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Rome Church Restoration Boosted by Unique 3-D Scanner (2472)

A scientific researcher in Rome said the new technology offers advantages that photography cannot provide.

06/16/2014 Comment
Wikimedia Commons

St. Maria Maddelena Church in Rome

– Wikimedia Commons

ROME — Assisting in restoration and reconstruction for artists and architects alike, 3-D scanner technology has recently been used to create digital models of churches and frescoes in Rome.

“The technology of the laser scanner offers great advantages for the technician and the engineer that uses it, especially in terms of the time invested,” said Rome-based architect Danilo Prosperi.

“The time it takes to create a model with the 3-D laser scanner is drastically reduced in comparison to the technologies that are conventionally used.”

Laser scanning has been hailed not only for saving time, but for offering an effective way of approaching ecclesiastic edifices and church decorations, such...READ MORE

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Bishop Calls for ‘Love and Forgiveness’ in Wake of Priest Slaying (24372)

Young Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter Father Kenneth Walker said to have ‘fulfilled his heart’s desire in becoming a priest.’

06/16/2014 Comments (11)

Father Kenneth Walker

– seatofwisdom.org

PHOENIX — As his diocese mourns the shooting death of a 28-year-old priest, the bishop of Phoenix says that the only response to violence is “always love and forgiveness.”

Bishop Thomas Olmsted said this on EWTN News Nightly in response to questions regarding the June 11 murder of Father Kenneth Walker, a priest ordained only two years ago for the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter.

Father Walker served as assistant priest at Mater Misericordiae Parish in Phoenix. He and his Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter confrere, Father Joseph Terra, 56, the pastor, were attacked late Wednesday evening in what might have been an attempted robbery. Phoenix police said they believe Father Terra was...READ MORE

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Pope Francis Dismisses Entire Vatican Financial Watchdog Board, Dear Engaged Couples and Much More! (3987)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

06/16/2014 Comment

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Arizona Diamondbacks Pitcher Shares Father’s Day Reflections (3450)

Joe Thatcher feels at home with his wife, Katie, and son, Jack.

06/15/2014 Comment
Courtesy of Joe Thatcher

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Joe Thatcher and his son, Jack.

– Courtesy of Joe Thatcher

The Arizona Diamondbacks have gotten off to a slow start this season, with a disappointing record of 29-40 as of June 12. However, left-handed pitcher Joe Thatcher is not letting those early results get him down. Aside from his knowledge of baseball being a quirky, failure-filled game, the Kokomo, Ind., native finds his greatest joy in being a husband and father.

The 32-year-old shared reflections on his family — and the value of perseverance and prayer — with Register correspondent Trent Beattie.


What do you think of this season so far?

The season has not gone as we had hoped. We had high expectations as a team, so the slow start we’ve gotten off to has been disappointing. But it's...READ MORE

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A Man-Hating Pagan Feminist Becomes Catholic, Holy Communion as a Matter of Life and Death and More! (6957)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

06/15/2014 Comment

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Holy Communion as a Matter of Life and Death - Leroy Huizenga, The CWR Blog

Celibates Make Great Parents – Lauren Meyers, Ignitum Today

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Are Secularists Waging a War on Religion? – Rachel Lu,...READ MORE

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Making a Pitch for Authentic Masculinity (4261)

Former major-league pitcher Bobby Keppel discusses the faith, his life as a professional athlete and his new magazine The 9s.

06/14/2014 Comments (3)

Bobby Keppel

– Wikipedia

Bobby Keppel is a man on a mission. He put his pitching skills to work for 14 years in professional baseball, a career that included stints with the Kansas City Royals (2006), Colorado Rockies (2007) and Minnesota Twins (2009). Two years ago, he and his wife, Suzanne, took up the call to go to bat against inauthentic manhood. They began a men’s magazine based in St. Louis called The 9s. Its mission: to make men better men.

The St. Louis native and lifelong Catholic recently spoke with the Register about the magazine and how men need to reclaim their God-given role in today’s society.


Why would a successful professional baseball pitcher get into the magazine business?

I was approached...READ MORE

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They Will Know We Are Catholic By How We Highlight Our Bibles, The Family Crisis and Much More! (3504)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

06/14/2014 Comment

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Catholic Charities Ministers to Unprecedented Flood of Young Latino Immigrants (9664)

A new center in McAllen, Texas, is part of the Church response to the surge triggered by harsh conditions in Central America and changes in U.S. deportation policies.

06/13/2014 Comments (62)
John Moore/Getty Images

Central American immigrants ride atop a freight train to Ixtepec, Mexico, on their way to the United States.

– John Moore/Getty Images

MCALLEN, Texas — Children from Mexico and Central America arrive at the bus station in tattered clothing they’ve worn for weeks. They’re unshowered, hungry and scared. Boys and girls as young as 3 cry out for Mommy, Daddy or Grandma.

Hundreds who arrive here each week have their immediate needs fulfilled by a new Catholic Charities center that opened June 11 near the McAllen bus station.

The children are part of a massive, unprecedented and unanticipated flood of young immigrants escaping treacherous conditions in Latin America, after President Barack Obama announced plans two years ago to stop deportations of child immigrants who meet certain criteria.

The Associated Press reported that...READ MORE

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