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Gonzaga University to Review Knights of Columbus’ Status (2260)

The vice president for student life at Gonzaga decided that the fraternal organization could not be recognized as a ‘student organization’ because the group is closed to women and non-Catholics.

04/11/2013 Comments (6)

SPOKANE, Wash. — Gonzaga University's president, Thayne McCulloh, will be reviewing the school’s Student Life Office decision that denied a Knights of Columbus' council application to be recognized as a “student club.”

On March 7, the university’s student-life division denied the council’s application for recognition as a “student organization,” according to an April 5 report by the Cardinal Newman Society. The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic charitable fraternal organization with 1.8 million members globally.

McCulloh stated April 6 that “Gonzaga honors and respects the purpose and good works of the Knights of Columbus, with which it has a long tradition and mutual collaboration at...READ MORE

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Scholar Says Europe’s Fight Against Pornography Shows Depth of Problem (3984)

Iceland’s legislative and executive branches are considering bans on Internet pornography in the country out of concerns about the effects on children of having been exposed to violent sexual content.

04/11/2013 Comments (3)
Mark Turner (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

Reykjavik, Iceland

– Mark Turner (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

DENVER — Recent public efforts to oppose pornography in two European countries reveal that porn is a problem not only for religious reasons, but for universal human reasons as well, according to a professor.

“The hyper-sexualization of children, the constant exposure of children to these very sexual images ... is very damaging to their image of themselves and of what their potential future relationships are supposed to be like,” said Susan Selner-Wright, a philosophy professor at St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver.

Her remarks come as Iceland’s legislative and executive branches are considering bans on Internet pornography in the country out of concern about the effects...READ MORE

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Third Argument Against Existence of God Discovered, How Does Beauty Save the World and Much More! (3811)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

04/11/2013 Comment

Third Argument Against Existence of God Discovered. Follow the link by Mark Shea to read more.

Third Argument Against Existence of God Discovered; Posted by Mark Shea - Big Pulpit

How Does Beauty Save the World? – Philip Kosloski, Into the West

You Catholic Extremist! – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

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U. S. C. C. B. To Implement Challenge Flags and Instant...READ MORE

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For God and Country (6407)

Servant of God Father Emil Kapaun will receive Medal of Honor April 11 at the White House.

04/10/2013 Comments (7)

WASHINGTON — Servant of God Father Emil Kapaun, who died in a POW camp during the Korean War, will receive the Medal of Honor posthumously during a ceremony April 11 at the White House.

In the rarest of double honors, the heroic Army chaplain’s cause for canonization continues in this nation and in Rome.

The Medal of Honor recognition comes just days short of what would have been Father Kapaun’s 97th birthday and more than 60 years after he died on May 23, 1951, in a prisoner-of-war camp in Pyoktong, North Korea.

“This guy did one thing after another for a good six months before they finally killed him,” said Mike Dowe, who was a young Army lieutenant imprisoned with Father Kapaun....READ MORE

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Catholic Charities ‘Appalled’ by Former Board Member’s Abortion Stance (3987)

Alisa Lapolt Snow affirmed support for Catholic teaching before resigning to assume lobbying position for Planned Parenthood.

04/10/2013 Comments (8)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida says it is saddened that a former board member has become a Planned Parenthood lobbyist, noting that she had affirmed Catholic teaching in applying for the board.

“We were appalled and equally saddened and disappointed to learn of her advocacy on behalf of Planned Parenthood and want to reiterate Catholic Charities’ absolute commitment to upholding Catholic teachings on abortion and other issues threatening the sanctity of human life,” Mark Dufva, executive director of Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida, told Catholic News Agency April 9.

Dufva said former board member Alisa Lapolt Snow underwent a vetting process that...READ MORE

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Three Characteristics of the Diabolical, News Flash! The Pope Is Catholic and Much More! (2975)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

04/10/2013 Comments (2)

Three Characteristics of the Diabolical. Follow the link by Msgr. Charles Pope of the AOW blog to read more.

Three Characteristics of the Diabolical by Msgr. Charles Pope of the AOW blog - Big Pulpit

News Flash! The Pope is Catholic - Birgit Jones, Designs by Birgit

Love Is a Battlefield - Stephanie Calis, Ignitum Today

Holy Week with the U. K. Ordinariate – New Liturgical Movement

Sinners in the Hands of a Non-Judgmental God – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

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Reviewing Dr. Ed Peters on Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Politicos – Fr. Z’s Blog

Margaret Thatcher Preferred a More Reverent and Pious Service – Tristyn Bloom, First Things/First Thoughts

Whiskey...READ MORE

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U.S. Representative Decries Attacks on Coptic Christians (2608)

Egyptian Coptic Christians have faced a significant increase in violence since the country’s 2011 revolution.

04/10/2013 Comments (2)

Rep. Frank R. Wolf, R-Va.

WASHINGTON — Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., has issued a statement saying he was disturbed by attacks in Egypt against Coptic Christians, pledging his support of promoting U.S. action to help the persecuted faithful.

“I was deeply troubled by events over the weekend,” Wolf said, calling the conflict “the latest in a string of sectarian attacks that has left Egypt’s sizable Coptic community understandably fearful and questioning whether there is a place for them in today’s Egypt.”

Local Christian leaders have appealed for calm after a mob attacked St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo on April 7 during the funeral of four Coptic Christians killed in sectarian clashes.

At least two...READ MORE

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I Survived — and Forgave — My Mother’s Abortion (5720)

Melissa Ohden was born, despite an attempt on her life, and now she saves others through her pro-life witness.

04/10/2013 Comments (3)

Melissa Ohden

– Facebook

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Melissa Ohden is more than just one in a million. She’s one survivor out of 55 million-and-counting abortions performed in the United States since 1973. Armed with a personal story of faith, healing and forgiveness, Melissa has a mission: to give a face to abortion’s intended victims, its terrible cost on families, and to create networks of support for survivors.

Scheduled to die by a saline abortion in 1977 at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Sioux City, Iowa, Melissa miraculously survived her 19-year-old mother’s abortion. At 31-weeks gestation, Melissa was born, weighing 3 lbs, and saved by nurses who first thought she was dead.

Adopted thereafter by a loving...READ MORE

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