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Dear Daughter, Let Miley Cyrus Be a Lesson to You; Humility Is the Key That Opens Doors and More! (7721)

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08/30/2013 Comment

Dear Daughter, Let Miley Cyrus Be a Lesson To You. Follow the link by Karol Henseler Orsborn, MD, OCDS, to read more.

Dear Daughter, Let Miley Cyrus Be a Lesson To You by Karol Henseler Orsborn MD OCDS - BigPulpit.com

Humility Is the Key that Opens Doors – Marcellino D’Ambrosio PhD, Integrated Catholic Life™

Syrian Christians Fear Ethnic Cleansing – Byz Pulpit

What Does It Mean to Become a Knight? - Catholic Mom

I’m Not a Traditionalist (But We’re Going to the E. F. Mass Anyways) – Ryan, The Back of the World

Gonzaga University and the Catholic Identity Debate – Catherine Harmon, The CWR Blog

When Families Fall Apart or Fall Away, So Does Religious Belief – Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald

A Theology of the Face - Kevin Tierney, Common Sense Catholicism

Calibortion - Donald R. McClarey,...READ MORE

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Crowds in D.C. Urged to Continue Work of Martin Luther King (1660)

The “Let Freedom Ring” event in D.C. commemorated 50 years since the historic March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

08/29/2013 Comments (3)

View of the National Mall during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom Aug. 28, 1963.

– Wikipedia

WASHINGTON — Thousands of people gathered in downtown Washington on Aug. 28 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s now-famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

King’s words remain with us today, said U.S. President Barack Obama, because they “belong to the ages, possessing a power and prophecy unmatched in our time.”

The hours-long event, entitled “Let Freedom Ring,” celebrated half a century since the historic March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, which took place on Aug. 28, 1963. The march was a pivotal point in the U.S. civil-rights movement and was the backdrop for King’s speech.

“America changed for you and for me,” because of that march, Obama said,...READ MORE

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U.S. Government Condemns Nigeria Killings By Islamic Militants (3625)

However, the State Department has yet to classify Boko Haram as an official terrorist organization.

08/29/2013 Comments (1)

Nigerian troops board a C-130.

– Wikipedia

WASHINGTON — The U.S. State Department announced the United States “strongly condemns” recent killings in Nigeria and an Aug. 10 attack on a mosque alleged to be the work of Islamic militants with Boko Haram.

“We extend our deepest sympathies to the families of those killed and concern for those wounded. The United States stands with the people of Nigeria to reject the indiscriminate attacks on worshippers of all faiths,” State Department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf said.

Harf said the U.S. also condemned the vigilante executions of suspected Boko Haram members.

For the past decade, the militant Islamist group Boko Haram, whose name means “Western education is sinful,” has sought...READ MORE

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Pope Greets 500 Young Pilgrims at St. Peter's Basilica (3444)

The bishop of Piacenza, Italy, said the encounter was ‘the most beautiful and happiest moment’ of their journey.

08/29/2013 Comment
Lauren Cater/CNA

Pope Francis greets the crowd at Castel Gandolfo before the Sunday Angelus on July 14.

– Lauren Cater/CNA

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis met and spoke with close to 500 youths Thursday at St. Peter’s Basilica, where they had arrived from the central Italian Diocese of Piacenza-Bobbio as part of a pilgrimage to Rome.

“This is a moment really of trepidation and joy, but also of deep faith, expressed through pure affection for the Pope,” said Bishop Gianni Ambrosio of Piacenza just before the encounter.

The pilgrimage has included several different stages and “has its culminating moment here in the meeting with the Holy Father in St. Peter’s Basilica,” Bishop Ambrosio said in an interview with Vatican Radio.

The pilgrims and their bishop journeyed to Rome as part of the Church’s Year of Faith...READ MORE

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Holy See Urges U.S. to Seek Peaceful Resolution to Syria Crisis (6711)

Pope Francis said meeting and dialogue, not confrontation, offer the most hopeful option.

08/29/2013 Comments (2)
WikipediaVoice of America News

Wounded Syrians arrive at a hospital in Aleppo during the civil war in 2012.

– WikipediaVoice of America News

VATICAN CITY — The Holy See is using diplomatic channels to convince the U.S. government and its allies not to take military action against Syria and to pursue a political solution to the conflict instead.

Pope Francis said during his Sunday Angelus Aug. 25 that he was disturbed by the “terrible images” coming from Syria and stressed it is “not confrontation that offers hope to resolve problems, but, rather, the ability to meet and dialogue.”

The Holy See is taking the Pope’s line to diplomats in Rome, contending that any military operation won’t solve the situation. “Both sides will have to renounce something, but military action will cause more problems,” a Vatican diplomat told the...READ MORE

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Nashville Dominicans Make New Home in Scotland (4040)

But Aberdeen’s bishop reminds U.S. sisters it is ‘not going to get easier in Scotland being Christian and Catholic.’

08/29/2013 Comments (9)
Michelle Bauman/CNA

A group of Dominican Sisters traveled as pilgrims to the 2013 World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro.

– Michelle Bauman/CNA

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Four Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia, commonly known as the Nashville Dominicans, will now make the Diocese of Aberdeen their home, as the order opens a new mission in Scotland.

“It makes us glad that, in coming to know our four sisters, you will come to know our community,” the sisters wrote in the summer edition of the Aberdeen diocesan magazine, Light of the North.

Sister Anna Christi, Sister Imelda Ann, Sister Nicholas Marie and Sister Christiana will reside in Greyfriars Convent, a former Sisters of Mercy residence in the city of Elgin, while they assist in “the formation of youth and adults in the Catholic faith, in sponsoring retreats and catechetical...READ MORE

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Catholic Schools Respond to the Charter School Challenge (7551)

The rise of charter schools has siphoned students from Catholic schools in some parts of the country.

08/29/2013 Comments (9)
CNA file photo

– CNA file photo

ALBANY, N.Y. — A recent article in the Albany Government Law Review suggests that the emergence of charter schools — public schools not bound by the same operating procedures as conventional schools — has siphoned many students from Catholic schools, many of whom are minorities in poor, working-class neighborhoods.

This has added an additional dimension to the pressures that Catholic schools have faced in recent decades, as they have been forced to introduce sweeping changes in many U.S. dioceses to cope with the changed realities of sharply declining student populations, greatly reduced numbers of religious sisters and brothers willing and able to work in the schools, and severe...READ MORE

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The Science of Sex Differences, Catholic Couple Die on Sunday after 65 Years of Marriage and More! (3740)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

08/29/2013 Comments (1)

The Science of Sex Differences. Follow the link by Matt Fradd of the Catholic Answers blog to read more.

The Science of Sex Differences by Matt Fradd of the Catholic Answers blog – BigPulpit.com

Catholic Couple Die on Sunday after 65 Years of Marriage - Jean M. Heimann, Catholic Fire

As For Me and My Household: Helping the Faith Thrive at Home – Michael Lane, Catholic Stand

A Theology of Women? What Does Pope Francis Mean? - Pat Gohn, Catholic Lane

Joseph Bottum and 'Same-Sex Marriage' – BigPulpit.com

The Dark Age Myth: An Atheist Reviews "God’s Philosophers" – Tim O’Neill, Strange Notions

Solemn Evensong at the Ordinariate Church in London - Charles Cole, New Liturgical Movement

Forgiveness: Is Someone You Love Poison for Your Soul? - Birgit Jones, Catholic Sistas


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