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Report: Vatican Has Strengthened Its Financial Oversight (1884)

New report shows promising results.

05/20/2014 Comment
Estefania Aguirre/CNA

Rene Brülhart, director of the Vatican's Financial Information Authority

– Estefania Aguirre/CNA

VATICAN CITY — The Authority for Financial Information’s second annual report presents an increasing number of suspicious transactions reported — a reflection of stronger oversight of Vatican finances.

"In 2013, we had taken further decisive steps to foster the legal framework and, at the same time, to make it work in practice," said Rene Brülhart, director of the AIF, at a May 19 presentation of the report at the Holy See Press Office.

"Today, we have a proper and equivalent system in place to prevent and fight financial crime — a system that is well in line with international standards."

The annual report is divided into three parts: The first presents the legal, institutional and...READ MORE

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You Thought the Crusades Were Evil, Until You Read This; Divorced are Called to Heroism and More! (7403)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

05/20/2014 Comments (1)

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New CDF Appointment Shows Vatican’s Concern About Clergy Abuse (2469)

The appointment of Archbishop Jose Mollaghan confirms Pope Francis’ commitment to continuing the response that began under St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.

05/19/2014 Comments (6)

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis’ appointment Monday of Archbishop Jose Mollaghan of Rosario, Argentina, as a member of the Vatican’s doctrine office confirms the Holy See’s continuing response to the clergy sexual-abuse crisis.

The Argentine bishop was appointed to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, where he will be responsible for a commission, which is being set up, to examine appeals by clergy accused of delicta graviora (more grave crimes).

Delicta graviora are the most serious crimes in the Church and most notably include offenses against morality: the sexual abuse of a minor by a cleric; or the acquisition, possession or distribution of child pornography by a cleric.


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A Bitter Pill to Be Avoided (4335)

COMMENTARY: The midterm elections may be voters’ last opportunity to turn away the federal government’s abortion and contraception mandate.

05/19/2014 Comments (30)

– Shutterstock

It is crucial for voters who care about the dignity of human life to go to the polls in November.

We need a pro-life Senate.

By 2016, it might be too late to reverse the deadly momentum of the Affordable Care Act and its contraception and abortion mandate, so it is no overstatement to say the 2014 midterms might be our last chance to overturn it. This November, voters will choose 36 Senate seats.

Most of the seats are held by incumbents looking for an easy win, but Catholics — if they make the life issue their No. 1 priority — have the power in numbers to make sure no abortion-loving politician of either party coasts to a new six-year term.

The language of choice has grown much more...READ MORE

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Vatican Official Sees ‘Warming-Up’ of Catholic-Orthodox Relations (1965)

Father Gabriel Quicke, who oversees three Catholic dialogues with Oriental Churches, says Pope Francis’ election last year accelerated this trend.

05/19/2014 Comments (2)
Andreas Dueren/CNA

Father Gabriel Quicke

– Andreas Dueren/CNA

VATICAN CITY — An official with the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity affirmed the sentiments of many who believe that Catholic-Orthodox relations have improved in recent years, especially under Pope Francis.

“When I look to what I hear about Pope Francis — and I remember, when he was elected, he spoke to the immense group of the faithful at St. Peter’s Square; I remember that he referred to the introduction of the letter of Ignatius of Antioch to the Christians of Rome,” Father Gabriel Quicke told CNA May 16.

“In his introduction in the letter to the Christians of Rome, he speaks about the Church of Rome that is presiding in charity over the whole world of Christians, and...READ MORE

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The Satanic Case for Catholicism, Sacrament of Confirmation: What It Is and Isn't and More! (2452)

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05/19/2014 Comment

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Why All Forms of...READ MORE

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Pro-Marriage Club Denied Official Status at Notre Dame (15708)

A spokesman for the university says Students for Child Oriented Policy mirrors other clubs on campus, but a prominent law professor contends that the university is ignorant of the organization’s stated mission.

05/19/2014 Comments (24)

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — A group of students at the University of Notre Dame has generated a campus-wide controversy by advocating that marriage between one woman and one man is better suited for children than same-sex “marriage.”

The group — known as Students for Child Oriented Policy (SCOP) — elicited negative letters to the campus newspaper and prompted hundreds of students to sign a petition calling upon the university not to recognize it as an official campus club.

An official in the university’s Student Affairs Office also expressed disapproval of a SCOP petition that called upon Notre Dame President Father John Jenkins and the administration to “make a clear stand” in support of...READ MORE

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Pope Francis: Fix Your Heart Firmly on the Holy Spirit (4277)

In his daily Mass homily, Pope Francis reflected on the faithful resolution St. Paul displayed in facing the various challenges he encountered in his ministry

05/19/2014 Comments (1)

Pope Francis delivers his homily at the May 19 daily Mass he celebrated at the St. Martha's guesthouse at the Vatican.

– ctv.va

VATICAN CITY — In his daily Mass homily May 19, Pope Francis reflected on the various challenges St. Paul faced in his ministry, explaining that it was only possible for him to go forward because his heart was fixed on God.

“What kind of heart do we have? Is it a fickle heart which, like a dancer, like a butterfly flits from one to another?” Or “is it a heart fixed on the Holy Spirit?” the Pope asked during his homily.

Speaking to those gathered in the Vatican’s St. Martha guesthouse, the Holy Father turned to the first reading from the Acts of the Apostles, noting that this passage display’s Paul’s “firm heart in continuous motion,” as well as his commitment to evangelization.

Recalling...READ MORE

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