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Doctor of the Church St. Hildegard, Why Roman Rite Catholics Switch to Eastern Rites, and Much More! (2855)

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10/06/2012 Comment

St. Hildegard of Bingen, Doctor of the Church. Click on the link by Leroy Huizenga to read more.

St. Hildegard of Bingen, Doctor of the Church – Leroy Huizenga, First Things/On The Square

The Rite Switch: Why Roman Rite Catholics Become Eastern Rite posted by the Regina Domain website – Big ulpit

Struggles and Unexpected Blessings of Special-Needs Kids – Jim Graves, Catholic World Report

The Standard Bearer’s Battle Hymn and Large Families – Rebecca Frech, Ignitum Today

Recovering Words and Culture in the Unsociety – Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine

The Interior Life: That of the Apostles and Ours - Fr. Ryan Erlenbush, New Theological Movement

An Introduction to the Social Theories of the Middle Ages - John Médaille, The Distributist Review

The Earliest Biblical...READ MORE

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Following Francis’ Footsteps: How Assisi Protected Jews During World War II, Part II (4150)

At significant risk to themselves, local Catholics and a German Catholic commander preserved peace in the birthplace of St. Francis.

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Office of War Information, United States National Archives and Records Administration/ public domain

American soldier at altar in bombed Catholic Church in Acerno, Italy. Acerno was bombed in September 1943 by Anglo-American forces, which destroyed part of the bishop’s palace and the church of S. Maria degli Angeli. This was the scenario feared by civil and religious leaders in Assisi in 1943-44.

– Office of War Information, United States National Archives and Records Administration/ public domain

ASSISI, ITALY-The Italian city of Assisi, that was the home of St. Francis, became from 1943 to 1944, a shelter for thousands of refugees displaced by World War II.  Italian Scholar Francesco Santucci has researched and recounted the Catholic effort to protect Jewish refugees.  Yesterday Part I told the story of Assisi’s wartime bishop, Guiseppi Nicolini, and his priest secretary, Father Aldo Brunacci, who together masterminded the network of hiding places for Jewish families in the city’s convents, monasteries and private homes—including the bishop’s palace. Part II recounts the strategy that prevented Assisi from suffering any military damage despite its location in an embattled region....READ MORE

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Singles' Standards (6037)

Single Life column from Oct. 7 issue: All Catholic singles — men and women — should have the same set of standards and hold fast to them. At least we should if a happy, holy marriage is what we’re after.

10/06/2012 Comments (3)

– Shutterstock


"Maybe it’s time to stop being so picky."

On the list of well-intentioned remarks married friends and relatives make to single Catholics, that sentiment is among the most oft expressed. It’s also among the most misguided.

At least, it can be … depending on what people mean by "picky."

If they’re telling us to throw out the list we’ve been carrying around since high school, enumerating all the qualities we want in a spouse, then they’re right.

If, however, they mean we need to lower our standards, then they couldn’t be more wrong.

What’s the difference?

Lists are what we take to the grocery store. They remind us to buy garlic, eggs and chicken. They’re helpful when shopping...READ MORE

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Saving Babies 1 Cupcake at a Time (3073)

Did you know that Oct. 9 is National Pro-Life Cupcake Day? Oct. 7 issue Pro-Life Profile on Cupcakes for Life.

10/06/2012 Comments (7)

– CupcakesforLife.com

Did you know that Oct. 9 is National Pro-Life Cupcake Day? Educating people about abortion with a cupcake is the idea of Dave Pomerantz, 23, and Joe Baker, 30. They wanted to do something for the million-plus U.S. babies who aren’t allowed to have a birthday due to abortion. Hundreds of thousands of cupcakes are given away across the nation each year through Cupcakes for Life.


Birth of an Idea

Back in 2006, Baker and Pomerantz started brainstorming friendly and non-threatening ways to promote life. Pomerantz was feeling troubled about the number of fellow students and teachers at the Christian school he attended who professed to be "pro-choice."

"I sort of made a joke about...READ MORE

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Catholic Reads Before Election Day: Part 2 (4109)

The Register offers more books worth reading before Nov. 6. Biographies of St. Thomas More and Sargent Shriver are offered here, as is a book — co-authored by a Catholic and an evangelical Christian — dedicated to how the United States can return to its founding principles. And Catholic women speak about what is important to them in light of government intrusions into their faith and family matters. All of the selections examine the harmony that can be found between the principles of faith, virtue and service — apropos before Election 2012. From our Oct. 7 issue.

10/06/2012 Comment



Faithful Statesman



The One Thomas More

By Travis Curtright

CUA Press, 2012

216 pages, $64.95

To order: cuapress.cua.edu


The life of St. Thomas More continues to attract attention. Scholar, brilliant apologist for the faith, devoted husband and father, Lord Chancellor of England and one of Henry VIII’s confidants, More was martyred in 1535 for refusing to take the Oath of Succession, which confirmed Henry as head of the Church of England and his divorce from Catherine of Aragon.

Some academics have seen "two Mores" — the early tolerant scholar vs. the hardened heretic hunter and Catholic fanatic he supposedly later became. This view...READ MORE

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San Francisco’s Newly Installed Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone Calls for Spiritual Renewal (4130)

During his installation, the new shepherd apologized for his DUI arrest, as protesters and supporters marked the arrival of the state’s leading proponent of Prop. 8.

10/05/2012 Comments (10)

SAN FRANCISCO — Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone was installed Oct. 4 as the ninth archbishop of San Francisco during a solemn and subdued ceremony that drew more than 40 episcopal leaders and 250 local clergy.


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Following Francis' Footsteps: How Assisi Protected Jews During World War II, Part I (3478)

At significant risk to themselves, local Catholics and a German Catholic commander preserved peace in the birthplace of St. Francis.

10/05/2012 Comments (2)
Roberto Ferrari/ Wikipedia Commons

Assisi, Italy

– Roberto Ferrari/ Wikipedia Commons

ASSISI, ITALY — For almost eight centuries, pilgrims venerating St. Francis have come to the picturesque hilltop town of Assisi, 100 miles northeast of Rome, where the saint was born in 1182. Here was where he founded three religious orders and died at age 45.

Less known, especially by American Catholics, is Assisi’s legacy as a sanctuary for thousands of refugees displaced during World War II, including approximately 300 Jews who were hidden in the city’s convents, monasteries and private homes.

Religious and civil leaders of wartime Assisi dramatically mirrored the saint’s message of compassion and peacemaking. The compassion they extended to outsiders while Allied and Axis forces...READ MORE

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7 Qualities of a New Evangelist, Hollywood Gets Religion Again, Why Call Priests Father, and More! (2476)

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10/05/2012 Comment

Fr. Robert Barron: Seven Qualities of a New Evangelist. Click on the link by Brandon Vogt to read more.

Fr. Robert Barron: Seven Qualities of a New Evangelist – Brandon Vogt, BrandonVogt.com

Hollywood Gets Religion, Again by Leroy Huizenga of the First Things website – Big ulpit

Why It’s Important that We Call Priests “Father” – Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery

Open Letter to Priests by Young Catholics – Ryan Eggenberger, Ignitum Today

Should Mentally Handicapped People be Baptized? - Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Reason #5863 for Summorum Pontificum – Fr. Z’s Blog

Spinning the Vatican’s New Spin Man – Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Get Religion

Faith, Reason, and Secular Hegemony - Francis J. Beckwith, The Catholic Thing

The Customary of Our Lady of Walsingham -...READ MORE

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