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Vatican Details How New Smoke Signals Are Produced (2723)

Vatican has sought the help of ‘modern chemistry’ to produce more easily distinguishable shades of smoke.

03/13/2013 Comment

VATICAN CITY — Varying chemical compounds have replaced wet straw and pitch to produce the Vatican smoke signal that is used to communicate the result of conclave voting sessions.

Father Thomas Rosica, assistant to the Vatican Press Office director, explained that, since 2005, the Vatican has used chemical compounds to better communicate the result of the conclave.

“For a Church that has made much progress in the area of modern communications, computer technology, Internet and Twitter, the conclave still relies on smoke signals to let the world know of its results,” he said.

In the past, wet straw was used to create the white smoke, while pitch — a tar-like substance — was used to...READ MORE

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Businessmen Join in Spiritual Bouquet for Cardinal Electors (1899)

Spiritual bouquets are prayers and penances that one offers for someone else.

03/13/2013 Comment

DENVER — The Catholic Business Journal is encouraging its readers, radio audience and online subscribers to join in a spiritual bouquet to pray for the cardinal electors as they gather to choose the next pope.

“We take action with our vibrant prayers, for the cardinals themselves and for the Church,” said Karen Walker, founder of Catholic Business Journal, an online business platform for networking, faith building and the exchange of ideas.

The spiritual bouquet, which will be presented to the next pope after his election, is being organized by Catholic Action for Faith and Family, a group that works to defend Catholic teaching.

“Now is a time for great prayer,” said Dick Lyles,...READ MORE

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Why is Seafood Allowed on Fridays in Lent, The Prodigal Son and Divine Sonship and Much More! (3132)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

03/13/2013 Comment

Why is Seafood Allowed on Fridays in Lent. Follow the link by Taylor Marshall PhD of the Canterbury Tales blog to read more.

Why is Seafood Allowed on Fridays in Lent by Taylor Marshall PhD of the Canterbury Tales blog - Big Pulpit

What the Prodigal Son Tells Us About Divine Sonship – Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery

Can (Should) the Pope Influence the Election? – Jacob Tawney, The American Catholic

Ten Steps to the Gradual – Kathleen Pluth, The Chant Café

Letter to Parents About Baptism – Chelsea Houghton, Catholic Stand

On State Culpability for Social Problems – Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine

Growing in Love for the Church – Cristina Montes, Ignitum Today

Why I am “Anti-Abortion” – Kristan Hawkins, Truth and Charity Forum

The Riot That Never Was – Karl Keating JD, Catholic Answers

Religious...READ MORE

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Thousands Sign Up for Pope Election Text Message (4956)

Pope Alarm will alert members when white smoke appears from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel.

03/12/2013 Comments (1)

Denver —  More than 35,000 people have signed up for PopeAlarm.com, a service of the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (Focus) that sends out a free text and email alert when the next pope is elected.

“The reaction has been fantastic and overwhelming,” Kevin Cotter, Focus web director, told Catholic News Agency. “It’s been great to be at the forefront of Catholic new media and getting the word out there.”

Demand for the service has been high since its launch on Saturday, March 9. As of Monday morning, 35,000-plus people had registered for the service. The PopeAlarm.com website received 140,000-plus page views.

“It’s really exploded and caught on fire,” Cotter said. “There’s...READ MORE

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New Evangelization to Be the Focus of U.S. Bishops' Meeting With Theologians (2432)

March 16 meeting at CUA to advance dialogue between bishops and theologians and address catechetical challenges facing Catholic colleges.

03/12/2013 Comments (2)

Catholic University of America logo

– Wikipedia

WASHINGTON — In an effort to make Catholic universities a fulcrum of the New Evangelization, the U.S. bishops’ Doctrine Committee will meet with theological societies in Washington to address impediments to fruitful collaboration and clarify the need for effective catechesis.

On March 16, Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore, Archbishop Allen Vigneron of Detroit and Bishop John Barres of Allentown, Pa., will address members of U.S. theological societies at a closed-door meeting at The Catholic University of America.

“The goals of the meeting include developing relationships among the academic societies and with U.S. bishops and exploring current theological issues,” read a statement...READ MORE

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Black Smoke, No Pope Today (3303)

Cardinals will resume voting tomorrow morning.

03/12/2013 Comment

Black smoke rises March 12 from the Sistine Chapel chimney.


VATICAN CITY — Black smoke rose from the chimney atop the Vatican's Sistine Chapel at 7:42pm local time on March 12, signaling that the College of Cardinals has not yet come to an agreement in electing the Church's new pope.

Voting will continue on March 13, starting at approximately 9:30am local time. Four votes are held per day — two in the morning and two in the evening.

Smoke is sent up after the two morning votes, around noon, and then again after the afternoon set of votes, around 7:00pm.

However, if the first vote of either the morning or afternoon set results in the election of a new pope, the smoke will be seen earlier.

In addition to casting their votes, the cardinals...READ MORE

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Archbishop Aquila Laments Passage of Colo. Civil-Unions Bill (1755)

‘Today, our state and federal Constitutions have been dealt a troubling blow,’ the Denver archbishop said.

03/12/2013 Comments (2)
File Photo/CNA

Archbishop Samuel Aquila

– File Photo/CNA

DENVER — Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver called the Colorado Legislature's passage of a civil-unions bill a “regrettable move,” harming families, children and religious freedom.

“Today, our state and federal Constitutions have been dealt a troubling blow,” he said March 12.

“Marriage is a stabilizing institution at the foundation of civil society. Religious liberty is a civil-rights issue. Today, both have been grievously harmed.”

The Colorado House approved the bill that would allow same-sex couples to form civil unions by a 39-26 vote in which the Democrats were joined by two Republicans to support the bill.

The bill had previously been approved by the state Senate, and it...READ MORE

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Young Adult Uses Marathon to Pursue Her Vocation (2986)

Jenn Garza will commit to pray for each one of her supporters during the 26.2-mile race.

03/12/2013 Comment
Courtesy of Jenn Garza

– Courtesy of Jenn Garza

FRESNO, Calif. — A California native is running 26.2 miles to support her vocation as a cloistered nun.

But before Jenn Garza can join the contemplative Norbertine sisters, she must pay off nearly $53,000 in student loans.

Although Garza works two jobs, the 26-year-old said she “wouldn’t be able to pay off my student loans in any short amount of time.”

However, with a background in fitness and experience as a personal trainer in New York City, Garza said she realized through “a lot of prayer and discernment” that the best way to pay off her debt would be to ask supporters to sponsor her as she runs the Southern California Orange County Marathon in May.

Dubbing it the “Litany Run,”...READ MORE

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