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Report Calls for Action Amid Planned Parenthood ‘Abuses and Corruption’ (4150)

Live Action provides summary of the information gathered during its undercover investigations throughout the U.S.

05/30/2014 Comments (7)
CNA/Courtesy of Live Action

Live Action presents its new comprehensive report, calling for greater investigations into Planned Parenthood.

– CNA/Courtesy of Live Action

WASHINGTON — Releasing a report detailing six years of undercover investigations at Planned Parenthood, a pro-life group has called for a formal investigation and an end to taxpayer funding of the organization.

“When I first began to go undercover in these facilities in 2007, I thought I would find illegal and harmful activity,” said Lila Rose, president and founder of Live Action.

“But even I had no idea of the huge, company-wide commitment to abortion at any cost — the fraud, the lies, the cover-ups.”

Rose founded Live Action in an attempt to expose abuses within Planned Parenthood businesses. Over the past six years, the group has sent staff members or volunteers with hidden cameras...READ MORE

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What If We Misunderstand Pope Francis; 'Who Am I To Judge?' Revisited and Much More! (3505)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

05/30/2014 Comments (1)

Follow What If We Misunderstand Pope Francis? by Andrea Gagliarducci of Monday Vatican link to read more.

What If We Misunderstand Pope Francis? by Andrea Gagliarducci of Monday Vatican - BigPulpit.com

Sudan: Jailed Christian Sentenced to Death Gives Birth – The Way Out There

Are You Top Talent? – Christina Weber, Catholic Stand

“Who Am I to Judge?” Revisited - Fr. James V. Schall SJ, The Catholic Thing

Joyce Kilmer & the Fighting 69th – Don. R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Saint John Paul II Brightens the Earth With His Holiness & Truth – Fr. Zbigniew Tyburski PhD, Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Is Water Boring? – Emily C. Hurt, Ignitum Today

Of Godzilla and . . . God - Tom Nash, The Catholic Thing

Priests in Libya Say Catholics Living in Fear – Jonathan Luxmoore, The Catholic...READ MORE

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Bishops’ Statement on Common Core Puts Catholic Identity First (5363)


05/30/2014 Comments (7)

Controversy, properly engaged, can serve to focus and renew. The early introduction of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) into some Catholic schools has stirred controversy and led to some confusion.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Secretariat for Catholic Education has now weighed in on the controversial Common Core in an effort to encourage thoughtfulness and to focus on Catholic identity. The opportunity for Catholic schools to refocus, enhance and articulate their unique academic and spiritual goals in response to the Common Core is ripe for development.

The CCSS are new national public-school standards adopted by 45 states in 2010. Subsequently, a number of Catholic...READ MORE

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Legal Challenge to Abortion-Drug Mandate Draws Allies (2172)

The latest Christian opposition to the HHS/Obamacare law.

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WASHINGTON — Foes of federal rules requiring free insurance coverage of abortion-causing drugs and devices have filed legal briefs in support of a lawsuit representing dozens of Southern Baptist and other Christian organizations.

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President R. Albert Mohler Jr. and other Southern Baptist leaders said in an amicus brief that the HHS mandate "imposes a substantial burden" on the free exercise of religion.

It forces Southern Baptist individuals or ministries into "an impossible choice" requiring them "to either violate conscience or the law," the brief states.

Their amicus brief explained that Southern Baptists and other Christians "cannot distribute...READ MORE

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Pope’s Historic Prayer Deeply Moves Jerusalem Bishop (2898)

Auxiliary Bishop William Shomali is praying the meeting between the Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew will lead to greater graces for the body of Christ.

05/30/2014 Comment
CNA/Paul Fifield

Auxiliary Bishop William Shomali of Jerusalem speaks with CNA on May 26.

– CNA/Paul Fifield

JERUSALEM — The auxiliary bishop of Jerusalem described the recent prayer shared between Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew I as a moving event, predicting future blessings from the encounter.

“Really, it was moving. It was very moving and emotional,” Bishop William Shomali of Jerusalem told CNA May 25, explaining that he had never witnessed anything like it before.

“The humility of the Pope, the friendship which was born between the Pope and the patriarch of Constantinople, the atmosphere, the nature of people present at the Holy Sepulcher: It was historical in all ways.”

Bishop Shomali, who was present during the communal prayer at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher May 25 during the...READ MORE

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SDG Reviews ‘Maleficent’ (21632)

Hollywood’s latest revisionist fairy tale is a warmed-over Frozen, with less interesting characters and a startlingly dark subtext.

05/30/2014 Comments (66)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one (or if you don’t want to be spoiled on the film, which I think you probably should be).

This revisionist take on a classic fairy tale gives us not one but two heroines, who share a special bond: an older one with magical powers and a young princess innocently devoted to the first.

At times their relationship is strained; the older one — an archetypal witch-villainess in the traditional story, though she’s rehabilitated here — even smites the young princess with her powers, dooming her to eventually fall into a deathlike state.

The young princess grows up isolated and alone due to her parents’ efforts to protect her from the other heroine’s powers....READ MORE

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Canadian Politics: Pro-Lifers Need Not Apply (4916)

Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau stated in early May that only pro-abortion candidates are welcome in his party.

05/30/2014 Comments (6)
Wikimedia Commons

Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau

– Wikimedia Commons

OTTAWA, Canada — While Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau’s recent edict that all future Liberal candidates must be pro-abortion rights and vote pro-abortion may have further limited the political landscape for pro-lifers with parliamentary ambitions as well as for voters, former Liberal ministers of parliament (MPs) and Catholic leaders encourage Canadian Catholics to understand Trudeau’s flawed logic and get vocal.

Former long-serving Liberal MP Tom Wappel, who was elected to Canada’s parliament as a Toronto-area Liberal MP in 1988 and for five subsequent terms, even though he never hid his pro-life views, said he is insulted not only by Trudeau’s exclusion of differing...READ MORE

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Pope Francis Offered Glimpse of Unity Amid Deep Divisions in Holy Land (4670)


05/29/2014 Comments (3)
Lauren Cater / CNA

Pope Francis waves as he arrives at Manger Square in Bethlehem on May 25.

– Lauren Cater / CNA

WASHINGTON — On May 25, after Pope Francis finished his meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, he was expected to drive directly to Bethlehem, where he would serve as the chief celebrant at a papal Mass.

Instead, the Pope stopped at the security wall that divided Israel from the West Bank, and he got out of his car to stand quietly in silent prayer. Then he leaned forward to touch his head to the wall, close to where a scrawl of graffiti described the looming barrier as a symbol of Israel oppression.

A phalanx of news photographers captured the moment, and Palestinian authorities said the Pope’s gesture would be commemorated in a portage stamp. Meanwhile, the intense local and...READ MORE

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