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George Weigel Awarded Blessed John Paul II Award (2238)

Washington’s Catholic Information Center honored Weigel for his investigations of the life and work of the late pope.

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Catholic Information Center

Papal biographer George Weigel

– Catholic Information Center

WASHINGTON — George Weigel was honored Oct. 22 with the Blessed John Paul II Award for the New Evangelization for his work investigating the life and work of the late pope.

Within modern society, the challenges of “coldness, unreality, religious freedom,” Weigel explained during his acceptance speech, “can seem overwhelming.”

However, he continued at the Oct. 22 awards dinner, martyrs and pilgrimage sites “remind us — don’t quit.”

“Christ has won the victory, so we can carry on in good spirits, as John Paul II did until the end of his life.”

The second-annual Blessed John Paul II Award Dinner for the New Evangelization was hosted by the Catholic Information Center in Washington,...READ MORE

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Anxiety Over Pope Francis? It’s a Case of Style More Than Substance (26313)


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The interviews Pope Francis has granted have brought before the world’s attention the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a manner both refreshing and attractive.

At the same time, it is undeniable that portions of the interviews have also caused some discomfort in the Church, precisely among those who have labored heroically in service to the Church’s evangelizing mission.

To just take a few examples, Michael Novak, Janet Smith and Carl Olson have expressed misgivings. Such concerns should not just be dismissed. I think there are reasons — mostly to do with style and emphasis more than substantive disagreement — that explain some of that uneasiness.



The three papal interviews...READ MORE

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Lawsuit: HHS Mandate a ‘Conscious Political Strategy’ to Divide the Church (4601)

Filed by Catholic groups, the new complaint demands the federal court reject the Obama administration’s narrowing of religious liberty.

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Pete Souza/White House

President Barack Obama announces the HHS contraceptive mandate at the White House with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

– Pete Souza/White House

WASHINGTON  — Catholic organizations in Washington, D.C., and Thomas Aquinas College in California have filed a suit against the Obama administration, demanding a reprieve from the federal contraception mandate on religious-liberty grounds.

“The HHS [Health and Human Services] contraceptive mandate presents a challenge to a Catholic institution such as Thomas Aquinas College that seeks to uphold both the civil law and the teachings of the Church,” said Michael McLean, president of Thomas Aquinas College.

“The mandate puts those duties into direct conflict, requiring that we take action to protect the college’s Catholic identity and preserve its financial stability, as the penalties...READ MORE

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Bishop Bans ‘Blasphemous’ Rosary for Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ From Cathedral (9117)

The activist Rainbow Sash Movement had planned to pray for ‘marriage equality’ in the Springfield, Ill., cathedral until Bishop Thomas Paprocki’s forceful intervention.

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Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois

– CNA.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Ill., rebuked a group that tried to organize a Rosary in the diocesan cathedral in support of a bill to redefine marriage to include same-sex couples, saying the prayer contradicts Christ's teachings.

“It is blasphemy to show disrespect or irreverence to God or to something holy,” Bishop Paprocki said.

His actions came in response to the activist group Rainbow Sash Movement’s announced plans to say a Rosary for “marriage equality” before an Oct. 22 evening Mass at Springfield's Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

The group said it intended to show a “loud Catholic presence for marriage equality” in Illinois’ capital...READ MORE

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Vatican Plans to Take on Church of England and World Religions — in Cricket (3491)

The newly formed St. Peter’s Cricket Club also hopes to play Muslim, Hindu and Sikh teams, as well as those from other religions and cultures, to promote dialogue and virtue.

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Elise Harris/CNA

The official emblem on the St. Peter's Cricket Club jacket

– Elise Harris/CNA

VATICAN CITY — The Holy See has plans to finally beat the Church of England at its own game: not in a theological debate, but on the cricket field. The Vatican has a new cricket club that aims to encourage dialogue between cultures, as well as growing virtue among the athletes, both on and off the field.

“The idea was if we start a cricket club, cricket being so popular in the whole of the East, especially in the Indian subcontinent, we could start a dialogue through cricket,” said Father Theodore Mascarenas.

Father Mascarenas is a member of the Pontifical Council for Culture, overseeing the departments for Asia, Africa and Ushuaia (capital city of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina). He is...READ MORE

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Understanding 'Lead Us Not Into Temptation,' Overcoming Anxiety and More! (3568)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

10/24/2013 Comment

The Most Depressing Picture of the Year. Follow the link by William M. Briggs of the Statistician to the Stars! blog to read more on grooming for Catholics.

Understanding “Lead Us Not Into Temptation” – Fr. Tim Finigan, The Hermeneutic of Continuity

The Christianity Section of Your Local Bookstore – Jason Liske, Ascending Mount Carmel

A Dying Atom Bomb Victim’s Last Wish: Communion – Domenico Agasso Jr., Vatican Insider

The Most Depressing Picture of the Year by William M. Briggs of the Statistician to the Stars! blog – BigPulpit.com

How to Overcome Anxiety – Fr. Michael Najim, Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction

Archbishop Longley, Retract Damaging Pronouncement on Anglicans and the Ordinariate - William Oddie, Catholic Herald

The Great Shea-Voris Grudge Match – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Men Who “Father” &...READ MORE

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Secretary Recalls Final Months of Benedict XVI’s Pontificate (14775)

Archbishop Georg Gänswein’s wide-ranging interview included ‘Vatileaks’ and the pope emeritus’ relationship with his successor.

10/23/2013 Comments (11)


VATICAN CITY — In a revealing new interview, Archbishop Georg Gaenswein has recalled the final tumultuous months of Benedict XVI’s pontificate and shared his views on the new style of papacy under Pope Francis.

In the interview, published in the Italian daily Il Messaggero Oct. 22, the German archbishop said that working as prefect of the pontifical household, as well as continuing to assist Benedict XVI, is “quite a challenge, regardless of the amount of things to do.”

“I would seek the advice of my predecessor, except there isn’t one, because no one before me has ever had this double task,” he said. “But using common sense, I do my best.”

Archbishop Gänswein, 57, served as...READ MORE

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Obamacare Threatens to Hit Many Families’ Pocketbooks (6571)

Couples face a financial marriage penalty when it comes to subsidies, according to critics, and the law’s good intentions have made obtaining full-time work harder for many.

10/23/2013 Comments (22)
Shutterstock illustration

– Shutterstock illustration

WASHINGTON — As the new health-insurance law kicks in, so does the law of unintended consequences.

In the wake of the rollout, contend opponents of President Barack Obama’s health-care reforms, many will discover that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) not only has made their insurance options more expensive, but has also introduced financial uncertainty and disincentives to marrying and having families.

The rollout of the ACA, also called “Obamacare” by the law’s friends and foes alike, had a rocky start on Oct. 1, when the federal and state health-insurance exchanges opened for enrollment. Despite intense interest in the new online exchanges, relatively few people have actually...READ MORE

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