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Divorce Statistics Indicate Catholic Couples Are Less Likely to Break Up (15596)

Some credit is due to effective marriage preparation, Catholic experts say, but more work remains to improve further.

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WASHINGTON — An oft-repeated tale says Catholic marriages fare only slightly better than those among the rest of the American population — which is said to have a divorce rate of about 50%. If it were ever true, new research tells us it’s no longer the case.

“I’ve long been under the impression, without investigating the numbers, that this idea of Catholic marriages failing at about 50% is faulty,” said Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs, Colo.

So the bishop was pleased to see data compiled by Georgetown University’s Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate that shows Catholic marriages doing well, relative to marriages in the general population. Officials of the U.S....READ MORE

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Archbishop Fisichella on Year of Faith: ‘A Very Evident Moment of Grace’ (4451)

The president of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization looks back at the special year, convened by Benedict XVI and completed by Francis.

11/14/2013 Comment

Archbishop Rino Fisichella, president of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization


VATICAN CITY — The Year of Faith, which comes to an end on Nov. 24, the Solemnity of Christ the King, has been a “year of grace” characterized by “enthusiasm and dynamism” that has brought many Catholics back to the faith, says Archbishop Rino Fisichella.

As president of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization, he has led the Vatican department that has been the principal organizer of the year’s events. Archbishop Fisichella sat down with the Register Nov. 6 to share his reflections on the last 12 months, during which he discussed the challenges facing the New Evangelization and how Catholics need to radically change if it is to be effective.  



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Pope: Peace Comes From Following the Spirit of God, Which Gives Wisdom (2451)

The Holy Father encouraged: 'Let us allow the Spirit to lead us forward in that wisdom, which is like a soft breeze.'

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In his daily homily on Nov. 14, Pope Francis warned against a misguided "spirit of curiosity" that can lead us away from God, stating that it is only through the spirit of wisdom that we are able to be close to him.

“Jesus says that the Kingdom of God does not come in a way that attracts attention: It comes by wisdom,” the Pope said during his homily.

His words were directed to those gathered in the St. Martha guesthouse of the Vatican for daily Mass.

Opening his reflections by recalling the day’s first reading from the Book of Wisdom, Pope Francis stated that the passage described “the state of the soul of the spiritual man and woman” and of true Christians, who live “in the wisdom...READ MORE

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U.S. Bishops Unanimously Reaffirm Opposition to HHS Mandate (4761)

The bishops said their opposition is rooted in Pope Francis’ call to ‘proclaim the Gospel in its entirety.’

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Addie Mena/CNA

Archbishop Joseph Kurtz (l) and Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, the new president and vice president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

– Addie Mena/CNA

BALTIMORE — At their annual fall gathering in Baltimore, the U.S. bishops issued a message voicing their continued opposition to the federal contraception mandate and the threats that it poses to religious liberty.

“We stand together as pastors charged with proclaiming the Gospel in its entirety. That Gospel calls us to feed the poor, heal the sick and educate the young, and in so doing witness to our faith in its fullness,” stated the Nov. 13 message from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

“Our great ministries of service … strive to answer this call every day, and the Constitution and the law protect our freedom to do so,” the USCCB said. “Yet with its coercive HHS...READ MORE

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Priest Formerly of Newark Agrees to Seek Laicization (3545)

Father Michael Fugee, who violated the terms of an earlier court order, entered a new agreement Nov. 8 to avoid prosecution.

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Seal of the Archdiocese of Newark

NEWARK, N.J. — A priest formerly of the Archdiocese of Newark, N.J., accused of sexual abuse, will apply to be removed from the priesthood instead of facing criminal prosecution after breaking an agreement to avoid youth ministry.

Father Michael Fugee, 52, entered a new agreement with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office that included laicization, the New Jersey Star-Ledger said. The agreement was announced Nov. 8.

Father Fugee was accused of sexually abusing a minor in 2001. After an appellate court reversed his subsequent conviction, in 2007 he made an agreement with local prosecutors that allowed him to remain in ministry so long as he was not around children unsupervised and did...READ MORE

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U.S. Bishops’ New Leaders Commit to Battle the ‘Culture of Indifference’ (3241)

President-elect Archbishop Joseph Kurtz said immigration, defense of marriage and religious freedom and protection of human life are all part of the Church’s response to society’s threats against human dignity.

11/14/2013 Comments (5)
CNA/Adelaide Mena

Archbishop Joseph Kurtz and Cardinal Daniel DiNardo at the USCCB's fall assembly Nov. 12 in Baltimore.

– CNA/Adelaide Mena

BALTIMORE — The incoming leaders of the U.S. bishops’ conference voiced a commitment to reaching out in love to defend human life and dignity wherever it is threatened in the modern culture.

“We’re responding to where the need is,” said Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville, Ky., the president-elect of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Archbishop Kurtz and Cardinal Daniel DiNardo were elected by the body of bishops on Nov. 12. Their three-year terms officially begin at the conclusion of the bishops’ meeting on Nov. 14.

At a Nov. 12 press conference during the U.S. bishops’ annual fall gathering in Baltimore, he emphasized that the bishops must respond to “what is going on in...READ MORE

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‘Pope Francis’ Most Mentioned Online Name in 2013 (2391)

According to the annual Global Language Monitor survey, the Pope’s Twitter account is also ranked highly on the Internet.

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ROME — A new global survey has revealed that Pope Francis has topped the list of names most mentioned on the Internet so far this year, with his Twitter account @Pontifex also receiving a high ranking on a list of most mentioned words.

“It’s official: Pope Francis is the most talked about person on the planet,” CNN’s Belief Blog co-editor Daniel Burke wrote in a Nov. 12 post.

“More folks have been chatting about the popular new pontiff online this year than Edward Snowden, Kate Middleton or even Miley Cyrus.”

The statistics, noted by Burke in his post, come from the 14th annual survey of the Global Language Monitor, which is a company based in Texas that tracks “top talkers” on the...READ MORE

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Bringing Hope and God’s Presence to the Philippines Apocalypse (5316)

A close-knit alliance of the local Church, Catholic Relief Services and other international Caritas groups are bringing aid to Typhoon Haiyan’s victims.

11/14/2013 Comments (6)
Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

Residents stand next to grafitti requesting aid in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan on Nov. 13 in Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines.

– Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

MANILA — Hundreds of thousands in the Philippines are fighting for survival days after their world came to an abrupt end with Super Typhoon Haiyan's swathe of death and destruction. The Catholic Church is stepping into the wasteland to help wage a battle for the island nation now faced with starvation, disease and despair.

Few Americans can picture the total devastation — one’s home broken to pieces, neighborhoods flattened, loved ones and neighbors lying cold and still in the streets. Some officials have estimated at least 10,000 persons may be dead, while the official actual body count has exceeded 2,300 and continues to rise.

But the large-scale disaster also is showing the...READ MORE

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