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The Cross and the Bible at Ground Zero (7720)

COMMENTARY: Paying a Visit to the National September 11 Memorial Museum at the World Trade Center

07/04/2014 Comment

'In Memoriam' Memorial Exhibition at the September 11 Memorial Museum

– 911memorial.org

At 8:45am on Sept. 11, 2001, I was walking into the Magnificat office, 20 miles north of the World Trade Center. My assistant told me that a plane had just flown into one of the Twin Towers and that there was general panic. I sent her home, and I went home, too. There, on television, I saw a jetliner fly into the South Tower.

In the days and weeks that followed, a number of my priest friends served as chaplains at Ground Zero. Hundreds of the victims — especially police officers and firefighters — were Catholic.

After 9/11, it was not unusual to pass a fire engine on the highway, a flag-draped coffin on its roof, headed to Gate of Heaven Cemetery. The sight triggered tears each time.


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Bravo Papa Francesco! Marriage Is for the Few, Sr. Blandina on the Path to Sainthood and Much More! (3952)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Follow Bravo Papa Francesco! by Rocco Palmo of Whispers in the Loggia link to read more.

Bravo Papa Francesco! by Rocco Palmo of Whispers in the Loggia - BigPulpit.com

USCCB Focus on Family, Religious Freedom at Spring Meeting - Helen Hull Hitchcock, The Catholic World Report

Marriage Is for the Few – Howard Duncan, Catholic Stand

Association of U. S. Catholic Priests Met in St. Louis, Average Age. . . – Fr. Z's Blog

Sister Blandina on the Path to Sainthood – Don. R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

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Understanding Iraq – Father Dwight...READ MORE

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President Obama Draws Fire Over Border Crisis (4371)

Critics allege that administration policies are a substantial contributor to the current flood of migrant women and children into the United States.

07/03/2014 Comments (19)

President Barack Obama delivers remarks on border security and immigration reform June 30 from the White House Rose Garden.

– WhiteHouse.gov

WASHINGTON — Tens of thousands of migrant women and children have crossed illegally into the United States from Central America, overwhelming Border Patrol agents and creating a humanitarian crisis at the nation’s southern border.

But the situation has drawn fire on President Barack Obama’s border policies, which some believe have played a significant role in triggering the recent exodus of migrants .

Since October, already 39,000 adults (mostly women) with children have turned themselves over to Border Patrol. Another 53,000 unaccompanied children have arrived from Central America, and the Obama administration is predicting 90,000 unaccompanied children will have arrived by September...READ MORE

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Krakow's Cardinal Announces World Youth Day 2016 Logo, Prayer (3622)

The 31st WYD, to be held in Krakow, is entrusted to Divine Mercy and invokes the intercession of two Polish saints — St. John Paul II and St. Faustina.

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World Youth Day Krakow Facebook page

– World Youth Day Krakow Facebook page

KRAKOW, Poland — In a July 3 press conference in Krakow, Poland, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz presented the official logo and prayer for the 31st World Youth Day slated to take place there July 26-31, 2016.

Announced by Pope Francis during the closing Mass for World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro last summer, the Krakow event is expected to draw millions, and it follows the canonization of Polish St. John Paul II earlier this spring.

World Youth Day is a gathering of young people from all over the world to pray and meet with the Pope in order to build and strengthen the bonds of faith, friendship and hope, symbolizing the union between people of different cultures and countries.

In his July 3...READ MORE

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Why We Serve: Religious Freedom and Catholic Service for the Poor (5219)


07/03/2014 Comments (8)

– USCCB.org

As we come to the close of the "Fortnight for Freedom," I’m reminded of an interview with Christopher Hitchens that I saw years ago. For those of you who don’t know, Hitchens, who died in 2012, was an essayist, political commentator, cultural observer and avowed atheist. He was one of these new atheists, the kind that are not content with merely being atheists themselves, but insist that everyone else should be too.

The interview I saw took place because of his then-recent book God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. That should probably give you a sense of Hitchens’ approach to life. The interviewer, Peter Robinson, asked Hitchens why he was insulted when people asked him, “If...READ MORE

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Council of Cardinals Zeroes in on Vatican Management and Finances (2580)

NEWS ANALYSIS: Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin was coinfirmed Wednesday as a full member of Pope Francis’ advisory board.

07/03/2014 Comment

Cardinal Pietro Parolin

VATICAN CITY — On the second of four days of meetings, the council of eight cardinals discussed the management of the Vatican City State and of the Curia, including the so-called “Vatican Bank,” whose process of reform is ongoing.

Pope Francis, along with Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, is involved in the meetings with the group of cardinals he selected last year to help in Church reform efforts.

The Pope was present at the entire meeting Wednesday morning, having suspended his Wednesday general audiences for a summer break.

Although no document has yet formalized Cardinal Parolin’s membership in the council, Holy See Press Office director Father Federico Lombardi...READ MORE

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Archbishop Coakley Asks Oklahoma City Civic Center to Reconsider Black Mass (12665)

He said July 1 that the event is a ‘Satanic inversion and distortion of the most sacred beliefs not only of Catholics, but of all Christians.’

07/03/2014 Comments (32)

OKLAHOMA CITY — Just a few months after a black mass reenactment was planned — and then canceled — at Harvard University, another has been scheduled to take place at the Oklahoma City Civic Center on Sept. 21, prompting calls for organizers to reconsider.

Archbishop Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City issued a statement July 1, saying that the archdiocese is “astonished and grieved that the Civic Center would promote as entertainment and sell tickets for an event that is very transparently a blasphemous mockery of the Mass.”

“For more than 1 billion Catholics worldwide and more than 200,000 Catholics in Oklahoma, the Mass is the most sacred of religious rituals,” the archbishop said.

“It is...READ MORE

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Pope Francis Says It Again: Who Am I To Judge? Five Patron Saints of Beer and Much More! (4933)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/03/2014 Comments (2)

Follow Pope Francis Says It Again: “Who Am I To Judge?” by Thomas L. McDonald to read more.

Pope Francis Says It Again: “Who Am I To Judge?” by Thomas L. McDonald - BigPulpit.com

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The Priest’s Sacrifice and Yours – Deacon Edward Looney, Ignitum Today

Irish Govt Finalizes Terms of Inquiry Into Mother-Baby Homes - Michael Kelly, The Catholic Herald

“Is the Church...READ MORE

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