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What is Prudential Judgment, Virtue of Business, Battle Over Words in the Culture Wars, and More! (1250)

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10/17/2012 Comment

Prudential Judgement. Click on the link by Darwin Catholic to read more.

Prudential Judgement – Darwin Catholic, The American Catholic

The Virtue of Business – Kevin Lowry, Integrated Catholic Life™

The Battle Over Words in the Culture Wars – Melissa Maleski, Truth and Charity Forum

Minister Under Fire for Say Catholics Can’t Teach Abortion is Bad and More via the LifeSiteNews website – Big ulpit

Dealing With A Miscarriage: My Journey Through Grief – Michelle, Catholic Sistas

Top Ten Potential Patron Saints For New Evangelization – Jason Liske, Ascending Mount Carmel

A Prayer for America, an Election Video – Joseph Koss, Ignitum Today

Ten Questions on Transubstantiation and Substance of the Holy Eucharist – H. H. Ambrose, Saint Peter's List


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An Evangelist for the New Evangelization (4314)

A New Jersey priest is helping Rome promote the Church’s mission for the Year of Faith.

10/17/2012 Comments (19)

Father Geno Sylva

– Catholic News Agency



After telling people what he does at the Vatican, Father Geno Sylva has come to expect the inevitable question: “What is the New Evangelization?”

Fortunately, the New Jersey priest has devoted the last few years not only to answering that question, but living out the New Evangelization himself and teaching others to do so, as well.

A priest of the Diocese of Paterson, Father Sylva began an assignment in July at the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization. The council, which was formed in 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI, is overseeing the implementation of the Year of Faith that begins Oct. 11, the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second...READ MORE

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Rome Sabbatical Course Revised to Allow More U.S. Priests (2227)

Pontifical North American College program serves to re-energize its priestly participants.

10/17/2012 Comments (2)

VATICAN CITY — A Rome-based sabbatical program for priests from the U.S. is being overhauled to allow even more American clerics to take time out to pray, relax and study in the Eternal City.

“I think this sabbatical course is so, so essential. Priests come here, I think, tired. They come here perhaps having lost some of that initial zeal,” said course director Msgr. Anthony Figueiredo.

“And what we find is that in those weeks, by praying together, eating together, traveling together, studying together, that priests again receive a sense of that initial spark that lead them into the seminary and in which they were formed and ordained.”

At present, the Institute for Continuing...READ MORE

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Doctors Urge Court to Consider Fetal Pain in Ariz. Abortion Law (1558)

'Hormonal, behavioral and physiologic evidence supports the legislature’s conclusion that a fetus at 20 weeks gestation feels pain,' read the amicus brief, filed with the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

10/17/2012 Comments (4)

A group of doctors called on an appeals court to consider the ability of a fetus to feel pain in examining an Arizona law preventing abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

“Hormonal, behavioral and physiologic evidence supports the legislature’s conclusion that a fetus at 20 weeks gestation feels pain,” read the amicus brief, filed with the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. 

It argued that the state has an established interest in eliminating or reducing “activities that provoke pain.”

The brief was filed on Oct. 10 on behalf of Doctors on Fetal Pain, a physician and medical researcher association that seeks to raise awareness about evidence showing the ability of unborn children...READ MORE

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Catholic Buzzwords I Would Ban, Voting by Catholic Principles, Prudence: the Lost Virtue, and More! (2501)

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10/17/2012 Comment

Catholic Buzzwords and Phrases I Would Ban. Follow the link by Jeffrey Miller of The Curt Jester blog to read more.

Catholic Buzzwords and Phrases I Would Ban by Jeffrey Miller of The Curt Jester blog – Big ulpit

Voting According to Catholic Principles, Not Partisan Politics - Arland K. Nichols, Crisis Magazine

Prudence: The Lost Virtue – Bonchamps, The American Catholic

How to Jump-Start Social Media in Your Diocese – Brandon Vogt, BrandonVogt.com

Baptism and Presidential Leadership – J. C. Sanders, Ignitum Today

Miami Archbishop Instructs Catholic Voters – Carlos Espinosa, Living The Faith On A High Wire

The Catholic Church and Social Programs – James Kalb, Catholic World Report

Answering Protestants on Sola Scriptura, Priestly Celibacy. . . – Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery

Bishop...READ MORE

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Catholic Convert Carries Her Faith Into N.Y. Senate Race (4618)

In an uphill battle against a liberal Democratic incumbent, Wendy Long stays true to Church teachings on life and family issues.

10/16/2012 Comments (12)

– Wikipedia

NEW YORK — Wendy Long, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, will square off tomorrow against her Democratic opponent, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, in their first and only debate before the November election.

The two well-credentialed candidates are polar opposites on abortion, religious freedom and marriage. Long, a Catholic convert and veteran activist on social and judicial issues, will do everything possible to make her platform the more compelling choice for New York voters.

“There could not be a more clear contrast between longtime pro-life leader Wendy Long and Emily’s List poster child Senator [Kirsten] Gillibrand,” stated Marjorie Dannenfelser, the president of the Susan...READ MORE

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A Triumph for Ethical Stem-Cell Research (5797)

The Nobel Prize in Medicine has been awarded to Shinya Yamanaka, a pioneer in ethical stem-cell research, who said in 2007, ‘We can’t keep destroying embryos for our research. There must be another way.’

10/16/2012 Comments (10)

– Shutterstock

The field of ethically legitimate stem-cell research got a boost on Oct. 8, when the Nobel Assembly in Sweden announced that its coveted prize in physiology or medicine would go to Japanese researcher Shinya Yamanaka.

Yamanaka transformed the field of stem-cell research and regenerative medicine in 2006-2007, when he published a series of groundbreaking papers demonstrating that mature differentiated (mammalian) cells, such as skin cells, could be “reprogrammed” to become pluripotent stem cells. He first demonstrated the process using mouse cells and later using human cells.



“Pluripotency” refers to the capacity of an immature cell to develop into specialized cell...READ MORE

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Spirituality and Devotion to Angels, Is It From God or Satan, Ever Heard of Distributism, and More! (1746)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

10/16/2012 Comment

Spirituality and Devotion to the Angels. Click on the link by Fr. Basil Cole OP to read more.

Spirituality and Devotion to the Angels – Fr. Basil Cole OP, Truth and Charity Forum

Is It from God or is It from Satan? – Esther G., A Catholic Mom in Hawaii

Distributism; Ever Heard Of It? – Tim Shaughnessy, Catholic Vote

Catholic Schools Told They Can’t Teach Abortion is Wrong by Jim Hughes of the Life News website – Big ulpit

The Importance of Depth and Proximity in Life – Msgr. Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington

Who Cares? It’s Only a Hymn, After All – Kathleen Pluth, The Chant Café

The Crisis of Faith – Fr. John Hardon SJ, Ignatius Insight Scoop

The New Hesychasm: An Introduction – Ric Ballard, Eastern Catholic Spiritual Renewal

Bishop Jenky: Obama’s Threat to...READ MORE

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