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Following Francis' Footsteps: How Assisi Protected Jews During World War II, Part I (3446)

At significant risk to themselves, local Catholics and a German Catholic commander preserved peace in the birthplace of St. Francis.

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Roberto Ferrari/ Wikipedia Commons

Assisi, Italy

– Roberto Ferrari/ Wikipedia Commons

ASSISI, ITALY — For almost eight centuries, pilgrims venerating St. Francis have come to the picturesque hilltop town of Assisi, 100 miles northeast of Rome, where the saint was born in 1182. Here was where he founded three religious orders and died at age 45.

Less known, especially by American Catholics, is Assisi’s legacy as a sanctuary for thousands of refugees displaced during World War II, including approximately 300 Jews who were hidden in the city’s convents, monasteries and private homes.

Religious and civil leaders of wartime Assisi dramatically mirrored the saint’s message of compassion and peacemaking. The compassion they extended to outsiders while Allied and Axis forces...READ MORE

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7 Qualities of a New Evangelist, Hollywood Gets Religion Again, Why Call Priests Father, and More! (2469)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Fr. Robert Barron: Seven Qualities of a New Evangelist. Click on the link by Brandon Vogt to read more.

Fr. Robert Barron: Seven Qualities of a New Evangelist – Brandon Vogt, BrandonVogt.com

Hollywood Gets Religion, Again by Leroy Huizenga of the First Things website – Big ulpit

Why It’s Important that We Call Priests “Father” – Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery

Open Letter to Priests by Young Catholics – Ryan Eggenberger, Ignitum Today

Should Mentally Handicapped People be Baptized? - Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Reason #5863 for Summorum Pontificum – Fr. Z’s Blog

Spinning the Vatican’s New Spin Man – Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Get Religion

Faith, Reason, and Secular Hegemony - Francis J. Beckwith, The Catholic Thing

The Customary of Our Lady of Walsingham -...READ MORE

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Paul Ryan Video for Catholic Voters Highlights Religious-Freedom Pledge (3040)

Religious-liberty protections will be a 'cornerstone' of a Romney-Ryan administration, the video promises.

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WASHINGTON — Republican vice-presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan has made a special video message for Catholic voters pledging that religious-liberty protections will be a “cornerstone” of a Romney-Ryan administration.

“We need a president who will support our God-given rights, not try to circumvent them,” he said in an Oct. 2 video posted to the Romney campaign website.

The video comes after nine months of controversy over the Department of Health and Human Services' mandate requiring most large employers, including many Catholic institutions, to provide employees free insurance coverage of sterilization and contraception, including some abortion-causing drugs.

The mandate’s...READ MORE

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An Art Curriculum for Children, Amid Heavy Security New San Francisco Archbishop Arrives, and More! (2032)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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An Art Curriculum for Catholic Children. Click on the link by Shawn Tribe to read more.

An Art Curriculum for Catholic Children – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

Amid Heavy Security New San Francisco Archbishop Arrives by Rocco Palmo of the Whispers in the Loggia blog – Big ulpit

Reviewing the “Catholic Baby Einstein” – Kathleen Vogt, BrandonVogt.com

Quæritur: Face-to-Face Confession, Fr. Z Rants – Fr. Z’s Blog

Working Wonders at St. Gregory’s for Addicts – Matthew A. Rarey, Legatus Magazine

On Eastern Catholicism and On Being a Priest of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church – Jason Liske, Ascending Mount Carmel

My Broken Rule – Kristin Detloff, Ignitum Today

What are “Attachments” and How Do They Hinder My Spiritual Life – Sr. Carmen Laudis OCD, Catholic...READ MORE

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Obama vs. Romney, Round 1: Early Returns (3820)

A look at the post mortems of presidential debate No. 1, from the thoughtful to the rhetorical.

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– Win McNamee/Getty Images

A Rout and Its Consequences - Ross Douthat, The New York Times

The Ladies of TAC Comment on the Debate - Stacy Trasancos PhD, The American Catholic

Boy, Obama Did Not Want to Be at That Debate at All - Joshua Mercer, Catholic Vote

Shorter Debate Analysis - Joseph Koss, Catholic Vote

Romney Killed It - Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report

Life in the Obama Debate: ‘Inaudible’ - Jill Stanek, With Her Fingers on the Pro-Life Pulse

So What Happened to the 47%? - Patrick Archbold, Creative Minority Report

Governor Mitt Romney Promotes ‘Respecting Life and Religious Liberty’ in Debate - Steven Ertelt, LifeNews

The Comeback Kid - Patrick Archbold, Creative Minority...READ MORE

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Maryland Referendum Battle Tests Impact of Presidential Endorsement of Same-Sex 'Marriage' (3128)

The state’s historic black churches join with Catholic leaders to overcome Democrats’ campaign for ‘marriage equality.’

10/04/2012 Comments (12)

BALTIMORE — During the grueling final stretch of the campaign season, Catholic and Protestant leaders in Maryland are engaged in a close referendum battle to bar same-sex “marriage” in the Old Line State.

The state’s historic black churches continue to play a leading role in that effort, but their task has been complicated by President Barack Obama’s endorsement of same-sex “marriage” earlier this year.

Recent polls have registered as much as an 11% surge in support for same-sex “marriage” among likely black voters, who represent about 30% of the electorate.

“The president’s endorsement has placed one more arrow in the quiver of our opponents, who are actively trying to split the...READ MORE

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The Four Properties of a Glorified Resurrected Human Body, We are the Crusaders, and Much More! (1660)

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The Four Properties of a Glorified Resurrected Human Body. Click on the link by Dr. Taylor Marshall to read more.

The Four Properties of a Glorified Resurrected Human Body – Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

We Are the Crusaders – John W. Carlson, Crisis Magazine

Episcopalian Bishop “Welcomes” Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone to San Francisco by Katherine Infantine of the First Things website – Big ulpit

Eleven Churches Not to Miss When You Visit Chicago – Jim Graves, Catholic World Report

The Effects of the Rosary – Julie Rodrigues, Ignitum Today

Video Interview with Dr. Ralph Martin On the New Evangelization – Brandon Vogt, BrandonVogt.com

Reconfiguring Holy Cross Church, Rumson, New Jersey – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

Why Libertarians Are Wrong About Subsidiarity –...READ MORE

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Archbishop Müller on the SSPX and His Controversial Writings (12486)

In part 2 of an exclusive interview with the Register, the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith discusses his new job and highlights the Church’s positive message of hope.

10/04/2012 Comments (65)

The Vatican headquarters of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

– Wikipedia

In the second part of this interview with Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller (Part 1 can be read here), the new CDF prefect discusses the latest on efforts to bring the Society of St. Pius X back into full communion with the Church, the current situation regarding the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, and responds to what some saw as controversies over some of his previous writings on the perpetual virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and on the Eucharist.


What stage have we reached in the dialogue between the Vatican and the Society of St. Pius X?

I wouldn’t call it a dialogue between two Church partners. This was a brotherly colloquium to overcome difficulties with an...READ MORE

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