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The YouTube Heresies by Fr. Robert Barron, The Rise of the E. F. Mass in an O. F. Parish and More! (13388)

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10/22/2013 Comments (2)

The YouTube Heresies. Follow the link by Fr. Robert Barron of the Strange Notions blog to view.

The YouTube Heresies by Fr. Robert Barron of the Strange Notions blog - BigPulpit.com

The Rise of the E. F. Mass at an O. F. Parish – Regina Magazine

Are Mission Trips a Waste of Money? – Family Missions Company, Ignitum Today

Criminal Found Guilty of Falsely Accusing Priests of Abuse – David F. Pierre Jr., TheMediaReport.com

Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Offers to Merge Churches – Byz Pulpit

The Francis Effect™ and The Silly Season - Fr. Z’s Blog

How to be a Missionary From Your Living Room - Bethanie Ryan, Ignitum Today

Who Advises the Pope? – Marco Tosatti, Vatican Insider

Identity Crisis - Godwin Delali Adadzie, Catholic Stand

Biblical Basis for Practice of Fast and...READ MORE

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Maronite Bishop Urges Unity to Aid Dwindling Christian Presence in the Middle East (3428)

Solidarity among Western nations will ease the persecuted minority’s plight and help stabilize the Middle-Eastern country, says Bishop Elias Sleman.

10/22/2013 Comments (3)
CNA/UNHCR/G. Gubaeva

Syrian refugees cross a bridge over the Tigris River into Iraq on Aug. 15.

– CNA/UNHCR/G. Gubaeva

NEW YORK — While calling for dialogue between Syria’s Assad regime and moderates among the opposition, a Maronite Catholic bishop has stressed the necessity of a continued Christian presence in the Middle East.

“We need the solidarity of people and governments in the West to ensure the ongoing presence of Christians in Syria and throughout the Middle East,” Bishop Elias Sleman of the Maronite Eparchy of Latakia told the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need Oct. 17.

Bishop Sleman is visiting the United States to raise support for his people as well as internally displaced Syrians. He hopes to purchase livestock and agricultural equipment and gain funding to establish a residence...READ MORE

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Turkey, Religious Freedom and the Current State of Christian-Muslim Dialogue (6390)

The politically moderate Muslim country is the traditional site of Mary’s House and the birthplace of St. Paul.

10/22/2013 Comments (11)

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

– Wikipedia

SELÇUK, Turkey — Thankfully, there are places where the simple coexistence of faithful Christians and Muslims is a joy to witness.

In a peaceful grove of trees overlooking the ancient city of Ephesus stands a dignified one-story stone abode called Mary’s House, widely considered to be where the Virgin Mary lived her last years.

Pilgrims — including Muslims, for whom Mary is honored as the virgin mother of Jesus, a great prophet — visit, pray and light candles. In fact, Mary is the woman most frequently mentioned in the Quran and the only one referred to by name.

Pope Benedict celebrated Mass in front of the house on his pilgrimage to Turkey in 2006. Pope John Paul II came in 1979,...READ MORE

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Beatifed Religious Sister’s Niece Recounts How Her Aunt Saved Her Life (6220)

Servant of Mary Josefa Martinez was one of 522 martyrs declared ‘blessed’ by the Church Oct. 13.

10/22/2013 Comments (3)
CNA/Conferencia Episcopal Española

Beatification Mass of the 522 martyrs, said in Tarragona, Spain, Oct. 13.

– CNA/Conferencia Episcopal Española

TARRAGONA, Spain — Blessed Josefa Martinez’s niece says she owes her life to her aunt, who was beatified Oct. 13 alongside 521 other martyrs of the Spanish Civil War.

“I pray to her every day, and in Alberique, the town where Sister Josefina was born, many people are devoted to her,” Carmen Cubelle, 76, said following the beatification.

“Many holy cards have been distributed, so people can pray novenas or pray to her individually.”

The beatification was held in Tarragona, a city in the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia. The 522 martyrs were victims of anti-Catholic persecution, sought out in convents and in their homes, according to Bishop Demetrio Fernández González of...READ MORE

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Attack on Cairo Church Draws Widespread Condemnation (2750)

Egypt’s prime minister joins with Christian and Muslim leaders in denouncing the ‘callous and criminal’ act that killed four family members at an Oct. 20 wedding party.

10/22/2013 Comments (1)
Aid to the Church in Need

Anti-Christian slogans are painted on a wall outside Cairo's Saint Cyril Church in August 2013.

– Aid to the Church in Need

CAIRO — Moderate Egyptians have spoken against the continuation of anti-Christian violence after a drive-by shooting targeted a wedding party at a Coptic Orthodox church in Cairo on Oct. 20.

Four people were killed in the attack.

Egyptian Prime Minister Hazem Beblawi denounced the “callous and criminal” attack, pledging that it would not succeed in dividing the Christian and Muslim communities, the BBC reported.

The dead, all members of the same family, included two young girls.

They were mourned by several thousand Christians on Monday. Their funeral took place at the Church of the Virgin Mary in Cairo’s Warraq district, the same church where the attack took place the day before....READ MORE

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Pope: Art Expresses the Beauty of Faith (2166)

‘In every age, the Church has called upon the arts to give expression to the beauty of her faith and to proclaim the Gospel message,’ the Holy Father affirms.

10/21/2013 Comment

Michelangelo's depiction of God dividing light from darkness, painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

– Wikipedia

VATICAN CITY — The creative arts help proclaim the Gospel, explore the mysteries of Christian faith and reflect the quest for the “supreme beauty” found in God, Pope Francis has said.

“In every age, the Church has called upon the arts to give expression to the beauty of her faith and to proclaim the Gospel message of the grandeur of God’s creation, the dignity of human beings made in his image and likeness and the power of Christ’s death and resurrection to bring redemption and rebirth to a world touched by the tragedy of sin and death,” said Pope Francis on Oct. 19 at the Vatican.

His comments came in a private audience to the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums, an...READ MORE

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EWTN Executives Michael Warsaw, Doug Keck, Promoted (1683)

Michael Warsaw becomes chairman of EWTN’s board of directors, while Doug Keck is now EWTN’s president.

10/21/2013 Comment

IRONDALE, Ala. — On Oct. 18, EWTN’s board of governors promoted its network president, Michael Warsaw, to chairman of the board and its executive vice president, Doug Keck, to the post of president.

Warsaw remains chief executive officer of EWTN Global Catholic Network, and Keck remains chief operating officer.

“I am extremely grateful to the EWTN board for their confidence in appointing me to this added post,” Warsaw said.

“It is an honor for me to succeed both Mother Angelica and the late-Deacon Bill Steltemeier, who both served in the role of chairman of the board and chief executive officer during their years at EWTN. I look forward to continuing to guide this important mission...READ MORE

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Sacred Music Resurgence at Catholic Colleges (10569)

Students are gradually becoming more receptive to the Church’s beautiful teaching and practice, according to sacred-music professors.

10/21/2013 Comments (8)

– franciscan.edu

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio — According to three notable college professors, a comeback for sacred music is well under way on many Catholic campuses. While incoming students are usually not well-versed in sacred music or the theology behind it, they are generally open to learning both. Once this knowledge is imparted, they are well-equipped to bring its beauty into parishes.

“Students enter with varying degrees of exposure to the Church’s musical patrimony,” observed Nicholas Will, first-year professor of sacred music at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. “Yet I’ve found that almost all of them, regardless of their current knowledge level, are receptive to the Church’s treasury of...READ MORE

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