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‘The Issue of Ukraine and Crimea Is Complex’ (12197)

Joseph Pearce, the Catholic biographer of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, addresses some important and often overlooked aspects of the current crisis.

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Joseph Pearce


A host of competing ideas have been circulated about the numerous complexities associated with the most significant international flashpoint of early 2014: the overthrow of the previous Russian-oriented government in Ukraine and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s subsequent bid to assume control of the Ukrainian territory of Crimea.

For example, David Remnick wrote a piece in The New Yorker that suggested great Christian thinker and Nobel-prize winner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn thought Russia should control Ukraine.

Register correspondent Victor Gaetan discussed this issue with Catholic writer and commentator Joseph Pearce, author of Solzhenitsyn: A Soul in Exile and a memoir of his...READ MORE

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Pope Reminds Faithful to Take Word of God to Heart (2363)

The Holy Father said Christians must be mindful to be obedient to the instruction of Jesus and follow him 'because what he said did their hearts good, warmed their hearts.'

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VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis warned against trying to co-opt the word of God for one’s own purposes, as did the Pharisees, urging prayer and humility instead, in his homily for Mass on March 21.

“This is the tragedy of these people — and our tragedy too!” he preached during his Mass said at the chapel of the Vatican’s St. Martha guesthouse.

He reflected on the Gospel reading containing Jesus’ parable about the workers in the vineyard, who killed the servants and then the son of the vineyard’s master, intending to take over the vineyard for themselves.

The Pope explained that this parable was directed to the Pharisees, in order to show “where they had fallen” without “hearts open to the...READ MORE

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Pope Francis: Shed Egotism and Rely on God Alone (5465)

In his March 20 homily, the Holy Father urged the faithful to ask God for the grace that brings wisdom.

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CNA/Isabel Anderson

– CNA/Isabel Anderson

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis drew on readings from the Gospel of Luke and the Psalms to warn listeners against putting one’s faith in man or accomplishments, rather than God.

“Let us ask the Lord for the grace that he would give to each of us the wisdom to have confidence only in him: not in things, not in human powers — only in him,” the Pope preached in his homily at Mass said March 20 at the chapel of the St. Martha guesthouse.

Only in God do we receive our true name, which is not “I” or “me,” but “son” (or daughter), he said, according to Vatican Radio. But when we place our trust in others, our accomplishments or even ourselves, we lose sight of our true worth as children of God.


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SDG Reviews ‘Noah’ (68123)

Rocking the boat: The first major big-studio Bible film in decades is a provocative take on the venerable story of the Flood.

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– Paramount

Darren Aronofsky’s Noah pays its source material a rare compliment: It takes Genesis seriously as a landmark of world literature and ancient moral reflection, and a worthy source of artistic inspiration in our day.

It is not a “Bible movie” in the usual sense, with all the story beats predetermined by the text, and actors in ancient Near Eastern couture hitting their marks and saying all the expected things. It is something more vital, surprising and confounding: a work of art and imagination that makes this most familiar of tales strange and new: at times illuminating the text, at times stretching it to the breaking point, at times inviting cross-examination and critique.

For many pious...READ MORE

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Future Priests Battle Pornography Epidemic (23920)

Seminaries and therapists recognize pornography’s devastating impact on vocations and the possibility for freedom and celibacy.

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Shutterstock illustration

– Shutterstock illustration

Part III of a Register series. Part I and Part II can be read here and here.

LINCOLN, Neb. — Fifteen-year-old Alex (not his real name) has been thinking of a possible vocation to the priesthood for several years already. Aware that he’s still young, he’s comfortable with the ongoing discernment process: He’s busy trying to deepen his prayer life — and delighted, as well, with some initial dating experiences.

When he thinks of considering the priesthood, though, one of his main motives for hesitating is his freshly conquered addiction to pornography and the ongoing temptations he faces.

Alex’s introduction to pornography came as a preteen, when he first heard the word in the context of a...READ MORE

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When Noah Met Pope Francis; Francis Effect: 25% Increase of Donations to the Poor and Much More! (3557)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Follow the When 'Noah' (Played by Russell Crowe) Met Pope Francis link to read more.

When 'Noah' (Played by Russell Crowe) Met Pope Francis - BigPulpit.com

Francis Effect 25% Increase of Donations to the Poor – John Shimek, Catholic Vote

Lover of Poverty – J. Q. Tomanek, Ignitum Today

Evangelicals ‘Crossing the Tiber’ to Catholicism – Jonathan D. Fitzgerald

Who Are We Trying to Evangelize? – Paul Zummo, The American Catholic

Creative Easter Baskets for Catholic Kiddies – Kathy Schiffer, Seasons of Grace

Did Christianity Give Us 'Gay Marriage'? by Jon Sorensen of Catholic Answers - BigPulpit.com

Revisiting the “Cosmos” Giordano Bruno Controversy – Tony Rossi, Christopher Closeup

That Whimsical Chemical Symphony – Stacy Trasancos PhD

What are the Actual Tensions...READ MORE

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U.K. Prime Minister: Sex-Selective Abortions Are ‘Appalling’ (2589)

David Cameron told parliament March 19 that the British government is taking measures to combat the illegal practice.

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Wikimedia Commons

British Prime Minister David Cameron

– Wikimedia Commons

LONDON — U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron has criticized sex-selective abortion as “simply an appalling practice,” and he said the British government will work to counter the illegal practice.

Cameron told parliament March 19 that Britain’s chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, and the Department of Health are preparing guidance for doctors about sex-selective abortions, intended to counter pressure on some pregnant women to have sons instead of daughters, the British newspaper The Independent reported.

Minister of Parliament Paul Uppal had questioned the prime minister about the practice.

“I’ve had conversations with people who’ve told me it’s going on, and I trust what they are...READ MORE

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Interview: ‘Noah’ Writer-Director Darren Aronofsky and Co-Writer Ari Handel (20794)

The makers of the first major big-studio Bible film in decades talk about the flood story and their film with the Register’s film critic.

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In a way, the figure of Noah stands over filmmaker Darren Aronofsky’s whole career.

Brought up with a Jewish education, Aronofsky wrote a poem for a seventh-grade English class about the dove flying back to Noah’s ark. The assignment was for a United Nations writing contest (about peace) that Aronofsky won, and he wound up reading his poem aloud at the U.N. — an experience he credits with shaping his decision to become a storyteller.

Aronofsky says he has wanted to make a film about Noah since high school, and his efforts to get this film afloat stretch back over 15 years. Now, the director’s controversial take on Noah, played in the film by Russell Crowe, has generated some backlash,...READ MORE

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