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Stephen Colbert and The Death of Protestant America, Sacramental Marriage: Why Settle and Much More! (17139)

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Follow the Stephen Colbert & The Death of Protestant America link by Joe Heschmeyer to read more.

Stephen Colbert & The Death of Protestant America by Joe Heschmeyer - BigPulpit.com

One Man’s Amazing Journey Toward the Catholic Faith – Kathy Schiffer, Seasons of Grace

Sacramental Marriage: Why Settle for Less? – Megan Twomey, Ignitum Today

Holiness in Place: The Counterculture of Stability – Colin O’Brien, Aleteia

Nancy Pelosi: Episcopalian Foot Washer via Fr. Z's Blog - BigPulpit.com

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Easter – Taylor Marshall PhD

Either Jesus Is God Or a Megalomaniac – Anthony S. Layne, Catholic Stand

10 Reasons to Believe in the Resurrection – Fr. Matthew Schneider, YMProject

Approaching Dignity, Skipping the Spin – Nic Davidson, Ignitum Today

On Barbarism &...READ MORE

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In Colorado, Plenty of Connections With Blessed John Paul II (3438)

The state is home to a number of Polish natives with personal experiences of the soon-to-be saint’s warmth and holiness, and Colorado also attracts Catholics who share the late pope’s affinity for the outdoors.

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2008 Courtesy of Malgorzata Topor

From left, Malgorzata ‘Margaret’ Topor, daughter-in-law Michelle Topor (holding her child) and Waclaw ‘Walter’ Topor, who served Mass for Pope John Paul II, stand next to a statue of the soon-to-be saint outside St. Stephen Church in Glenwood Springs, Colo.

– 2008 Courtesy of Malgorzata Topor

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. — Poland native and Colorado resident Waclaw Topor didn’t need a camera to capture the 1972 visit of Blessed Pope John Paul II — then Cardinal Karol Josef Wojtyla — to his small Polish village, the day he was an altar boy for the soon-to-be saint. He says it was a day he’s not about to forget.

The picture lives on instant recall in the mind of 58-year-old Topor, a resident of the Centennial State for 23 years, as vivid as it was the day he experience it in person. Even more than 30 years before the saintly pope’s death, Topor remembers it was clear that John Paul had eclipsed the faith of the common man.

The village of 2,200 people, Szaflary, on the south side of...READ MORE

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Benedict XVI: I Knew During His Life That John Paul II Was a Saint (6914)

In a new interview with a Spanish newspaper, the pope emeritus cited John Paul II’s ‘courage for truth’ as ‘a primary measure of holiness.’

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Wikimedia Commons

Benedict XVI

– Wikimedia Commons

ROME — In a rare interview, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI recalled his close friendship with Blessed John Paul II, saying that his predecessor’s sanctity and deep spirituality were apparent during his life.

“In the years in which I collaborated with him, it was ever clearer to me that John Paul II was a saint,” said Benedict XVI during an interview with Polish journalist Wlodzimierz Redzioch, which was published April 20 in the Spanish newspaper La Razon.

“Naturally, his intense relationship with God, being immersed in communion with the Lord, needs to be taken into account, above all,” the pope emeritus said of his predecessor.

Benedict XVI, who served under Pope John Paul II as prefect of...READ MORE

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The UK Offering the Way Forward Out of the Vocations Crisis, Catholic Radio Returns to LA and More! (2326)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

04/23/2014 Comment

Follow The U. K. Offering the Way Forward Out of the Vocations Crisis link by Francis Phillips of The Catholic Herald to read more.

How Catholic Social Teaching Can Ruin Your Life by Dr. Adam DeVille - BigPulpit.com

The U. K. Offering the Way Forward Out of the Vocations Crisis – Francis Phillips, The Catholic Herald

Pope Francis’ Easter Message – Don. R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Catholic Radio Returns to Los Angeles – Jim Graves, The Catholic World Report

Strong Rebuttal to Metropolitan Hilarion’s Offensive Remarks – Byzantine Edition

New Book: Ratzinger’s Collected Works on Theology of Liturgy! – Fr. Z's Blog

John Paul II’s Legacy Can Help Us Win Back Religious Liberty – Ryan Eggenberger, Catholic Stand

Catholicism & the Bourgeois Mind – Christopher Dawson

The End of the Anonymous Church – Nathan...READ MORE

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Shakespeare at 450: Slaying the Anti-Catholic Dragons (5321)

COMMENTARY: The considerable evidence for the Bard’s Catholicism is rooted in the solid facts of his life and in the theological, philosophical and moral truths to be found in his work.

