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Fulton Sheen, My Son, A Miracle and Exciting News from Rome, Electronic Resources for Lent and More! (3340)

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03/07/2014 Comments (2)

Follow the Fulton Sheen, My Son, A Miracle & Exciting News from Rome link by Bonnie Engstrom of Ignitum Today to read more.

Fulton Sheen, My Son, A Miracle & Exciting News from Rome by Bonnie Engstrom of Ignitum Today - BigPulpit.com

Electronic Resources for Lent – Thomas L. McDonald, God & the Machine

Spiritual Combat During Lent – Michael Lane, Catholic Stand

3 Techie Things I’m Doing This Lent – Fr. Matthew Schneider, Project YM

Why The Catholic Church Is Dying In Latin America by Bernardo Aparicio Garciá - BigPulpit.com

Your Father Who Sees in Secret Will Repay You – Elizabeth Tichvon, Catholic Lane

Gay Anti-Catholic Group Attacks Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Organizers – God & Caesar

St. John Joseph of the Cross – Catholic Exchange

Divine Ministry: More Holy Kisses – Susan Anne, Catholic Stand...READ MORE

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Got Apps for Lent? (6967)

Kindles, iPads, tablets and smartphones are part of the fabric of American life, so why not make mobile applications part of this penitential season?

03/06/2014 Comments (1)

CHICAGO — Looking for prayer and penance ideas for this year’s Lenten journey? Or a faithful guide and friendly reminder to practice virtue, do good works and read Scripture? Whatever you’re searching for to help you draw closer to Jesus Christ these 40 days of Lent, there’s an app to help you.

“It’s a beautiful thing to have access to, and it expands our growth and understanding of the faith or an aspect of our spirituality that we need to develop,” said Daughter of St. Paul Sister Anne Flanagan, a social-media authority  who is known as the “Nunblogger.”

“An advantage of these technological tools that we have is that it reminds us that we’re not [going through Lent] on our own as...READ MORE

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PBS Documentary on Church Was One-Sided, According to Catholic Expert (4020)

'The whole episode was tragically one-sided and short of appropriate context,' said Scot Landry of Catholic Voices USA about a recent Frontline episode.

03/06/2014 Comments (10)

BOSTON — The PBS Frontline documentary series’ recent episode Secrets of the Vatican largely covered old scandals in a one-sided way, said Scot Landry, executive director of Catholic Voices USA.

Landry said Frontline should have called the episode “Re-hashed Church Scandals Prsented as New.”

“The whole episode was tragically one-sided and short of appropriate context,” he told CNA March 5.

He said that the episode discussed the scandals “mainly through the eyes of those who earn a living suing the Church or writing books about the hypocrisy of a small fraction of the Church’s leaders and ministers.”

The episode aired on PBS Feb. 25.

It discussed sex abuse in the Catholic Church,...READ MORE

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Virginia Bishop to Fathers: Reject Pornography; Protect Yourself and Your Family (3915)

Bishop Paul Loverde of Arlington added a preface to his 2006 pastoral letter ‘Bought With a Price.’

03/06/2014 Comments (5)


ARLINGTON, Va. — Bishop Paul Loverde of Arlington, Va., has urged fathers to protect themselves and their children from pornography’s “relentless assault,” stressing the need for everyone to cultivate Jesus Christ’s “purity of heart.”

“Every home now stands in the pathway of this attack on our children’s innocence and purity. If we are not vigilant, our sons and daughters will pay a steep and heartrending price,” Bishop Loverde said.

“I call on every man in the Diocese of Arlington to search his heart and renew his commitment to purity,” the bishop said. “I call on every husband and father to renew his sacred commitment to his wife and children.”

Bishop Loverde’s comments come in the...READ MORE

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‘Second Chance’ Legislation to Help Former Inmates Draws Catholic Praise (1857)

Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami and Father Larry Snyder, president of Catholic Charities, USA, sent a joint letter of support for the bill to congressional lawmakers.

03/06/2014 Comments (1)

Prisoner at Florida's Dade County Correctional Facility

– Shutterstock

WASHINGTON — In a letter to national lawmakers, Catholic leaders applauded the Second Chance Act as an enhancement of public safety and human dignity and asked for further support in reauthorizing the legislation in Congress.

“This legislation is an important step in addressing some of the many issues facing the more than 650,000 men, women and juveniles who re-enter society each year from federal and state prisons and local jails and detention centers,” said a letter dated March 4.

The letter was signed by Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami, who heads the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, as well as Father Larry Snyder, president of Catholic Charities,...READ MORE

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Editor Shares Life-Changing Lenten Challenge in New Book (2453)

After concluding that her annual sacrifice of sweets was not sufficiently challenging, Kerry Weber decided to complete all seven corporal works of charity during the penitential season.

03/06/2014 Comment

NEW YORK — A New York-based Catholic editor says her experience with the corporal works of mercy two Lenten seasons ago transformed her understanding of charity and service.

Kerry Weber, managing editor of America magazine, documents her experiences in her newly published book Mercy in the City: How to Feed the Hungry, Give Drink to the Thirsty, Visit the Imprisoned, and Keep Your Day Job” (Loyola Press).

In an interview with CNA, Weber recounted when Lent 2012 was fast approaching and her typical Lenten sacrifice of sweets proved less than challenging.

“I was kind of doing the same Lenten sacrifice every year,” she explained. “As much as I would like to think that I was very spiritually...READ MORE

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Continuing Marriage Education: The Church’s Undiscovered Territory (4492)

While most couples go through marriage-preparation programs, very few subsequently take advantage of marriage enrichment or know about such options.

03/06/2014 Comments (6)

– agapecatholicministries.com

CHICAGO — When a man and a woman love each other and get married in the Church, they might want to continue marriage education that can make their marriage’s first steps even stronger. Unfortunately, it’s an area that is an undiscovered one for most couples.

But the opportunity for marriage education beyond pre-Cana (marriage preparation) is something that has already blessed the marriage of Dan and Lindsey Smith, two Chicago natives, both 28, who have been participating in the Archdiocese of Chicago’s marriage-enrichment program. Lindsey Smith told the Register that she and her husband were married in September and have discovered new avenues of working on their marriage and making it...READ MORE

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5 Ideas for Lent, Deny Oneself, Pope Francis: No Need to Question Contraception Teaching and More! (4487)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

03/06/2014 Comment

Follow the 5 Ideas for Lent by Julie Machado of Ignitum Today link to read more.

5 Ideas for Lent – Julie Machado, Ignitum Today

Lent: Why the Christian Must Deny Himself – Br. Austin G. Murphy OSB, Ignatius Insight

Pope Francis: No Need to Change Church Teaching on Contraception - BigPulpit.com

Lent: A Time for Conversion – Fr. Richard Gribble CSC, Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Wrong Side of History Argument – David L. Gray, Catholic Stand

Our Lenten Imitation of Christ – Fr. David Vincent Meconi SJ, Homiletic & Pastoral Review

A Mysterious Encounter with Fr. Jacques Philippe – Dan Burke, Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction

Hymn Tune Introits: Lent Edition – Kathleen Pluth, The Chant Café

Homosexualism: A Creeping Catholic Heresy by David L. Gray - BigPulpit.com


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