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Abby Johnson: Only Modern Pro-Life Women’s Centers Can Beat Planned Parenthood (9078)

The former abortion business director says that comprehensive pro-life women’s medical centers are the best way to drive Planned Parenthood out of business.

02/19/2014 Comments (11)
Facebook/Abby Johnson Pro-Life Advocate

Abby Johnson

– Facebook/Abby Johnson Pro-Life Advocate

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — If the pro-life movement wants to shut down Planned Parenthood, it has to compete utilizing the very thing Planned Parenthood fears the most: modern pro-life women’s centers.

So says Abby Johnson, the former Planned Parenthood-director-turned-pro-life-advocate, who has a vision for how the pro-life movement can take down the largest abortion and family-planning provider in America: by offering women more services, both life-affirming and better quality.

In this interview with the Register, Johnson draws on her insider knowledge of Planned Parenthood and says the pro-life movement has an opportunity to exploit the Achilles’ heel of Planned Parenthood’s business...READ MORE

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Pope Francis Renews Argentinian Passport (2097)

The Holy Father told Argentina’s Vatican ambassador that he wishes to retain his original nationality when traveling internationally.

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Wikimedia Commons

– Wikimedia Commons

 BUENOS AIRES — Pope Francis has renewed his Argentinian passport, according to Argentina’s Ministry of the Interior and Transportation, and his new documents will be sent to St. Martha’s guesthouse at the Vatican.

“His Holiness communicated with Juan Pablo Cafiero, our ambassador to the Vatican, and told him he wished to continue traveling around the world with his Argentinian passport,” said Interior Minister Florencio Randazzo.

Therefore, the minister continued, “his application was filed on Friday through the digital center we operate in Rome.”

According to La Nacion newspaper, Randazzo said that Pope Francis did not want any special privileges, and so the normal procedure for...READ MORE

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Canada’s Next Cardinal: A Missionary Against Secularism (2831)

Archbishop Gerald Lacroix of Quebec, who will be made a cardinal at the Feb. 22 consistory, spent much of his childhood in New Hampshire.

02/19/2014 Comments (4)
Peter Zelasko/CNA

Archbishop Gerald Lacroix of Quebec speaking in Denver on Aug. 2, 2011.

– Peter Zelasko/CNA

QUEBEC CITY — Archbishop Gerald Lacroix of Quebec, who will be made a cardinal at the Feb. 22 consistory, is a missionary for the New Evangelization in Canada, after having been a missionary in Colombia for 10 years.

At 56, Archbishop Lacroix will be the third-youngest member of the College of Cardinals. He was born in 1957 on a dairy farm 190 miles east of Montreal. When his parents were unable to make ends meet, they moved to New Hampshire, which borders the province of Quebec, when Gerald was 8, in search of a better life.

While a senior at Trinity High School in Manchester, N.H., Archbishop Lacroix became a member of the Pius X Secular Institute, according to the New Hampshire...READ MORE

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Council of Cardinals Discusses Mission of the Vatican Bank (2760)

The cardinals will conclude their meetings with the Holy Father Feb. 19.

02/18/2014 Comment
CNA/David Uebbing

Father Federico Lombardi addresses the media in the Vatican Press Office.

– CNA/David Uebbing

VATICAN CITY — Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said Feb. 18 that discussion of the Vatican Bank dominated the conversation of the council of eight cardinals’ second day of meetings with Pope Francis.

The council was chosen by the Pope to advise him on matters of Church governance and reform of the Roman Curia and is meeting with the Holy Father for the third time, following meetings in October and December. This week’s meetings began on Feb. 17 and will conclude on Feb. 19.

During the Feb. 18 press briefing, Father Lombardi said that after meeting with the council, formally known as the Commission for Reference on the Organization of the Economic-Administrative Structure of...READ MORE

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Children and Euthanasia: Belgium Votes to Remove All Age Limits on ‘Mercy Killing’ (4798)

Palliative care for children in the birthplace of euthanasia will likely soon include the option of a lethal injection.

02/18/2014 Comments (5)

BRUSSELS — King Philippe of Belgium, a father of four, is expected to sign a bill that would allow terminally ill children with a “capacity of discernment” to request a lethal injection or drink of barbiturate drugs with the consent of their parents.

On Feb. 13, the Belgian Parliament voted 86-44 to allow euthanasia of children in the once heavily Catholic, now mostly secular, European country. If the monarch signs the law, Belgium will be the world’s first country to have no age barrier to euthanasia.

When the amendment passed, a man in the public gallery shouted “murderers” in French. Protesters gathered outside the legislature in Brussels last week and held prayer vigils ahead of...READ MORE

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Catholic Leaders Praise ‘Son of God’ Movie (7377)

Cardinal Wuerl and Archbishop Gomez are among those promoting the TV miniseries-turned-film.

02/18/2014 Comments (10)
Movie Web

Scene from Son of God movie

– Movie Web

LOS ANGELES — A new movie about Jesus Christ, a spin-off from the popular History Channel television miniseries The Bible, has drawn praise from several Catholic bishops and leaders.

“It is the biggest, greatest story ever told,” said Roma Downey, a co-producer of the Son of God movie, who stars as Mary.

“The story of the Son of God is one of the most-known stories in the history of the world,” added her husband and co-producer, Mark Burnett. “And yet it never gets old. And the way we have told it is very connective, very young, very gritty and real. You really feel connected and can see yourself as these characters.”

The movie is based on the Bible and covers the life, death,...READ MORE

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Spain’s Pro-Life Bill Hailed as Growing European Trend (4317)

The bill, which seeks to roll back expansive abortion legislation passed by Spain’s previous Socialist regime, moved forward in the Spanish Parliament last week.

02/18/2014 Comments (8)

– Shutterstock

MADRID — A new bill in Spain to re-establish limits on abortion and assert the state’s right to protect unborn children is a step forward in the larger pro-life movement growing across the continent, a European legal expert says.

“One of the goals of the Spanish bill was to create debate,” said Grégor Puppinck, director of the European Centre for Law and Justice.

“The debate about abortion is all across Europe,” he told CNA on Feb. 13, adding that the Spanish bill is a “way to provoke thought” and continue the debate about abortion across the continent.

The Spanish bill seeks to address what many have seen as an overreach by a 2010 law passed by the Socialists. The 2010 law allowed...READ MORE

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Late Iowa Farmer Hid Generosity Throughout Life, Priest Says (4374)

Edwin ‘Bud’ Skalla led a hidden life, but bequeathed millions to Iowa parishes with his passing.

02/18/2014 Comments (4)
St. Mary’s parish

St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Portsmouth, Iowa, is one of 13 parishes that Edwin Skalla bestowed millions of dollars in land and cash in his will.

– St. Mary’s parish

DES MOINES, Iowa — Edwin “Bud” Skalla, who died last November, was a bachelor farmer whose greatness of heart was made known only after he passed away, according to the man’s pastor.

“I don’t think people realized that he had as generous a heart as he did, because he hid it very well from everyone until after his death,” said Father John Dorton, pastor of St. Mary parish in Portsmouth, Iowa.

“And then, when his will became public, his generosity towards 13 churches sprinkled throughout southwest Iowa became very apparent,” he said.

At his death, Skalla left 282 acres of farmland to St. Mary’s, his home parish, and another 858 acres to 13 parishes located in Iowa’s Harrison and...READ MORE

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