarried Catholics and the procedures of annulments.

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Lauren Cater/CNA

Cardinals at the Feb. 20-21 extraordinary consistory on the family in the Vatican's Synod Hall.

– Lauren Cater/CNA

VATICAN CITY — Administering the sacraments to remarried divorcees figured highly in the extraordinary consistory on the family last week, but no decisions were made on the issue, the Vatican said.

In a statement on the second day of the two-day meeting in the Vatican’s Synod Hall, Father Federico Lombardi, Holy See Press Office director, said there were broad-ranging and detailed discussions, but “no decisions or pronouncements” were made on the issue.

Church teaching on this sensitive topic, which some fear may be altered during the Extraordinary Synods on the Family in October and in 2015, was addressed “from the perspective of canon law,” Father Lombardi said. He also said the...READ MORE

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Catholic University of America Leaders Reject Criticism of Koch Grant (3111)

The criticism came from a Democratic-leaning lobby group that opposes the U.S. bishops on life and marriage issues.

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WASHINGTON — The Catholic University of America’s president and business-school dean say criticism of a $1-million grant from the Koch Foundation is unfounded and treats debatable positions as official Church teaching.

“We think the groups complaining about the Koch Foundation gift are suggesting a litmus test that neither we nor they would want to apply to other cases,” John Garvey, university president, and Andrew Abela, dean of the university’s School of Business and Economics, said in a Feb. 20 Wall Street Journal essay.

“We welcome constructive criticism, but we believe it would be a mistake to stifle debate by pretending that genuinely controversial positions are official Church...READ MORE

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Teaching Kids the 5 Steps to a Good Confession; Raise Prudent Kids, Not Independent Kids and More! (7105)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

02/24/2014 Comment

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Pope Francis and One Joy, Pope Francis Calls for End of Ukraine Violence and Much More! (2241)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

02/23/2014 Comment

For the New York City Cabbie: Pope Francis & One Joy, follow the link by Jamey Brown to read more.

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The Sheer...READ MORE

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