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Pope Distributes Free Pocket-Sized Copies of Gospels (3770)

The copies were handed out to the crowds of pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square for the Sunday Angelus to encourage them to read the word of God.

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Lauren Cater/CNA

– Lauren Cater/CNA

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis handed out free pocket-sized copies of the Gospels to crowds filling St. Peter’s Square for the Sunday Angelus, as an encouragement to read the word of God.

“Last Sunday, I suggested that you get little copies of the Gospels to carry with you during the day, to read often. Then I thought over the ancient tradition of the Church, during Lent, to give the Gospel to catechumens preparing for baptism. So, today, I want to offer to you who are here in the piazza — but as a sign for all — a pocket-sized Gospel. They will be distributed to you freely,” the Pope explained on April 6.

“Take one; carry it with you: It is truly Jesus who speaks to you,” he urged those...READ MORE

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Remembering Nathan Trapuzzano; Saints Agape, Chionioa and Irene; Rocky Versace and Much More! (2311)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Follow Remembering the Nathan Trapuzzano link by Fr. Christopher Roberts to read more.

Remembering Nathan Trapuzzano by Fr. Christopher Roberts - BigPulpit.com

Saints Agape, Chionia and Irene – uCatholic

Rocky Versace: The Bravest (Catholic) Man You Have Never Heard Of – Don. R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Modern Day Polish Saints – Philip Kosloski

Resist Temptation to Make Easter an Empty, Cultural Ritual – Seth Evangelho, Ignitum Today

A Catholic Man Opens Up About Being “Restless” – Randy Hain, Integrated Catholic Life™

What are My Jars? – Jenni Groft, Catholic Stand

4 Surprising Facts About John Calvin & the ‘Apocrypha’ – Joe Heschmeyer, Strange Notions

True Freedom Through Prayer – Patti M. Armstrong, Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction

“I’m Back!”: The...READ MORE

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To Clean or Not to CLean; All Pope Francis Special; St. Augustine: Late Have I Loved Thee and More! (4494)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Follow To Clean Or Not to Clean link by the Carmelite Sisters to read more.

All Pope Francis Special – BigPulpit.com

Saints Who Were Artists – Fr. David Friel, Views from the Choir Loft

St. Augustine: Late Have I Loved Thee – Don. R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Central African Republic: When the Church Is a Field Hospital – Davide Demichelis, Vatican Insider

Catholic Youth, Unite! Part III – Matthew Tyson, Ignitum Today

Rise in Canine Attendance to Pope’s General Audiences – Rome Reports

To Clean Or Not to Clean – Carmelite Sisters, Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction

A Call to Untrimmed Spirituality in a Clean-Shaven World – Tyler Blanski, Catholic Exchange

Check Your Amazon Account by Thomas L. McDonald of God and the Machine - BigPulpit.com


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In the Michigan Marriage Case, Which Side Is ‘Unbelievable’? (7186)

NEWS ANALYSIS: Judge Bernard Friedman made a highly selective reading of the evidence about same-sex parenting, in his March 21 decision striking down the state’s marriage law.

04/04/2014 Comments (44)

– Shutterstock

On Friday, March 21, Judge Bernard Friedman ruled that Michigan’s voter-approved constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman was unconstitutional. The following Monday, a higher court stayed enforcement, pending appeal.

But an analysis of the empirical evidence presented during the trial to Friedman, about how children fare when raised by same-sex parents, suggests that his decision was based in part on a highly selective reading of that evidence — one that overlooked the known shortcomings of the studies that claim to have established that same-sex parenting provides equally good outcomes for children as those raised in families composed of married,...READ MORE

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Pope Says ‘Poor Are the Center of the Gospel of Jesus’ (3372)

In an interview with Belgian students, he also discussed the modern 'throwaway' culture that doesn't respect life and those in need.

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– Shutterstock

ROME — In a March 31 interview with communications students, Pope Francis responded to previous accusations of being a communist, explaining that his preference for the poor is in fact based in the Gospel.

“I heard two months ago that a person referred to my preference for speaking about the poor, saying: 'This Pope is a communist, no?' And no, this is the banner of the Gospel, not of communism — of the Gospel,” the Pope explained during the meeting.

Given to three Belgian youth who are studying communications, the interview was broadcast on April 3 on the Belgium website deredactie.be., and it was later picked up by Italian news agency ReppublicaTV.

During the interview, one student...READ MORE

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Pope Francis-Queen Elizabeth Meeting: ‘Welcoming, Warm and Friendly’ (6564)

British Ambassador to the Holy See Nigel Baker said the nearly 20-minute meeting was very relaxed and informal.

04/04/2014 Comments (4)
Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, exchange gifts during an audience with Pope Francis, in the Pope's study during their one-day visit to Rome on April 3.

– Oli Scarff/Getty Images

VATICAN CITY — “They clicked in a very warm, personal and non-protocol fashion,” said British Ambassador to the Holy See Nigel Baker, when describing Thursday’s meeting between Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth II.

The encounter, the first between Francis and the British monarch, was very relaxed and informal, compared to the 87-year-old monarch’s previous four visits to the Vatican.

Accompanied by her husband, Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, the queen’s motorcade entered the Vatican at 3:20pm, 20 minutes later than scheduled, after a prolonged lunch with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano. “Sorry to keep you waiting,” the queen said on greeting the Holy Father. “We were having a very...READ MORE

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U.N. Registers Lebanon’s Millionth Syrian Refugee (2210)

Reporters embedded in the Middle Eastern country content the unofficial number is much higher.

04/04/2014 Comments (2)
CNA/Melkite Greek Archeparchy of Furzol, Zahle and the Bekaa

Syrian refugees in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley stand in line to receive aid.

– CNA/Melkite Greek Archeparchy of Furzol, Zahle and the Bekaa

BEIRUT, Lebanon — The number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon registered with the United Nations has now passed 1 million, as the organization’s refugee agency stresses the urgent need to fund humanitarian aid.

“The extent of the human tragedy is not just the recitation of numbers,” United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees representative Ninette Kelley told reporters in Lebanon’s second largest city, Tripoli, April 3.

“Each one of these numbers represents a human life who ... have lost their homes, their family members, their sense of future.”

The U.N. refugee agency officially registered an 18-year-old student from Homs as its millionth refugee in Tripoli. One year ago, the country...READ MORE

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Obama Urged to Create Envoy for Religious Minorities After Papal Meeting (3190)

Of special concern to Rep. Frank Wolf, who wrote the March 27 letter appealing to the president, were those in the Middle East and south-central Asia.

04/04/2014 Comment
CNA/Aid to the Church in Need

'Persecuted and Forgotten' infographic

– CNA/Aid to the Church in Need

WASHINGTON — Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., has called on President Barack Obama to follow up on his meeting with Pope Francis by backing the creation of a special envoy for religious minorities in the Middle East and south-central Asia.

“I urge you to put your words into action, lest inaction be perceived as indifference,” Wolf wrote in a March 27 letter to Obama.

“The scope of religious persecution around the world, but especially in the Middle East, is gravely concerning and ought to alarm any person of conscience.”

While the congressman said he did not think a special envoy would on its own solve the “vast” problem of persecution, “it would provide much-needed hope and comfort to...READ MORE

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