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Take Courage in Your Weakness, Pope Francis Teaches (5004)

The Pope encourages Catholics to battle temptations by going to Christ with humility.

07/03/2013 Comments (2)
Lauren Cater/CNA

Pope Francis holds an audience with students from Jesuit-run schools in Italy and Albania in Paul VI hall June 7.

– Lauren Cater/CNA

VATICAN CITY — During his homily at daily Mass in the Vatican’s St. Martha House, Pope Francis said Christians must have the courage to flee from the temptation to sin by turning to the Lord when they are weak.

“We are weak, but we must be courageous in our weakness. And often our courage must be expressed in escaping without looking back, so as not to fall into the trap of wicked nostalgia,” he said on July 2.

“Do not be afraid, and always look to the Lord,” he added.

The Mass was concelebrated by Cardinal Manuel Montiero de Castro, major penitentiary of the Apostolic Penitentiary, and by Archbishop Beniamino Stella, president of the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy. It was...READ MORE

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Faith Groups Unite to Stress Need for HHS Mandate Exemptions (2422)

Archbishop Lori and more than 100 other religious leaders and scholars from a variety of faith traditions signed an open letter emphasizing the risks to religious freedom posed by the Obama administration’s HHS mandate.

07/03/2013 Comments (1)

From the religious-freedom press conference, July 2. From l to r: Anne Hendershott, Archbishop William Lori, Sister Mary Ann Walsh of the USCCB, Russell Moore and Yui Mantilla.


WASHINGTON — More than 100 religious leaders from various faith backgrounds are asking the U.S. government to respect the beliefs of those who oppose the demands of the controversial HHS mandate.

“As the Catholic bishops have said from the very beginning, the underlying issue with the HHS mandate is not about any specific teaching,” stated Archbishop of Baltimore William Lori, who chairs the U.S. bishops’ Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty.

“In fact, other signatories on the letter do not share our view on contraception and probably disagree with us in many other ways, but they understand the core religious-freedom issue at stake here,” he explained.

Archbishop Lori spoke as...READ MORE

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Cardinal Burke Takes on the Modernist Agenda (12034)

People of goodwill are under constant attack, the U.S. cardinal tells a gathering in Rome.

07/03/2013 Comments (70)
Edward Pentin

Cardinal Raymond Burke speaks to members of the Dignitatis Humanae Institute June 28 in Rome.

– Edward Pentin

VATICAN CITY — Cardinal Raymond Burke has rallied all people of goodwill to take a firm stance in protecting and promoting human dignity, warning that it is under “constant attack in an ever more secularized world.”

In a forceful keynote address to members of the Dignitatis Humanae Institute at the Casina Pio IV in the Vatican Gardens June 28, the Roman Curia’s most senior U.S. cardinal said belief in the dignity of all people is the most fundamental means of the New Evangelization.

He singled out for criticism U.S. politicians who are constantly pushing to liberalize restrictions upon abortion, observing they are backed by “powerful lobby groups with vested interests, such as Planned...READ MORE

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How to Convert 7 Billion People 10 Years at a Time, Give Without Taking and Much More! (3499)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/03/2013 Comment

How to Convert 7 Billion People Ten Years at a Time. Follow the link by Taylor Marshall, PhD, to read more.

How to Convert 7 Billion People Ten Years at a Time by Taylor Marshall, PhD - BigPulpit.com

Give without Taking – Thomas J. Neal PhD, Neal Obstat Theological Opining

Marriage Lives in the Hearts of Children – Stacy Trasancos PhD

Saint Junipero Serra and His Witness for Today – Archbishop Charles J. Chaput OFM Cap DD, Truth and Charity Forum

I Am Not Ready For Heaven: The Things I am Embarrassed to Admit - Stephanie Calis, Ignitum Today

Aurea Luce Hymn Revised by Pope Urban VIII (1632) – Zephyrinus

On Satan’s Ephemeral Victories, Our Response - David L. Gray, Catholic Stand

William Morris as Inspiration for Tolkien’s Literary Art - Tom Riley, Crisis Magazine


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SDG Reviews ‘The Lone Ranger’ (21302)

Another iconic hero bites the dust in Hollywood’s latest deconstruction, awash with buffoonery, crude humor and brutal violence.

07/02/2013 Comments (82)

— Walt Disney Pictures

I’ve seen many movies that were objectively worse than The Lone Ranger. Very few have made me angrier.

This is not because I have any personal attachment to the character. Like most people my age, I don’t. I do care about the fraternity of iconic heroes in masks and capes of which he is a member: Zorro, the Green Hornet, Superman, Batman, Spider-Man. While some of these (notably Batman) have been more ambiguously portrayed than others, generations of children have looked up to these figures as much for their high moral codes as their prowess and cool accoutrements.

Even more than Man of Steel, The Lone Ranger is the poster child for our culture’s terminal inability to offer children today...READ MORE

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‘Mob Rule’ in Texas Senate Unlikely to Stop Abortion Bill (3578)

Pro-lifers press ahead with women’s safety legislation.

07/02/2013 Comments (9)

AUSTIN, Texas — A filibuster and a raucous crowd managed to delay approval of a Texas bill that will ban abortions past the 20-week “pain capable” mark, but abortion supporters’ victory promises to be short-lived.

Texas legislators are already in a second special session, which Republican Gov. Rick Perry called just hours after the vote standstill in Austin late on June 25.

That day, state Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, became a national sensation when she launched a 10-hour-plus filibuster against the pro-life bill, attracting support even from President Barack Obama, who alluded to her efforts in a tweet.

When Davis was finally silenced due to technicalities shortly before a...READ MORE

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Evil, Be Thou My Good; Same-Sex 'Marriage For and Against; Is Virginity a Mistake and More! (3100)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/02/2013 Comments (2)

Evil, Be Thou My Good. Follow the link by Father George Rutler to read more.

Evil, Be Thou My Good by Father George Rutler - BigPulpit.com

Same-Sex 'Marriage' For and Against – William M. Briggs, Statistician to the Stars!

Is Virginity at Marriage a Mistake? - Arleen Spenceley, Ignitum Today

Pope Francis: Conscience Is Not Ego - Leroy Huizenga, First Thoughts

Socrates or Jesus? – John Darrouzet, Catholic Stand

Helping Our Children Discern Their Vocations - Terry McDermott, Catholic Lane

How to Have a Beautiful Liturgy on Campus - Dr. Kurt Poterack, Catholic Education Daily

Not This Family - Heidi, Catholic Sistas

Virtue is an Experience of Reality - Marc Barnes, Bad Catholic

The Abortion Debate Often Ignores Fathers - Francis Phillips, Catholic...READ MORE

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Archbishop: Senate Bill Helps Migrants Come ‘Into the Light’ (2597)

The Senate passed the immigration-reform bill to allow the estimated 11 million illegal residents of the U.S. to obtain provisional immigrant status if they meet certain conditions.

07/02/2013 Comments (26)
Michelle Bauman/CNA

Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles speaks during a press conference at the 2012 USCCB Fall General Assembly.

– Michelle Bauman/CNA

WASHINGTON — Archbishop José Gomez, who chairs the U.S. bishops’ migration committee, praised the Senate’s passage of an immigration bill, saying it would allow migrants to “come out of the shadows and into the light.”

“The status quo of our current system causes much suffering among immigrants and their families and must end,” the Los Angeles archbishop said June 28.

“I commend the U.S. Senate on the vote and for the bipartisan cooperation displayed during the legislative process,” he added.

The bill passed by the Senate is intended to allow the estimated 11 million illegal residents of the U.S. to obtain provisional immigrant status if they meet certain conditions. These...READ MORE

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