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Marriage Gives Society Needed Stability, Activists Say (1861)

Speakers at the second annual March for Marriage in the nation’s capital emphasized that a child needs both his mother and father.

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Addie Mena/CNA

Participants in the 2014 March for Marriage stand outside the Supreme Court building in Washington on June 19.

– Addie Mena/CNA

WASHINGTON — Political leaders told crowds at the March for Marriage on Thursday not to be afraid to speak the truth about marriage and that both a father and a mother play a unique and essential role in a child’s life.

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum told CNA during the June 19 March for Marriage in Washington that supporters of marriage should “reclaim marriage” and be “proclaiming marriage for the public good it is.”

“Marriage is a unique bond between a man and a woman,” he said, noting its “stabilizing” benefits not only for children, but for society as a whole.

The march, which was the second national demonstration recognizing marriage’s unique role as an institution that...READ MORE

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Affront to Freedom (5059)


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On June 17, U.S. district court Judge Callie Granade of Mobile, Ala., struck a blow against the free-exercise rights of faithful Catholics when she issued an opinion that denied EWTN Global Catholic Network protection from the Health and Human Services’ contraceptive mandate.

Granade’s decision reflects a misunderstanding of EWTN’s primary objection to the mandate, which requires the Catholic media network to provide contraception, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs in its employee health plan. But this ruling also highlights the broad confusion in the courts and our culture regarding the meaning and purpose of conscience rights and the proper interpretation of laws enacted to...READ MORE

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From Racial Hatred to Rational Love (2260)

An Interview With Author Joseph Pearce

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Joseph Pearce


Joseph Pearce, author of the bestselling book Race With the Devil: My Journey From Racial Hatred to Rational Love, recently returned from a brief speaking tour in Spain promoting the Spanish edition of his book.

This is an interview that he gave to the Spanish Catholic magazine Misión, the most widely read magazine among Catholic families. It has been translated with permission from the original Spanish.


You make an interesting point about your book: It is not a biography; it is, rather, the story of a conversion. That is an important nuance, don’t you think?

Yes, the book tells the story of a journey from childhood innocence into the abyss of relativism and racial hatred; and then,...READ MORE

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Vatican Releases Itinerary for Pope’s Visit to Korea (1794)

The Holy Father will visit the Asian country Aug.13-18.

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Myeong-dong Cathedral in Seoul, South Korea

– Wikipedia

VATICAN CITY — The Holy See has officially announced what Pope Francis’ schedule will be while in South Korea later this summer, during which he is slated to meet with Asian youth and beatify 124 Korean martyrs.

Announced by the Vatican in March, the Pope’s Aug. 13-18 trip follows an invitation from the president of the Korean Republic, Park Geun-hye, and the bishops of Korea.

Following the motto “Rise Korea, clothe yourself in light; the Lord’s glory shines upon you,” the Pope’s visit begins with his departure from Rome the evening of Wednesday, Aug. 13.

Upon his arrival the next day, Pope Francis will celebrate a private Mass at the apostolic nunciature of Korea and make a courtesy...READ MORE

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Sociology Expert Says Pro-Marriage Culture Reduces Inequality (2842)

W. Bradford Wilcox, director of the University of Virginia’s National Marriage Project, cited numerous studies about the state of the family and the benefits a stable marriage provides.

06/19/2014 Comment

W. Bradley Wilcox, director of the University of Virginia’s National Marriage Project

– Twitter.com

NEW ORLEANS — Church support for marriage among poor and middle-class Americans can play a key role in combating income inequality and providing a good environment for children, a sociologist told the U.S. bishops.

“If you care about bridging the marriage divide, you should care about economic justice, cultural change and the renewal of civil society,” W. Bradford Wilcox, a University of Virginia sociology professor, told the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ general assembly in New Orleans on June 12.

“If you care about poverty, if you care about income inequality; if you care about opportunity in America, you should care about marriage,” he added.

Wilcox, who directs the University...READ MORE

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Leading Catholic News Outlets Join the EWTN Global Catholic Network (4207)

Catholic News Agency and its sister organization, ACI Prensa — the world’s largest Spanish-language Catholic news organization — will augment EWTN’s existing news services.

06/19/2014 Comments (2)

IRONDALE, Ala. — EWTN Global Catholic Network has taken another giant step forward in bringing news with a fully Catholic perspective to an expanding audience.

This June, Denver-based Catholic News Agency (CNA) and its sister organization, ACI Prensa, the world’s largest Spanish-language Catholic news organization, with headquarters in Lima, Peru — which also operates ACI Digital, a Portuguese-language service in Brazil — have become part of the EWTN Global Catholic Network.

The announcement came after what has become a highly successful association.

“EWTN has been a partner with both Catholic News Agency and ACI Prensa for many years, in creating and distributing Catholic news content,...READ MORE

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Catechist Is on a Mission to Abolish the Death Penalty in Africa (1978)

EdMary Mpagi was on death row for 18 years, after being falsely convicted of robbery and murder, before finally being released.

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Sister Grace Candiru

Ugandan lay catechist EdMary Mpagi

– Sister Grace Candiru

KAMPALA, Uganda — Edward “EdMary” Mpagi was arrested by Ugandan authorities in 1981 for robbery and murder of a rival family member. In 1982, he was convicted in court and sentenced to death.

The only problem: He didn’t commit the crime. The man who he was convicted of murdering was alive and well. His family bribed a local doctor to falsify a death certificate, coerced people into falsely testifying against Mpagi and fabricated evidence. It wasn’t until 18 years later — 18 years on Uganda’s death row — that this was discovered.

Since then, Mpagi has been a staunch campaigner against the death penalty in Africa, where 18 countries have abolished it. He was interviewed recently from his...READ MORE

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March for Life President: ‘All Issues Are Women’s Issues’ (2559)

Jeanne Monahan told a Capitol Hill gathering that the potential to be a mother ‘is a huge part of what it means to be a woman, but it’s not the only part.’

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CNA/Michelle Bauman

Jeanne Monahan, president of the March for Life, was a panelist at June 17’s 'Women Know Best' event on Capitol Hill.

– CNA/Michelle Bauman

WASHINGTON — Limiting “women’s issues” to a woman’s potential to be a mother — as well as trying to deny that potential — does not empower women, a panel told members of Congress and their staff on Tuesday.

Rather, “women’s issues” extend across the range of all issues facing society, panelists said June 17 at “Women Know Best” on Capitol Hill.

Jeanne Monahan, president of the March for Life, said that political slogans claiming opposition to abortion is akin to a war on women is “messaging that does a real disservice, especially to young women.”

In this approach, she said, a woman is “defined maybe too much by her reproductive capabilities” and not by other aspects of her personhood.


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