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Radical Abortion Bill Dies in Colo. Senate (5150)

After Catholics and other pro-lifers mobilized against the legislation, the state Senate effectively killed the controversial legislation that would have banned pro-life laws.

04/17/2014 Comments (9)
Jennifer Kraska

Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver leads an April 15 prayer rally at the Colorado Capitol.

– Jennifer Kraska

DENVER — Amid growing protests, led in large part by the Catholic Church, the Colorado Senate on April 16 killed a controversial bill that could have banned all pro-life laws in the state.

“Lift up your hearts in gratitude to God,” said Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila in a post on Twitter. “Blessings on everyone who prayed and contacted legislators! Stay involved!”

The legislation had passed committee on a party-line vote. While the floor debate and vote were initially scheduled for April 15, they were delayed until the following day, after Democratic State Sen. John Kefalas of Fort Collins went home sick. The Democrats control the Senate in the state by a single vote.

On April 16,...READ MORE

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John XXIII, John Paul II Linked by Their Love of Constructive Dialogue With the World (2671)

Cardinal Paul Poupard, president emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Culture, remembers the two popes.

04/17/2014 Comments (2)

VATICAN CITY — John XXIII and John Paul II, who will be canonized April 27, are “bound together” by their love for addressing the world in conversation, a cardinal who worked with them both has said.

“Before John XXIII, the pope was perceived as one who made pronouncements from on high; John XXIII was the first pope speaking off the cuff, and he paved the way for a new style,” said Cardinal Paul Poupard, president emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Culture, in an April 15 interview. “And of course, we all remember the spontaneous meetings John Paul II had, especially with young people.”

Cardinal Poupard worked at the Secretariat of State beginning in 1959, the second year of Angelo...READ MORE

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New English Discernment House Hopes to Help Vocations Flourish (1614)

The yearlong program seeks to rebuild ‘a renewed love for the priesthood,’ Shrewsbury Bishop Mark Davies said.

04/17/2014 Comments (2)
CNA/Diocese of Shrewsbury

Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury preaches at St. Columba’s Church.

– CNA/Diocese of Shrewsbury

MANCHESTER, England — Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury, England, has announced plans for a house of discernment for potential priests, emphasizing the need for “a renewed love for the priesthood.”

“If we truly open our hearts in prayer within our families and parishes, I have no doubt this gift of new vocations will be given us,” the bishop said in his homily during the April 16 chrism Mass at St. Anthony’s Church in the Wythenshawe district of Manchester.

The new discernment house will be based at the Shrewsbury Cathedral and is set to open in September 2015, the Diocese of Shrewsbury reported.

The diocese presently has eight seminarians and 111 priests, including 28 retired priests,...READ MORE

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Doublethink: When an Attack on Speech ‘Reflects Diversity’ (5791)


04/17/2014 Comments (29)

MOUNTAINVIEW, Calif. — What happens when someone is penalized for exercising his or her constitutionally protected right to free speech and the actions against him or her are held up as a victory for equality and diversity?

The resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich provided a case study in the language of “doublethink” or “newspeak” — the words generated by the British writer George Orwell to describe government propaganda that spins the truth of things.

Earlier this month, Mozilla announced that Eich, its co-founder and the inventor of the computer programming language JavaScript, had stepped down amid a Twitter-led campaign that attacked his 2008 donation of $1,000 to Proposition 8,...READ MORE

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End of Lent Question, A Holy Week Defense of Martha, Holy Thursday Mass Readings Review and More! (2894)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

04/17/2014 Comment

Follow the The End of Lent Question by Sister Theresa Noble of Ignitum Today to read more.

The End of Lent Question – Theresa Noble, Ignitum Today

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‘God’s Not Dead’ and Christianity in America Isn’t Either (11890)

The film’s writers, two devout Catholics, hope their movie will serve as a rallying cry for Christians to stand up and resist the encroachment of secularism.

04/16/2014 Comments (22)

– Facebook/GodsNotDeadTheMovie

Ever since it opened nationwide on March 21, the film God’s Not Dead has been a favorite at the box office, beating out various other films with much bigger budgets and far more dollars spent on promotion and advertising.

Audiences have erupted with spontaneous applause during showings, and stories of conversions in theaters have appeared on the Internet and blogosphere. Critics — including some religious critics— have panned the film for being a “propaganda piece,” but the attention (and sales — after the April 11-13 weekend, it currently is No. 7 at the box office) it is garnering among ordinary people confounds and astonishes the naysayers.

Though it is frequently described as a...READ MORE

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Vatican to Launch Webpage for John Paul II-John XXIII’s Writings on Women (2165)

The Pontifical Council for the Laity is behind the initiative ahead of the dual canonizations.

04/16/2014 Comment
Register compilation

– Register compilation

VATICAN CITY — Leading up to the canonizations of Blesseds John Paul II and John XXIII, the Pontifical Council for the Laity will publish a new webpage highlighting the emphasis both popes placed on the role of women.

Referring to the upcoming canonizations, Ana Christiana Villa, a consecrated laywoman of the Marian Community of Reconciliation and head of the Womens' Department of the Council for the Laity, explained to CNA April 16 that the new webpage is designed to bring attention to the effect of the popes' work through the voices of women themselves.

Containing testimonies from 11 women around the world, as well as writings on women from the magisteriums of both popes, Villa...READ MORE

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Archbishop Aquila Leads Rally Against Colorado Abortion Bill (4238)

One thousand pro-lifers prayed April 15 outside the State Capitol against the bill, which would ban any state or local policies restricting abortion.

04/16/2014 Comments (6)
Archbishop Samuel Aquila/Twitter

Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila (front, c) leads 1,000 people in prayer on the steps of the Colorado Capitol April 15.

– Archbishop Samuel Aquila/Twitter

DENVER — More than 1,000 Catholics and other pro-life demonstrators showed up outside the Colorado State Capitol for an April 15 protest of what some are calling the most anything-goes pro-abortion bill in history. As they prayed, a Senate vote on the bill was postponed.

“The far-reaching, long-term effects of this bill could be devastating to the pro-life cause,” said Marie Gorham, who attended the protest that was promoted with an email by Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila.

Political pundits have long viewed Colorado as a policy lab for left-of-center political experimentation, such as legalized recreational marijuana, and critics fear the new pro-abortion bill could start a new national...READ MORE

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