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Easter Conversion ‘Boom’? (15257)

Some U.S. dioceses are reporting that 2014 will be an unusually fruitful year, in terms of the number of people welcomed into the Church.

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Facebook/Archdiocese of Washington

Catechumens participating March 9 in the Rite of Election at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington

– Facebook/Archdiocese of Washington

WASHINGTON — Speaking of the prospect of becoming a Catholic at this year’s Easter vigil, Sheila Bidzinski, a 36-year-old mother of two little boys, excitedly admits, “I hope I won’t pass out, but I have told my husband he has to get behind me in case he has to catch me.”

When Bidzinski, who has been studying the Catholic faith with a group at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Derwood, Md., comes into the Church, she will be participating in what one commentator has dubbed “a boom.”

The Archdiocese of Washington, where Bidzinski’s parish is located, will welcome the largest number of candidates and catechumens ever recorded for the archdiocese this Easter. The archdiocese will...READ MORE

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The Saint Who Is Celebrated for 'Building' Up The Church, The Man Born Blind and More! (3080)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Follow The Saint Who Is Celebrated for Building Up the Church via The Catholic Herald to read more.

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The Saint Who Is Celebrated for Building Up the Church – The Catholic Herald

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Be Open to the Light of Christ, Encourages Pope (1958)

In his weekly Angelus reflection, the Holy Father discusses the account in the Gospel of the healing of a man who was born blind.

03/30/2014 Comments (1)
Lauren Cater/CNA

Pope Francis preaches during a penitential service at St. Peter's Basilica on March 28.

– Lauren Cater/CNA

VATICAN CITY — During his Sunday Angelus message, Pope Francis urged the faithful to open themselves to the light of Christ and not be hindered by pride or interior blindness.

“Sometimes, unfortunately, ... from the height of our pride, we judge others and even the Lord! Today, we are invited to open ourselves to the light of Christ to bear fruit in our lives, to get rid of the behaviors that are not Christian,” the Pope encouraged those gathered in St. Peter’s Square on March 30.

The Holy Father reflected on a passage from Sunday’s reading from the Gospel of John, which recounts the story of Jesus healing a man born blind. The scholars of the law seek to undermine Jesus’ work and words,...READ MORE

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Jerome Lejeune, Walking in the Footsteps of St. Thomas More (6065)

An interview with the postulator of the cause for sainthood of the famous French scientist, who chose to follow Christ at the risk of his career.

03/30/2014 Comments (2)

WASHINGTON — He died one of the world’s greatest scientists, but God’s first.

Such a phrase may rightly describe Jérôme Lejeune, the discoverer of Down syndrome and the father of modern genetics: a scientist who fell from the pinnacle of his career to follow his conscience and baptismal promises to advocate for the lives of persons with Down syndrome.

Servant of God Jérôme Lejeune (1926-1994), who earned international acclaim and honors for his work in genetics, deeply loved children with Down syndrome, and he hoped his 1958 discovery would help treat or cure their condition. But 10 years later, the world was embracing abortion and using his discovery in prenatal diagnoses to abort...READ MORE

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Four Reasons I Got Married and Started a Family at Age 21, Towards Marian Modesty and Much More! (4373)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

03/30/2014 Comment

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The Gregory Option:...READ MORE

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Before 'Noah': Top 100 Proudly Catholic Movies; Chivalry and the Single Girl and More! (5460)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

03/29/2014 Comment

Follow Before Noah: Top 100 Proudly Catholic Movies link by Tom Hoopes of Catholic Vote to read more.

Before Noah: Top 100 Proudly Catholic Movies by Tom Hoopes of Catholic Vote - BigPulpit.com

All Catholics Obliged to Oppose Legal Recognition of 'Same-Sex marriage' – Rebecca Hamilton, Public Catholic

Dr. Quirino Sugon, Jr.: A Scientist & a Theist – Cristina Montes, Ignitum Today

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San Diego Padres’ Pitcher Practices Patience (6376)

Joe Wieland looks to recover from arm injury and have a healthy second half of the 2014 season.

03/28/2014 Comments (1)
San Diego Padres

Joe Wieland

– San Diego Padres

Heading into spring training in February, San Diego Padres’ pitcher Joe Wieland was feeling great. He thought his previous arm injuries were behind him, and he was hoping, by this time, to have earned a spot on the team’s major-league roster.

Things turned out differently, however. After re-aggravating a tenacious right arm injury, the 24-year-old Reno, Nev., native is now focusing his attention on a successful surgery and recovery. After a March 26 arthroscopic operation, he’ll have to spend three months rehabbing his arm before he has the opportunity to return to the big-league roster.

As the Padres looked to open their season against the Los Angeles Dodgers on March 30, Wieland spoke...READ MORE

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New Website Encourages Return to Confession During Lent (2300)

Catholics Come Home has launched the initiative to assist Catholics who have been away to come back to the sacramental graces confession provides.

03/28/2014 Comments (1)

– GoodConfession.com

ATLANTA — The website GoodConfession.com aims to encourage Catholics to go to confession more often and to return to the life-changing sacrament if they have been away for some time.

“We, as practicing Catholics, need to help our brothers and sisters back to the sacramental graces that come through confession,” Tom Peterson, president of Catholics Come Home, told CNA March 26.

“When we do, the results are miraculous. We’ve seen lives change. It’s like a weight lifted off your soul, but also off your back.”

The website offers an explanation of the sacrament, guides people through the process of confession and discusses “struggles with sin,” providing an examination of conscience and...READ MORE

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