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Judge: Arizona's Abortion Ban Starting at 20 Weeks of Pregnancy Is Constitutional (1571)

The law will take effect Aug. 2.

08/01/2012 Comments (1)

– Wikipedia

A federal judge has ruled that Arizona’s partial-birth abortion ban is constitutional, a decision that could allow for more restrictive laws based on the prevention of fetal pain and late-term abortion risks to women’s health.

Charmaine Yoest, president and CEO of Americans United for Life, praised the ruling.

She said the law “shows real concern for women and their unborn children.”

U.S. District Judge James Teilborg on July 30 said that Arizona provided “substantial and well-documented” evidence that an unborn child can feel pain during an abortion at least 20 weeks into pregnancy. The law’s defenders showed the state’s “legitimate interest” in limiting abortions past 20 weeks, he...READ MORE

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Pope Benedict Picks 'Father of Prop. 8' for San Francisco Archdiocese (6011)

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone moves to major center of homosexual-rights movement as supporters of traditional marriage face pushback.

08/01/2012 Comments (20)
Michelle Bauman/CNA

Archbishop-designate Salvatore Cordileone at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop's spring general meeting in Atlanta.

– Michelle Bauman/CNA

SAN FRANCISCO — Five years ago, he launched a statewide campaign to defend traditional marriage in California, securing the passage of Proposition 8 against daunting odds.

Now, Bishop Salvatore Cordileone of Oakland, Calif., will succeed Archbishop George Niederauer of San Francisco, assuming a prominent role in a city that is seen as a major center of the homosexual-rights movement.

During an era of more aggressive advocacy for same-sex “marriage,” the striking appointment will yield unpredictable, possibly explosive consequences for both the local Church and the U.S. bishops’ national effort to defend traditional marriage and religious freedom against a hostile, increasingly secular...READ MORE

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Why Do Some Men "Discerning a Vocation" Still Date?, Is NFP Contraception?, and Much More! (2871)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

08/01/2012 Comment

Why Do Men “Discerning a Vocation” Still Date? Click on the link by Katrina Fernandez to read more.

Why Do Some Men “Discerning a Vocation” Still Date? – Katrina Fernandez, Patheos/The Crescat

Why is NFP Not Contraception? – Andrew Haines, Crisis Magazine

What Do Social Radicals Really Mean by Tolerance? by Msgr. Charles Pope of the Archdiocese of Washington blog – Big Pulpit

Abortion is ‘Directly Linked to Porn’: Anti-Porn Crusader – Peter Baklinski, LifeSiteNews

Spiritual Combat: Walking the Line in a Material World - Vicki Burbach, Catholic Spiritual Direction

Today is Chick-fil-A Tolerance Day - Big Pulpit

The Loneliness of Singlehood – Julie Rodrigues, Ignitum Today

Red China: Lou Xiaoying Has Saved 30 Babies Abandoned at Trash Dumps – Mountaintop

Discerning...READ MORE

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Hillary Clinton: Religious Freedom Worldwide 'Sliding Backward.' But What About in U.S.? (3704)

State Department head discusses the new 'International Religious Freedom Report.'

07/31/2012 Comments (5)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace July 30 in Washington. Clinton delivered remarks on the state of religious freedom around the world, on the occasion of the release of the '2011 International Religious Freedom Report.'

– Win McNamee/Getty Images

WASHINGTON — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said yesterday that the world is “sliding backwards” when it comes to guaranteeing religious freedom, while the issue in her own country is reaching the boiling point.

Speaking July 30 at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the former first lady said, “When we consider the global picture and ask whether religious freedom is expanding or shrinking, the answer is sobering.”

“Members of faith communities that have long been under pressure report that pressure is rising,” Clinton said. “When it comes to this human right, this key feature of stable, secure, peaceful societies, the world is sliding backwards.”

However,...READ MORE

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What is Eternal Life?, Suffering to Sanctity, Fr. Robert Barron Comments on the Devil, and More! (2731)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/31/2012 Comment

What Is Eternal Life? Click on the link by Msgr. Charles Pope to read more.

What Is Eternal Life?- Msgr. Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington

Suffering to Sanctity - Anna Williams, Ignitum Today

Fr. Robert Barron Comments on The Devil – Brandon Vogt

Want Pope Benedict XVI to Celebrate Mass in the Extraordinary Form? by Richard Collins of the Linen on the Hedgerow blog – Big Pulpit

Waiting for My Beloved: A Catholic Teen’s Look at Courtship – Chloe M., Mountaintop

Nashville Indie Musician Comes Home to The Church – Russ Rentler MD, Crossing The Tiber

4 Musical Analogies in the Theology of the Church Fathers – C. L. Davis, St. Peter’s List

Bishop Blair about the LCWR – Fr. Z’s Blog

Chick-fil-A, Same-Sex Marriage, and Tolerance - Big Pulpit


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Cross the Crux of Steubenville Showdown With Atheist Group (4417)

The Town Council will meet tonight to continue debate over the city logo that includes the Franciscan University cross.

07/31/2012 Comments (30)

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio — A tiny cross in the corner of this city’s logo may become a church-state battle for the ages. Neither side wants to back down.

“The city may fight it,” said Gary Repella, law director for Steubenville’s city government, in an interview July 30.

The Steubenville City Council will meet tonight just as passions are swelling regarding a decision to scrap the city’s new logo. The decision is in response to a lawsuit threat by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, an organization of and for atheists, based in Madison, Wis.

At issue is a logo adopted in December that features a bridge, a musketeer, historic Fort Steuben and several prominent downtown buildings. On the...READ MORE

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Building a Culture of Religious Freedom (13443)

Address Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia gave at the Napa Institute on July 26.

07/31/2012 Comments (36)
Peter Zelasko/CNA

– Peter Zelasko/CNA

Transcript of Archbishop Charles Chaput’s keynote address given at the Napa Institute on July 26. 

A friend of mine, a political scientist, recently posed two very good questions. They go right to the heart of our discussion today. He wondered, first, if the religious freedom debate had “crossed a Rubicon” in our country’s political life. And, second, he asked if Catholic bishops now found themselves opposed — in a new and fundamental way — to the spirit of American society.

I’ll deal with his first question in a moment. I’ll come back to his second question at the end of my remarks. But we should probably begin our time together today by recalling that even at the height of...READ MORE

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Hercules Wins Round 1 Against Federal Government (3869)

Catholic family-owned business won't have to implement contraception mandate by tomorrow's deadline.

07/31/2012 Comments (5)
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Women's rights activists listen during a Capitol Hill news conference July 11 that House Democratic leaders held to discuss the Republican-led repeal vote of the Affordable Care Act.

– Alex Wong/Getty Images

Tomorrow, Aug. 1, is a key deadline in the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Any employer-provided health-insurance plan renewed after this date must include cost-sharing-free coverage of contraceptives, sterilization and certain "contraceptive" drugs known to cause abortions.

But because of a preliminary injunction granted by a federal judge, one Catholic family-owned company in Colorado will not be subject to that requirement — at least until their case is decided.

And that has given hope to private companies and religiously affiliated employers concerned with religious liberty.

“We’re very pleased the judge recognized that religious freedom applies...READ MORE

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