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Wikimedia Commons

– Wikimedia Commons

Today is St. George’s Day. It is also Shakespeare’s birthday, and, believe it or not, it is the day on which Shakespeare died. Apart from the astonishing coincidence that Shakespeare died on his own birthday, it is also singularly appropriate that England’s greatest poet should have been born and should have died on the feast day of her patron saint.

On such a prestigious anniversary, it would do us well to remind ourselves of the enduring stature of the Bard of Avon.

Arguably the three greatest writers of Western civilization are Homer, Dante and Shakespeare. Of the first of these, very little is known. Homer, it seems, has disappeared amid the murk and mists of history. So great and...READ MORE

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Postulators Reflect on Humanity of John Paul II, John XXIII (2446)

The soon-to-be-canonized popes were not without human limitations, but both displayed saintly characteristics that were evident from a young age.

04/23/2014 Comments (5)
Daniel Ibanez/CNA

Father Giovangiuseppe Califano (l) and Msgr. Slawomir Oder (r) with Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi at the Holy See Press Office on April 22.

– Daniel Ibanez/CNA

VATICAN CITY — The postulators of the canonization causes for both John Paul II and John XXIII told journalists at the Vatican that the soon-to-be-saints also had faults that show their “humanity.”

At the Holy See Press Office April 22, Msgr. Slawomir Oder and Father Giovangiuseppe Califano discussed both the innate signs of holiness as well as the limitations of the popes.

Msgr. Oder recalled that John Paul II “was a man with blood in his veins,” and as such “had no problem in showing his feelings” — sometimes “he was angry, which demonstrated his humanity.”

The Polish priest noted that, in one of his trips, Pope John Paul II was told to use a bulletproof vest. However, the pope...READ MORE

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Arizona Law Allows Unannounced Inspections at Abortion Centers (2735)

The new law removes special rules for abortion facilities that exempted them from the health-and-safety requirements imposed on other medical providers.

04/23/2014 Comments (6)

PHOENIX — Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has signed into law a bill that ended special health-inspection rules for abortion facilities, an action proponents say will help prevent dangerous conditions that women do not face at other regulated medical providers.

“This law ensures abortion clinics are subject to the same inspection standards as all other medical facilities in the state,” said Cathi Herrod, president of the Center for Arizona Policy, which helped write the law.

“Abortion-clinic inspections matter, and it is unconscionable that they would be exempt from commonsense health-and-safety standards,” she said.

Herrod added Brewer’s signing of the bill into law was “another tremendous...READ MORE

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Remembering a Family Friend: Father Karol Wojtyla (6052)

Wanda Poltawska’s daughter recounts their special relationship with St. John Paul II.

04/23/2014 Comments (5)
Poltawska family archives

Father Karol Wojtyla (c) at Catherine Poltawska’s first Communion on June 21, 1959. Her mother, Wanda, is on the far left, younger sister Ania is beside Father Wojtyła, and Andrzej Poltawski is at the right with his mother.

– Poltawska family archives

Editor’s note: This article has been updated since the story went to press in the print edition.

ROANOKE, Va. — At the time of his death in 2005, St. John Paul II had no close blood relatives, yet the vast crowd gathered in St. Peter’s Square at the time of his funeral revealed that this spiritual father had touched the lives of countless people across the globe.

Ania Dadak was among the mourners at the funeral Mass conducted by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, and she was to return to St. Peter’s Square for the canonization of the Church’s first Polish pope on April 27. While the faithful knew John Paul II as a spiritual shepherd who spoke out against a “culture of death” and advanced the...READ MORE

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