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Duchess of Cambridge's Illness Could Save Lives, Author Says (6050)

Like the British princess, Ashli McCall has suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum during pregnancy, and she says proper treatment can prevent abortions.

12/05/2012 Comments (12)

– Wikipedia

DENVER — The Duchess of Cambridge’s stay in the hospital for severe morning sickness could help other women avoid aborting their children, according to author Ashli McCall, who has experienced the condition.

In a Dec. 3 announcement, a representative for the British royal family confirmed the pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge, but also said that the princess has been hospitalized with hyperemesis gravidarum.

The illness, which is a severe form of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, affects less than 2% of pregnancies and is often underdiagnosed, causing some women to abort their children.

Ashli McCall, an author and hyperemesis gravidarum sufferer, suggested that the duchess’...READ MORE

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Pope: Advent Is Time to Focus on God’s Loving Plan (1410)

‘Advent invites us, in the midst of many difficulties, to renew the assurance that God is present,’ the Holy Father tells pilgrims at his weekly general audience.

12/05/2012 Comment
Matthew Rarey-CNA

– Matthew Rarey-CNA

VATICAN CITY — As the Church celebrates the season of Advent, Pope Benedict said that Catholics should remember “God is present” and recall his “plan of loving goodness.”

“Advent invites us, in the midst of many difficulties, to renew the assurance that God is present,” he told thousands in his general audience at the Vatican on Dec. 5.

Pope Benedict XVI called Advent the time which prepares us for the coming of Christ, which he said is “the great plan of loving goodness” that God wants to use to draw us to him.

“He came into the world, becoming a man like us, to fulfill his plan of love; and God demands we become a sign of action in the world,” he told the pilgrims at Paul VI...READ MORE

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A Nuerosurgeon’s Experience of Heaven; NPR's Mary: Bitter, Mad at Christians, and More! (1969)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

12/05/2012 Comment

A Neurosurgeons Experience of Heaven. Click on the link by Tomas Bogardus to read more.

A Neurosurgeons Experience of Heaven – Tomas Bogardus, First Things/On The Square

NPR’s Mary: Bitter, Angry, and Mad at Christians by Carl E. Olson of The CWR BlogBig Pulpit

Review: Rituale Romanum from Nova et Vetera – Fr. Z’s Blog

Dual Wielding the Bible and Catechism – Edmund Mitchell, Ignitum Today

San Salvador de Valdediós, Villaviciosa, Asturias, Spain – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

O Come, O Come Emmanuel – Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

Raising Independent Catholic Kids in an Age of Conformity – Randy Hain, Integrated Catholic Life™

Have Pro-Abort Politicos Excommunicated Themselves? – Cathy Caridi JCL, Canon Law Made Easy

The New Age and...READ MORE

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Chinese Pro-Life Activist Calls for Reform, International Attention (1619)

Chen Guangcheng calls China’s one-child policy ‘a sin, because life is sacred.’

12/05/2012 Comments (2)
Catholic News Agency

Chen Guangcheng gives his video message from New York City.

– Catholic News Agency

NEW YORK — The deteriorating human rights situation in China should inspire action on the part of the Chinese government and people, as well as the international community, said pro-life advocate Chen Guangcheng.

“Unfortunately, the human rights situation in China is in fact getting worse,” the blind activist warned. 

“This has to garner more attention from the world,” he said. “And the United States, in particular, as a beacon of freedom, needs to play a leading role.”

In a video recorded several days before World Human Rights Day on Dec. 10, Chen detailed the human rights abuses that are still regularly occurring in his home country.

“The violence in maintaining China’s...READ MORE

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After Decades-Long Ban, Christmas Holds New Meaning for Cuba (1428)

Local Catholics say that the reinstatement of Christmas as a national holiday in 1997 after decades of being outlawed has brought enormous good, but that its deeper meaning still needs to be understood.

12/05/2012 Comments (2)

HAVANA, Cuba — Local Catholics say that the reinstatement of Christmas as a national holiday in 1997 after decades of being outlawed has brought enormous good “to the life of the nation,” but that its deeper meaning still needs to be understood.   

“Once again Christmas proves to be a source of happiness: however, we cannot forget that this beneficial aspect of Christmas has its roots and its nature in the religious event of the birth of Jesus Christ,” wrote editors from the Diocese of Pinar del Rio's magazine titled Vitral.

“The more Christmas in Cuba is imbued with its roots and its Christian religious nature, as it was in the past, the more good it will bring to the Cuban...READ MORE

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The Difference Between Sisters and Nuns, The Cause for Dorothy Day, Advent Is for Mercy and More! (2411)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

12/05/2012 Comments (1)

What’s the Difference Between Sisters and Nuns. Follow the link by Canon Lawyer Cathy Caridi to learn more.

What’s the Difference Between Sisters and Nuns by Canon Lawyer Cathy CaridiBig Pulpit

The Cause of Dorothy Day – William Doino, First Things/First Thoughts

Advent is for Mercy - Elizabeth Hoxie, Ignitum Today

Five Ideas: An Advent Wrapped in Silence – Sr. Theresa Noble, Pursued by Truth

Catholics Don’t “Believe” Life Begins at Conception – Rebecca Taylor, Catholic Lane

Messianic Prophecies: Zechariah 9:9-10 - Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

Is the Church Suppressing God’s Will? – Elizabeth Scalia, First Things/On the Square

An Advent Resource from Fr. John Bartunek - Marta Goodwin, Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction

Ordinariate Lessons and Carols Around the...READ MORE

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Americas Summit Will Focus on Evangelization, Societal Challenges (1408)

Church leaders from North, Central and South America will meet Dec. 9-12 in Rome at the ‘Ecclesia in America’ conference, co-sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.

12/04/2012 Comments (5)
Knights of Columbus

Supreme Knight Carl Anderson.

– Knights of Columbus

VATICAN CITY — Church leaders from North, Central and South America are meeting in Rome to discuss the New Evangelization across the region and discover how the Church can respond to shared societal problems.

“Three things stand out to me as particularly important for our discussion at the conference next week,” said Carl Anderson, head of the Knights of Columbus, the world’s largest Catholic fraternal organization.

“Firstly, that America, broadly defined as the entire American continent from Alaska to Argentina, is a key area for the work of the New Evangelization, and that it remains a Christian continent,” Anderson said at a Dec. 4 Vatican press conference.

“Secondly, that...READ MORE

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Reparative Therapy on Trial (4657)

Two federal judges issue conflicting preliminary rulings in lawsuits filed against California’s new law, which bans 'sexual-orientation-change efforts' for minors.

12/04/2012 Comments (64)

Gov. Jerry Brown of California is named as a defendant in a lawsuit against the banning of "reparation" therapy.

– Wikipedia

[EDITOR'S NOTE:  This article is an updated version of the Nov. 30 article "Plaintiff Seeks to Block California Law Banning 'Reparative' Therapy for Minors."] 

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Throughout adolescence and much of college, Aaron Bitzer did not openly acknowledge his sexual attraction to men, and when in his 20s he finally revealed the truth to a church minister, he found it tough to get the support and guidance he needed.

Ultimately, Bitzer was helped by one form of “reparative” or “conversion” therapy, designed to change or reduce unwanted same-sex attraction, and now hopes to be trained to provide this service for others.

He is one of three plaintiffs who have challenged a new...READ MORE

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