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Good Friday and the Two Mobs, The Mystical Witness of Silence, Bishop Jurgis and Sr. Jane and More! (3430)

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04/10/2014 Comment

Follow Good Friday and the Two Mobs by Jeff McLeod of Catholic Stand to read more.

Good Friday and the Two Mobs - Jeff McLeod, Catholic Stand

The Mystical Witness of Silence – Colin O’Brien, Aleteia

Welcome to The Reign of 'Gay' by Rachel Lu of Crisis Magazine - BigPulpit.com

The Oxford Push to Screen Embryos for Intelligence – Dr. Gerard Nadal, Catholic Lane

Bishop Jugis Backs Sister Jane – Don. R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Overprotective Parenting Is Unchristian – Fr. Matthew Schneider LC, Project YM

The Satanic Poets – Jason Liske, Unblack

Christian Revival in Islamic North Africa – Rebecca Hamilton, Public Catholic

Fr. Z On the Silencing of Sister Jane – Don. R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Christ in an Age of Technique - James Kalb, The...READ MORE

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John Paul II Still Inspires Vocations (3376)

His namesake seminary in Washington, D.C., dedicates a new wing as the Church prepares for the Polish pope’s canonization.

04/09/2014 Comments (1)
Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington prays with Blessed John Paul II seminarians in August 2012.


– Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington prays with Blessed John Paul II seminarians in August 2012.

WASHINGTON — After Ben Petty converted to the Catholic faith, he made a pilgrimage to Poland to visit the homeland of John Paul II.

“What drew me there was John Paul II himself. Through his vocation as a priest and a philosopher, he tried to make the truth about the most important things manifest,” Petty told the Register.

On April 27, Divine Mercy Sunday, John Paul II will be canonized in a ceremony that is expected to draw millions of pilgrims to the Vatican from across the globe.

Ben Petty won’t be one of those pilgrims: The 33-year-old former Protestant is in his first year of pre-theology studies at the Blessed John Paul II Seminary in the Archdiocese of Washington, and he will be...READ MORE

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Special Adviser Appointed to the Vatican’s ‘Central Bank’ (1686)

One of his duties will be to assist in reorganization of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See.

04/09/2014 Comment


VATICAN CITY — The Secretariat for the Economy appointed Franco Dalla Sega as ad interim special adviser to the extraordinary section of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See.

“Aside from assisting the secretary of APSA in the conduct of the activities of the section, Dalla Sega will be assigned specific tasks and projects and may be asked for specific advice on the reorganization of APSA in accordance with the broader revision of the economic-administrative structure of the Holy See,” the secretariat announced in an April 5 communiqué.

Dalla Sega, 53, is a lecturer at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan and a member of the oversight council of Intesa...READ MORE

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Notre Dame Honors Pro-Life Congressman, Wife With Evangelium Vitae Award (3150)

Rep. Chris and Marie Smith both were recognized by Notre Dame for their efforts to build a culture of life at home and abroad.

04/09/2014 Comments (3)
Courtesy of the University of Notre Dame

(L-R) Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., Marie Smith and O. Carter Snead, director of the Center for Ethics and Culture at the University of Notre Dame

– Courtesy of the University of Notre Dame

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — In an April 5 ceremony, the University of Notre Dame honored prominent U.S. pro-life Congressman Chris Smith and his wife, Marie, who is also a pro-life advocate, with its 2014 Evangelium Vitae Medal.

In a speech thanking the university for the recognition, Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., said that pro-life individuals have the responsibility to “speak truth to power, no matter the sacrifice or cost.”

Real change “will only be achieved by persevering prayer, fasting and hard work,” he said. “It falls to us to promote and establish a sustainable culture of life both here and overseas.”

Since 2011, the Evangelium Vitae Medal has been awarded annually by Notre Dame’s Center for...READ MORE

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Pope Begins New Catechesis on Gifts of the Holy Spirit (4415)

At his weekly general audience, the Holy Father instructs that the faithful should examine whether the Holy Spirit is active in their lives.

04/09/2014 Comments (4)
Elise Harris/CNA

– Elise Harris/CNA

VATICAN CITY — During his general audience this week, Pope Francis began a new catechesis on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, drawing specific attention to wisdom and noting that it illuminates our actions and draws us closer to God.

“We need to ask ourselves if our lives have the flavor of the Gospel; if others perceive that we are men and women of God; if it is the Holy Spirit that moves our lives,” the Pope insisted in his April 5 address.

Speaking to the thousands of pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square to hear the weekly discourse, the Holy Father announced, “Today, we begin a series of catechesis on the gifts of the Holy Spirit.”

Observing, “The Spirit is himself the ‘gift of...READ MORE

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The Greatest Historical Miracle You've Never Heard Of, Value of Suffering, Mercy and Much More! (6090)

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04/09/2014 Comment

Follow The Greatest Historical Miracle You've Never Heard Of link by Stephen Beale to read more.

The Greatest Historical Miracle You've Never Heard Of by Stephen Beale - BigPulpit.com

Exodus Prefigures Spiritual Journey of Christians During Lent - Steven Jonathan Rummelsburg, Integrated Catholic Life™

The Value of Suffering - Dan Burke, Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction

Healing a Lame Parish - Kevin O’Brien, Waiting for Godot to Leave

A Life of Service & Cheerfulness - Kevin Aldrich, Catholic Stand

Christ’s Mercy & Justice - Benjamin Baxter, Catholic Lane

Poverty & Property by Fr. Dwight Longenecker - BigPulpit.com

On Mercy & Justice - Saint Etheldreda’s Place

Vespers, Confession, Sunshine & Cruisin’ - Stacy Trasancos PhD

Notre Dame Students Ask University to Take a Stand on...READ MORE

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Pope Francis to Make Two Pastoral Visits Over the Summer (2319)

According to the Holy See Press Office, the Holy Father will travel to the Italian towns of Cassano all’Jonio June 21 and Campobasso and Isernia July 5.

04/09/2014 Comment


VATICAN CITY — This coming summer, Pope Francis will make two pastoral visits inside of Italy, following two previous trips to the Italian cities of Assisi and Lampedusa.

In an April 5 announcement, the Holy See stated that the Holy Father has accepted an invitation to visit Calabria and Molise during the months of June and July. Both visits will take place on Saturdays.

The Pope is slated to travel to Cassano all’Jonio June 21 and to Campobasso and Isernia July 5, which confirms a previous statement made by Bishop Nuncio Galantino of Cassano all’Jonio, secretary general of the Italian Episcopal Conference, which revealed that the pontiff had voiced his intention to visit the nuncio’s...READ MORE

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Boy Scouts’ Policy Change Shifts the Scouting Landscape (13860)

Some Catholics are fine with the BSA decision to admit openly homosexual youth, while others have expressed their discontent by forming a rival scouting organization.

04/09/2014 Comments (49)

ORLANDO, Fla. — This past New Year’s Day was a historic turning point for youth scouting across the nation.

At Boy Scouts of America (BSA) headquarters in Irving, Texas, the century-old organization’s new policy of allowing openly homosexual youths into their ranks became official.

And, in turn, that decision has prompted the growth of a Florida-based alternative group that remains dedicated to the moral underpinnings that, until last year, had impelled the BSA to resist pressure from homosexual-rights lobbyists to adopt a policy of accepting openly homosexual members.

The policy change was originally announced on May 23, 2013, stating that, after “the most comprehensive listening...READ MORE

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