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Ancient Lenten Pilgrimage Comes to Life Through New Book (2527)

The book helps readers join a pilgrimage once led by the pope during the days of the early Church and which has begun a modern revival in the last 30 years.

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Kerri Lenartowick/CNA

Roman Pilgrimage by George Weigel

– Kerri Lenartowick/CNA

ROME — Author and scholar George Weigel says his new book offers readers the opportunity experience a centuries-old Lenten practice from Rome in their households across the globe.

Weigel called Roman Pilgrimage: The Station Churches an “invitation to people all over the world to spend Lent in Rome, at home.”

“This book is a way to make the ancient station church pilgrimage in Rome, really, without coming to Rome,” he told CNA.

The station church pilgrimage is a Roman tradition, dating back to the fourth century. Each day during Lent, the pope would lead the faithful to a different church, often built on the site of a martyr’s house. There, he would celebrate Mass for the Christian...READ MORE

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Catholic Marriage Prep Keeping Pace With Changing Culture (5915)

Dioceses are developing diverse solutions to serve the marriage-preparation needs of the current generation.

03/04/2014 Comments (90)

– Facebook/MarriageMinistries

LOS ANGELES — Marriage and family are themes Pope Francis has repeatedly emphasized in his pontificate, especially in recent months, calling for the Church to invite couples to experience the joy of God’s plan for marriage and family “with a pastoral ministry that is intelligent, courageous and full of love.”

Catholic dioceses across the United States are hoping to start married couples off on the right foot, as marriage-preparation courses take on new structures and methods in order to adapt to a changing culture.

For one thing, diocesan leaders recognize that people’s backgrounds in the faith and experiences with marriage are very different than they were 40 years ago. In general,...READ MORE

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Cardinal Kasper’s Speech on Divorce, Remarriage and Communion (8131)

While the German cardinal affirmed Church teachings in other areas, he controversially suggested reception of Communion for divorced-remarried Catholics might be permissible.

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Cardinal Walter Kasper, prefect emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity

VATICAN CITY — In a two-hour address to a consistory on the family last month, Cardinal Walter Kasper discussed marriage and family life, devoting the last section to “the problem of the divorced and remarried.”

The final of the five sections has garnered much attention in the press. In that portion, he commented, “Is it not perhaps an exploitation of the person,” when a person who has been divorced and remarried is excluded from receiving Communion? And he suggests that for “the smaller segment of the divorced and remarried,” perhaps they could be admitted to “the sacrament of penance and then of Communion.”

The president emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity...READ MORE

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Why Catholics Practice Fast & Abstinence? Giving Up Facebook for Lent; Holy Obedience and More! (3979)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

03/04/2014 Comment

Follow the Why Do Catholics Practice Fast & Abstinence by Deacon Mike Bickerstaff link to read more.

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Why Do Catholics Practice Fast & Abstinence? – Dcn. Mike Bickerstaff, Integrated Catholic Life™

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Catholic Ministries Combat Pornography (7217)

From support groups to software, Church-backed ministries confront rampant smut addiction.

03/03/2014 Comments (8)

– Shutterstock

Part II of a Register series. Part I can be read here.

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — It took some investigating, but the culprit responsible for exposing a handful of third-graders to pornography at a Catholic parish in the Archdiocese of Kansas City was discovered: an 8-year-old boy.

The boy, who comes from a Catholic family, was not only showing his friends how to find pornography, but also telling them how to erase the Internet history so they wouldn’t get caught.

Various companies are trying to prevent such disturbing incidents.

“People are not aware that so many young children from good Catholic homes are being exposed to Internet pornography,” warns Sam Meier, consultant for My House, an...READ MORE

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Last Von Trapp Family Singer Passes Away (3028)

Maria Franziska von Trapp, who was portrayed as Louisa in The Sound of Music, died at the age of 99. Her half-brother Johannes von Trapp said, 'She was a lovely woman who was one of the few truly good people.'

03/03/2014 Comment

Von Trapp siblings prepare for Boston concert in 1941.

– Wikipedia

On Feb. 18, Maria Franziska von Trapp passed away at the age of 99, after spending her life as a performer alongside her six siblings and later served as a lay missionary with her stepmother in Papua New Guinea.

Maria von Trapp was the third child and second-oldest daughter of Austrian Naval Capt. Georg von Trapp and his first wife, Agathe Whitehead von Trapp. She was the last surviving member of the original seven children in the Trapp Family Singers.

The group became famous in the 1959 Broadway musical and 1965 film The Sound of Music, which recounts their story and in which Maria was portrayed as the character Louisa.

Loosely based on a book written by Georg's second wife, Maria...READ MORE

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Napa Institute’s July Gathering to Explore Economic Justice, Leadership (1862)

The California meeting features leading U.S. Catholic figures discussing the future of the faith in the ‘Next America.’

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Patrick Novecosky via CNA

Tim Busch speaking at the first Napa Institute meeting.

– Patrick Novecosky via CNA

NAPA VALLEY, Calif. — The fourth annual Napa Institute conference will bring together cardinals, clergy and lay leaders this July for spiritual enrichment and discussion about the challenges of Catholic leadership today.

“The Napa Institute was created to offer a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith in relation to the ‘Next America,’” said Timothy Busch, the Napa Institute’s chairman of the board.

“This year’s theme will explore economic justice, beauty and the arts and reason and faith — and who better to lead these discussions than the who’s who of Catholic leadership,” he added.

The July 24-27 gathering will take place at the Meritage Resort and Spa in California’s Napa Valley....READ MORE

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FDA Considers Genetically Modified Children, Making the Church Beautiful Starts at Home and More! (4129)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

03/03/2014 Comment

Follow the F. D. A. Considers Allowing Genetically Modified Children link to read more.

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