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Pope Recalls Hope-Filled Holy Land Pilgrimage (1384)

The Holy Father spoke of his May 24-26 trip at his May 28 audience.

05/28/2014 Comment
Lauren Cater/Catholic News Agency

Church scene from Jerusalem on May 26

– Lauren Cater/Catholic News Agency

VATICAN CITY -- On May 28, Pope Francis said his pilgrimage to the Holy Land fed the desire for Christian unity, and he encouraged Catholics to pray that God may help "heal the wounds" that divide the faithful.

"I give thanks to God. He led me to that blessed land that has seen the historical presence of Jesus and where events fundamental to Judaism, Christianity and Islam took place," the Pope said in St. Peter's Square.

Speaking to thousands of pilgrims gathered for his Wednesday general audience, he reflected on his meeting with Orthodox Christian leaders at the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

At the tomb where Jesus Christ’s body was laid to rest and resurrected, he said, "we all felt...READ MORE

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Entering the Bionic Age: Why Be You, When You Can Be New? (3779)


05/28/2014 Comments (4)

A whimsical animated children’s movie that came out in 2005 may be one of the most prophetic films of our time.

Robots, featuring the voice talents of Robin Williams and Ewan McGregor, is the story of Rodney Copperbottom, a young robot adept at building and fixing things. He goes to the big city to meet his idol, the head of Bigweld Industries, Mr. Bigweld.

What Rodney finds at Bigweld Industries is a change of management and a change of direction. The company will no longer be making replacement parts for robots. Instead, they will only be making new shiny “upgrades” for those robots that can afford them. The new motto for Bigweld Industries becomes: “Why be you, when you can be new?”


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India Archdiocese Launches Suicide-Prevention Help Line (1901)

The suicide rate in Goa is 25% above the national average, according to the India Crime Records Bureau.

05/28/2014 Comment
CNA/Father Mario Saturnino Dias

Archbishop Filipe Neri (second from left) launches the suicide-prevention help line with director Father Mario Saturnino Dias (second from right).

– CNA/Father Mario Saturnino Dias

GOA, India — The Archdiocese of Goa and Daman has launched a 24-hour emergency suicide-prevention helpline to proactively address the escalating suicide rates in the region.

“Life is given by God, and only he has the power to take it back,” said Archbishop Filipe Neri Sebastião do Rosário Ferrão of Goa and Daman at the May 24 announcement of the “God Saves Life-line” initiative.

“In today’s society, we need to offer hope to the people that God has created them in love and that he still loves them … and this hope is what ‘God Saves Life-line’ is expected to offer.”

Archbishop Ferrão inaugurated the project by leading a prayer service and imparting his blessing, while commissioning the...READ MORE

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Religious Tensions Subside Amid Balkan Floods (1593)

'Adversity brings people together,' said Father Simo Marsic of the concerted response to the natural disaster that has claimed the lives of at least 40 people.

05/28/2014 Comment
CNA/Katolicka Tiskovna Agencija (KTA)/Bosnia-Herzegovina

A flooded cemetery in the Archdiocese of Vhrbosna in Sarajevo

– CNA/Katolicka Tiskovna Agencija (KTA)/Bosnia-Herzegovina

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — Amid the “inconceivable amount of devastation” caused by floods in Bosnia-Herzegovina, people are crossing ethnic and religious lines to help those affected.

“Adversity brings people together,” Father Simo Marsic, rector of the St. John Paul II Youth Pastoral Center in Sarajevo, told the Catholic pastoral charity Aid to the Church in Need.

“It was impressive to see the extent to which people — whether Catholic, Orthodox or Muslim — were united by suffering,” the priest said May 26.

Floods caused by heavy rains have killed at least 40 people and displaced thousands more in Bosnia-Herzegovina and neighboring Serbia, the BBC reports. One-quarter of the people...READ MORE

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Cardinal Baldisseri: ‘The Church Is Not an Abstraction’ (6703)

The secretary general of the upcoming Synod of Bishops explains his recent comments about Familiaris Consortio, St. John Paul II’s apostolic exhortation on marriage.

05/28/2014 Comments (39)
Alan Holdren/Catholic News Agency

Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, secretary general of the October Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on Marriage and the Family

– Alan Holdren/Catholic News Agency

Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, secretary general of the October Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on Marriage and the Family, caused controversy recently when he said in an interview that he wanted to bring Pope St. John Paul II’s teaching on marriage, contained in his apostolic exhortation Familiaris Consortio (The Role of the Christian Family in the Modern World) up to date.

Some misinterpreted his comments to mean he was suggesting a change to Church teaching. Noting that the document is more than 30 years old, he said: “The Church is not timeless; it lives amid the vicissitudes of history, and the Gospel must be known and experienced by people today.” The interview appeared in the Belgian...READ MORE

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Pope Francis Mid-Air Presser on Divorced and Remarried, Pope Francis Is a Political Genius and More! (5117)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

05/28/2014 Comment

Follow Pope Francis Mid-Air Flight Presser on Divorced & Remarried via Fr. Z's Blog link to read more.

Pope Francis Mid-Air Flight Presser on Divorced & Remarried via Fr. Z's Blog - BigPulpit.com

The Saint Who Began the Society that Became the Oratory – The Catholic Herald

Pope Francis Is a Political Genius – The Motley Monk, The American Catholic

The Pornography Pandemic Shows Pornography’s ‘Devastating Effects’ – Dustin Siggins, Catholic Lane

Pope Francis in the Holy Land: News Analysis Roundup - BigPulpit.com

Ottawa, Capital of Canada, Archbishop Prendergast Calls Leading Politician Justin Trudeau’s Pro-Abortion Stance Scandalous – Trinh Theresa Do, CBC News

Don’t Bury Saint Joseph – Bonnie Engstrom, Ignitum Today

Cardinal Kasper Undermines Church Teaching on Marriage - Fr. Gerald...READ MORE

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The Fight Against Redefining Marriage: Time to Quit or Dig In? (8059)

NEWS ANALYSIS: Two federal district court rulings push the number of states permitting same-sex ‘marriage’ to 19, raising the stakes for those who oppose any change in the nation’s marriage laws.

05/27/2014 Comments (88)

– Shutterstock

WASHINGTON — Last week, U.S. district court Judge John Jones III struck down Pennsylvania‘s law baring same-sex “marriage.”

“In future generations, the label same-sex 'marriage' will be abandoned, to be replaced simply by 'marriage,'” Jones wrote in a May 20 ruling. “We are a better people than what these laws represent, and it is time to discard them into the ash heap of history.”

Pennsylvania is now the 19th state, along with the District of Columbia, to permit same-sex couples to marry, with another district court judge in Oregon overturning that state’s law in a May 19 ruling. Judge Jones’ sweeping dismissal of laws defining marriage as a union of one man and one woman reflects a...READ MORE

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Choosing the Better Part at Harvard (2268)


05/27/2014 Comments (2)
Brian Fraga

Father Michael Drea leads the Eucharistic procession in the Church of St. Paul in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Mass.

– Brian Fraga

What should faithful Catholics do when they learn that the holy Eucharist will be mocked at a re-enactment of a Satanic mass sponsored by the nation’s premier university? Do they accept the argument that free-speech protections shield blasphemous actions? Or do they insist that a vicious attack on a core religious belief should be prayerfully but firmly opposed?

Boston-area Catholics chose the latter course, and, in doing so, they offered a powerful example for all believers who are being disenfranchised in an era of selective “tolerance” for religious and moral principles.

“At the Last Supper, on the night he was betrayed, our Savior instituted the Eucharistic sacrifice of his Body and...READ MORE

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