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No Catholic Divorce: Grounds and Obstacles to Annulments (37933)

The Church’s investigative process into the validity of marriages is strong, but many don’t know how the process works.

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[Updated July 24; see editors' note and corrections at article's end.]

CHICAGO — Deacon Patrick O’Toole remembered how far away he felt from the Church 17 years ago. He wasn’t a deacon then — his wife had left, divorced him and took his children. He felt broken and angry, until a meeting with a Catholic Church official corrected his many misconceptions about the Church, sacramental marriage and annulments and put him on the path to healing.

“He had the opportunity to help me understand what it was all about,” O’Toole said. “It prompted a whole conversion experience for me.”

O’Toole re-engaged with his faith and discovered the Church’s rich vision of sacramental marriage. He went through...READ MORE

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Argentine National Soccer Team Sends Autographed Jersey to Pope (1784)

‘Here’s the present the team sent to our Pope Francis!’ team member Maxi Rodriguez said in a post on his Twitter account.

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Twitter/Maxi Rodriguez

Argentine national soccer team members Maxi Rodriguez (l) and Lionel Messi hold the jersey the team sent to Pope Francis.

– Twitter/Maxi Rodriguez

VATICAN CITY — In a gesture of gratitude and affection, the Argentinian national soccer team, which lost July 13 to Germany in the 2014 World Cup final, sent Pope Francis an official team jersey autographed by each of its players.

“Here’s the present the team sent to our Pope Francis!” team member Maxi Rodriguez said in a post on his Twitter account, which featured a photo of himself and team captain Lionel Messi holding the jersey.

The Holy See expressed thanks for the gift on Thursday, noting that although Argentina did not win the final, the team “acknowledged it had faith that the pontiff would keep them in his thoughts throughout the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.”

During their stay in...READ MORE

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Priest Opts to Stay With Parishioners in Gaza (3686)

Argentinian priest Father Jorge Hernandez, pastor of Holy Family Parish in the Gaza Strip, stayed with his parishioners, despite three missile strikes near his parish earlier this week.

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Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images

A smoke plumes rises over Gaza following an Israel Air Force bombing on July 20.

– Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images

GAZA CITY — Argentinian priest Father Jorge Hernandez, pastor of Holy Family Parish in the Gaza Strip, stayed with his parishioners, despite three missile strikes near his parish earlier this week.

“Crime is on the rise. Little children are getting sick from fear, stress, shockwaves and the continuous noise,” he said in an online statement. “Parents are doing everything possible to distract them so that this crude violence does not overwhelm them.”

Since July 7, Hamas militants in Gaza have fired more than 1,300 rockets on Israel, and the Israelis have responded with nearly 2,000 airstrikes. The recent escalation in violence between Israel and Hamas followed the June kidnapping and murder...READ MORE

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Pope Mourns Expulsion of Last Christians From Mosul (3335)

As the Islamic State forced Christians to flee, the Holy Father reminded Christians that evil in the world comes from the devil, not from God.

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Daniel Ibáñez/CNA

– Daniel Ibáñez/CNA

VATICAN CITY — In his weekly Sunday Angelus address, Pope Francis mourned the fleeing of the last Christians from the Iraqi city of Mosul, who were told by Islamic State forces last week to either convert, pay the jizya tax or leave.

“They are persecuted; our brothers are persecuted: They are driven out; they have to leave their houses without having the possibility of taking anything with them,” Pope Francis said in his July 20 Angelus address.

“I want to express my closeness and my constant prayer to these families and these people,” he added. “Dear brothers and sisters who are so persecuted, I know how much you suffer; I know that you are stripped of everything. I am with you in the...READ MORE

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Anti-Woman? Five Reasons the Catholic Church Is the Most Pro-Woman Institution in Existence (31935)

COMMENTARY: One doesn’t have to look far to see that the term ‘war on women’ doesn’t apply. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

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Anyone who claims that the Catholic Church is anti-woman knows little about her rich history and Tradition in proclaiming the beauty and greatness of womanhood. There is no more pro-woman institution than the Catholic Church. And here are five reasons why.

First, the salvation of all humanity hinged on a singular woman’s “Yes,” her fiat, to becoming the mother of Jesus. God could have chosen to bring about the salvific act of Christ in so many ways, but he chose to do so in and through a woman. The Catholic Church honors and celebrates Mary’s wholly singular role (Catechism 968) with special devotion. Catholics do not worship Mary, but they do honor her — and rightfully so. However, Mary’s...READ MORE

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U.S. Bishops: Practicing Religion in Public Is Not Discrimination (3267)

Archbishops Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco, William Lori of Baltimore and Thomas Wenski of Miami, and Bishop Richard Malone of Buffalo, N.Y., penned a blog post that said the U.S. should move to eliminate all unjust discrimination and to protect religious freedom.

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CNA file photo/Daniel Ibáñez

A group of Catholic faithful take part in a prayer vigil.

– CNA file photo/Daniel Ibáñez

WASHINGTON — Americans must be free to practice their faith in the public square — including business decisions — without being viewed as discriminatory, urged four U.S. bishops.

“Churches, businesses and individuals should not be punished in any way for living by their religious and moral convictions concerning sexual activity,” the bishops wrote in a July 17 blog post for the U.S. bishops’ conference.

“Eliminating truly unjust discrimination — based on personal characteristics, not sexual behavior — and protecting religious freedom are goals that we all should share,” the bishops emphasized. “The current political climate makes it very difficult to maintain a reasonable dialogue on...READ MORE

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Sisters Fill Their Convent to the Seams, An Important Thing To Do When Your'e Single and More! (6534)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Nancy Pelosi Excommunicates Archbishop Cordileone; What We Owe to Criminals and Prisoners and More! (7883)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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