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Pope Appeals for Peace in Gaza Conflict (1671)

The Holy Father said Nov. 21: 'Along with my prayerful recollection of the victims and for all those who are suffering, I feel the duty to reiterate, once again, that hatred and violence are not the solution to problems.'

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VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI is warning violence could spread through the Middle East region, after Israel continued bombing Gaza and a suicide bomb rocked Tel Aviv.

The Pope appealed for a halt to violence in his Nov. 21 general audience in the Vatican’s Paul VI audience hall, as the fighting between the Palestinians and Israelis continued for the eighth day.

“I am following with great concern the escalation of violence between Israelis and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip,” said Pope Benedict.

“Along with my prayerful recollection of the victims and for all those who are suffering, I feel the duty to reiterate, once again, that hatred and violence are not the solution to...READ MORE

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New March for Life President Plans Increased Youth Appeal (1784)

Jeanne Monahan: 'Abortion is not good for women and obviously not good for the babies who aren't allowed a right to life.'

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Family Research Council

Jeanne Monahan

– Family Research Council

WASHINGTON — After being named the president of the March for Life Education and Defense Fund, Jeanne Monahan says she plans to increase the annual pro-life march's appeal to young people.

Monahan said in a Nov. 20 interview with Catholic News Agency that her “immediate goal is to do the best job possible to commemorate this somber 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which is rapidly hitting us here in January, to do what we can to make the rally very youth-accessible and interesting and to make the march as fruitful as possible.”

The fund organizes and runs the annual March for Life in Washington, which will be held Jan. 25, 2013, on the National Mall.

Monahan, who was unanimously...READ MORE

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Becket Fund: Anxieties Mounting Over Contraception Mandate (2869)

The potential threat of massive fines for non-compliance is a key concern for religious groups and businesses.

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Eric Baxter, senior counsel at the Becket Fund

WASHINGTON — A religious-freedom attorney says the threat of massive fines is causing anxiety among religious groups and businesses that object to government-mandated insurance coverage of contraception.

Eric Baxter, senior counsel with the Washington-based Becket Fund for Religious Liberty that aims to defend religious liberty nationwide, said many concerns focus on financial questions.

“How do you take account of the risk that you could have millions of dollars in fines imposed against you?” he told EWTN News Nov. 16.

“That anxiety is only increasing as the implementation date approaches.”

The Department of Health and Human Services has mandated that most employers of 50...READ MORE

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Church of England Votes Against Ordaining Female Bishops (1464)

A two-thirds majority was not reached at the church's synod this week.

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Lambeth Palace-Picture Partnership

Archbishop-designate Justin Welby of Canterbury

– Lambeth Palace-Picture Partnership

LONDON — In an unexpected move, the Church of England narrowly voted against allowing women to be ordained as bishops 18 years after its approval of ordaining of women to the priesthood.

Archbishop-designate Justin Welby of Canterbury has voiced support for the ordination of women bishops and voted in favor of the measure during the church's General Synod Nov. 20.

He told the gathering that “the Church of England needs to show how to develop the mission of the church in a way that demonstrates that we can manage diversity of view without division; diversity in amity, not diversity in enmity.”

Although ordination of female priests was approved at the 1992 synod, the measure regarding...READ MORE

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Latin, Ad Orientem and Problem Priests; Support an Evangelist, Shop Catholic and Much More! (2503)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

11/21/2012 Comment

Latin, Ad Orientem and Problem Priests. Follow the link by Fr. Gary Dickson of the Catholic Collar And Tie blog to read more.

Latin, Ad Orientem and Problem Priests by Fr. Gary Dickson of the Catholic Collar And Tie blogBig Pulpit

Support an Evangelist, Shop Catholic – Patti Maguire Armstrong, Integrated Catholic Life™

Why is the Church Political? – Stacy Trasancos PhD, The American Catholic

Did an Image of Virgin Mary Appear on Malaysian Hospital Window? – Dylan Parry, A Reluctant Sinner

Men and Wedding Planning – Bernard Toutounji, Ignitum Today

Seven Family-Building Strategies for Nurturing Sibling Bonds – Theresa Thomas, Integrated Catholic Life™

U. S. Surgeon Gives Hope to Sterilized Men Seeking Wholeness – Peter Baklinski, LifeSiteNews

An Inhuman Economic System – Russell Shaw, Catholic...READ MORE

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The Sacrament Of Friendship (4294)

Part 7 of in a Register series on friendship.

11/20/2012 Comments (8)

– RGBStock.com

God’s grace perfects rather than destroys nature because God is the Creator of nature and does not contradict himself when he redeems it.

Consequently, God is constantly taking ordinary human things and turning them into vehicles of supernatural grace.

We require water to live, so he takes this ordinary everyday stuff and turns it into the fountain living water that, in baptism, bestows the washing, sin-drowning, eternally life-giving supernatural life of the Blessed Trinity himself.

We eat and drink the simple foods of bread and wine and gather in convivial table fellowship to do it, so he raises these ordinary human things to become participations in the very sacrifice and...READ MORE

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Hobby Lobby Will Appeal Denial of Injunction Against HHS Mandate (4529)

A federal court rules that case law has not established that 'secular, for-profit corporations' like Hobby Lobby have 'a constitutional right to the free exercise of religion.'

11/20/2012 Comments (37)

– Wikipedia

OKLAHOMA CITY — The retailer Hobby Lobby will appeal a federal court’s refusal of its request for an injunction against the federal Health and Human Services' contraceptive mandate.

A district court judge denied Hobby Lobby’s request for an injunction Nov. 19, thereby requiring the Christian-owned business to cover abortion-causing drugs in its health-insurance plans or face millions of dollars in fines.

“We disagree with this decision, and we will immediately appeal it,” said Kyle Duncan, general counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.

The religious-freedom group is representing the Oklahoma City-based company, which is owned by founder and CEO David Green and his...READ MORE

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At Installation, Bishop Conley Says Holiness Is Key to Church Flourishing (3365)

‘If the Church is to flourish in the world today, if the New Evangelization is to really take root, if we are to truly build a culture of life, holiness must begin with us,’ the new Lincoln, Neb., bishop said in his homily.

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Bishop James Conley gives the homily at his installation Mass in Lincoln, Neb.


LINCOLN, Neb. — As he was installed in the Diocese of Lincoln, Neb., on Wednesday, Bishop James Conley stressed the need for bishops and all Catholics to be holy so that the Gospel will impact the culture and the Church will prosper.

“My brother bishops, there is nothing more important for a bishop than the care of souls,” he said in his Nov. 20 homily. “If the Church is to flourish in the world today, if the New Evangelization is to really take root, if we are to truly build a culture of life, holiness must begin with us.”

The installation Mass began at 2pm local time in Lincoln’s Cathedral of the Risen Christ and was broadcast live on EWTN.

Dozens of priests and bishops processed...READ MORE

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