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Pope Francis to Meet With Families of Mafia Victims (1982)

More than 15,000 persons in Italy have suffered the loss of a loved one from mafia violence.

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Stephen Driscoll/CNA

– Stephen Driscoll/CNA

VATICAN CITY — This coming Friday, Pope Francis is slated to preside over a prayer vigil for victims of mafia violence and their families, which takes place the night before the national day commemorating the lives lost.

“For the families of innocent victims, this meeting with the Pope is a gift,” Father Luigi Ciotti expressed in a March 15 article on the Vatican Radio website.

“The availability of the Pope to accompany these family members in this moment, laden with suffering but also marked by hope, is a sign of attention and sensitivity, which they seized from the first moment,” he said.

Father Ciotti, an Italian priest from the Archdiocese of Turin, is president of Libera Foundation,...READ MORE

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Honoring St. Patrick (4863)

The recently restored cathedral in the Diocese of Norwich, Conn., bears the name of Ireland’s patron saint.

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Joseph Pronechen photos

– Joseph Pronechen photos

NORWICH, Conn. — Mention St. Patrick Cathedral, and most people immediately think of the grand church in New York City across from Rockefeller Square.

But there’s another grand St. Patrick Cathedral about 130 miles away, in Norwich, Conn.

My wife, Mary, and I had not visited this cathedral in several years, but we wanted to get reacquainted with it, especially since it was recently restored and redecorated. In fact, the last major mural was completed the day before we arrived in early March.

The majestic cathedral, with its stone and lawn plaza, looked its same pristine self, standing at the edge of the town’s historic district just as it has since 1879.

Its Gothic façade features a...READ MORE

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Three Abducted Priests in Crimea Returned Safely (2940)

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church priests were kidnapped over the weekend, ahead of the March 16 referendum that backed uniting Crimea with Russia.

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Wikimedia Commons

A Catholic church in Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine.

– Wikimedia Commons

KIEV, UKRAINE — Three priests of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church who were kidnapped in Crimea over the weekend have reportedly been returned and are safe.

“We have just spoken with Father Nicholas Kvych, pastor of the UGCC in Sevastopol. With the help of his parishioners, he was able to leave Crimea, and he is now on mainland Ukraine,” the information service of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church said in a statement released late in the day on March 16, according to Radio Svoboda.

Father Kvych had been kidnapped this weekend by pro-Russian forces, as had Father Bohdan Kosteskiy from Yevpatoria and Father Ihor Gabryliv from Yalta. Father Kvych, a navy chaplain, had been abducted...READ MORE

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Let the Word of God Grow in Your Heart, Encourages Pope (2489)

In his weekly Angelus address, the Holy Father recommended reading the Gospel frequently, in order to listen to God and share it with others.

03/17/2014 Comment

Kyle Burkhart/CNA

VATICAN CITY — In his Angelus address on Sunday, Pope Francis reflected on the scene of the Transfiguration, emphasizing the importance of listening to God, especially in Scripture, and of sharing the Gospel with others.

“And this is curious. When we hear the word of God, listen to the word of God and have it in our heart, that word grows. And do you know how it grows? Giving it to others,” the Pope exclaimed in his March 16 Angelus address.

“The word of Christ in us grows when we proclaim it, when we give it to the others!”

Addressing the thousands present in St. Peter’s Square, the Holy Father centered his weekly discourse on the day’s Gospel, which recounted the story of the...READ MORE

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Bernard of Clairvaux and Humility, Francis the Preacher, Are You Distracted During Prayer and More! (4168)

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03/17/2014 Comment

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Piety's Enemy: Sovereign Desire; Darth Vader and the Good Hiding in Evil and Much More! (3437)

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03/16/2014 Comment

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Fasting for Healing; What Is a Suffering Man Worth? Are We a Well Read Culture and Much More! (2804)

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03/15/2014 Comment

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Case of German Home-School Family Cause for Celebration and Concern (9353)

American home-schooling groups are happy that the Romeike family avoided deportation, but worry the U.S. government’s handling of the situation sends a mixed message on home-schoolers’ rights.

03/14/2014 Comments (13)

The Romeike family

– hslda.org

MORRISTOWN, Tenn. — Home-schooling families around the country celebrated earlier this month when a German home-school family on the verge of deportation received a last-minute reprieve to stay in this country.

But the case has sent disturbing signals to American home-schoolers about their own government’s willingness to stand up for the rights of parents who choose to teach their children at home.

The story of Uwe and Hannelore Romeike and their children captured the attention of U.S. home-schoolers in 2008, when the family arrived in America seeking asylum from the German government’s requirement that children be educated in established schools.

According to laws that were enacted...READ MORE

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