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Bishop Elizondo: ‘Our Broken Immigration System Is Not Working in a Humane Way’ (6634)

In an exclusive Register interview, the chairman of the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Migration discusses the hot-button immigration issues that are generating national controversy.

07/11/2014 Comments (53)
Archdiocese of Seattle

Bishop Eusebio Elizondo

– Archdiocese of Seattle

Bishop Eusebio Elizondo, auxiliary bishop of Seattle, is the chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Migration. This week, as the Obama administration and local law enforcement sought to address the growing humanitarian crisis posed by an unprecedented surge in undocumented minors crossing the border, Bishop Elizondo  addressed the July 7-10 National Migration Conference in Washington, sponsored by the bishops’ Migration and Refugee Services, the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. and Catholic Charities USA.

The conference addressed a host of issues, from the desperate plight of Syrian refugees fleeing the violence of a brutal civil war to the scourge of...READ MORE

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CEO Lays Out Blueprint for Operating a Catholic Diocese (3696)

Michael Caspino, CEO of Busch & Caspino, enumerates some of the sound business practices that can aid bishops in operating the temporal side of their dioceses.

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Michael Caspino, CEO of Busch & Caspino

As Pope Francis acts to reform the Vatican Curia and financial institutions to improve transparency and more effectively respond to the needs of the universal Church, U.S. dioceses are also re-evaluating their own policies and practices to determine how they can better support the mission of the local Church.

Michael Caspino is a lawyer and the CEO of Busch & Caspino, a legal consulting group, which, among other services, helps bishops develop a road map for the renewal of diocesan institutions and practices, from social outreach and fundraising to teacher contracts.  

During an interview with Joan Frawley Desmond, the Register’s senior editor, Caspino explained how some 21st-century...READ MORE

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Colo. Bishops: Court Ruling Misinterprets Marriage (1676)

On Thursday, Adams County district court Judge C. Scott Crabtree ruled that Colorado’s marriage amendment was unconstitutional.

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Adams County district court Judge C. Scott Crabtree

– coloradojudicialperformance.gov

DENVER — A court decision advancing “gay marriage” in Colorado undercuts truth and helps erode the family in society, the state’s bishops have said.

On Thursday, Adams County district court Judge C. Scott Crabtree ruled that Colorado’s marriage amendment was unconstitutional, claiming it “bears no rational relationship to any conceivable government interest.”

The bishops said the July 10 ruling “advances a misinterpretation of the institution of marriage in modern society, reducing marriage to a sheer emotional arrangement that can simply be redefined to accommodate the impulses of culture.”

“Upholding the truth about marriage advances the dignity of all people, and it promotes a culture...READ MORE

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No Relief for Christians Caught Amid the Israel-Palestinian Strife (3328)

Tensions between Israel and Hamas have escalated dramatically in the past month, following the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers and the slaying of a Palestinian teen.

07/11/2014 Comment
Ilia Yefimovich/Getty Images

Soldiers stand guard at the site of a direct hit on an empty car by a rocket from the Gaza Strip on July 10 in Ashdod, Israel.

– Ilia Yefimovich/Getty Images

JERUSALEM — Christians on both sides of the Israel-Gaza border have been affected by the war being fought between Israel and Palestinian militants.

In Israel, Christians who live in the areas hit by more than 350 Palestinian rockets in recent days have been forced to seek refuge in bomb shelters. In the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, which by Friday had sustained some 1,000 Israeli air strikes aimed at destroying Palestinian rockets and rocket launchers, the strip’s small Christian community is trying to cope with the violence.

Palestinian militants have launched more than 10,000 rockets at Israel since 2003 — 8,000 of them since Israel uprooted settlements and military from Gaza in 2005. More...READ MORE

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Vatican’s New U.N. Observer to Face Key Challenges (1981)


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VATICAN CITY — Archbishop Bernardito Cleopas Auza, the new head of the Holy See’s Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations, served on the front lines in response to Haiti’s disastrous 2010 earthquake.

Now he will have to tackle key international issues like restricting the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Archbishop Auza, 55, hails from the Philippines and is a former nuncio to Haiti. He is the first Filipino to lead the observer mission at the U.N. and the fourth Filipino to serve as nuncio.

On July 2, Archbishop Auza was named to replace Archbishop Francis Chullikat, an Indian-born prelate who had led the Holy See’s main U.N. presence since 2010.

The new permanent observer is...READ MORE

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Researcher Questions Data in Same-Sex Parenting Study (5438)

University of Texas sociology professor Mark Regnerus suggested the collection method was geared to skew the results in favor of same-sex couples.

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Mark Regnerus

AUSTIN, Texas — A study claiming better well-being among children of same-sex couples was based on data that merits “healthy skepticism” due to “suspect science,” such as selective surveying, a sociology professor has said.

“In such a charged environment, the public — including judges and media — would do well to demand better-quality research designs, not just results they approve of,” Mark Regnerus, a sociology professor at the University of Texas at Austin, said in a July 9 essay at the Public Discourse website.

His comments respond to the study “Parent-Reported Measures of Child Health and Well-Being in Same-Sex Parent Families: A Cross-Sectional Survey,” which was published June 21...READ MORE

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The Prophetic Papacy of Pope Paul VI; Marriage: A Well Defined Union and Much More! (3019)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/11/2014 Comment

Follow The Prophetic Papacy of Pope Paul VI by James Day of Crisis Magazine to read more.

Pope Francis, The Franciscans, and The TLM by Don. R. McClarey JD of The American Catholic - BigPulpit.com

The Prophetic Papacy of Pope Paul VI – James Day, Crisis Magazine

Marriage: A Well Defined Union – Father James Melnick, Catholic Stand

Open Season on Strong-Identity Catholics in the Vatican - Fr. Z’s Blog

Two Popular Heresies via Saint Etheldreda’s Place - BigPulpit.com

What Not to Expect from Synod on Remarried – Karl Keating, Catholic Answers

The Sacrifice of the Mass = Eternity X Time - Victor Ajluni MD, Catholic Stand

Forget the Web, Return to Pamphleteering – Mark Judge, Aleteia

Pope Francis on Secession Movements – Don. R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

The Scandal...READ MORE

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Lebanon’s Presidential Vacuum a Cause for Concern (2720)

The failure of Maronite Catholic and Sunni Muslim political parties to agree on a candidate has resulted in a seven-week stalemate.

07/10/2014 Comments (1)
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A car decorated in the colors of the Lebanese flag drives down a street in downtown Beirut, Lebanon, on June 23.

– Spencer Platt/Getty Images

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Amid escalating external volatility in the Middle East, Lebanon is grappling with the internal issue of a presidential vacuum.

The country has been without a president since the six-year term of former President Michel Suleiman ended May 25.

Under Lebanon’s sectarian-based power-sharing system, the president must be a Maronite Catholic, the speaker of parliament a Shiite Muslim and the prime minister a Sunni Muslim.

At issue are long-standing divisions between the two main opposing political blocks: the March 8 Coalition, headed by the Shiite group Hezbullah and Maronite Catholic Michel Aoun’s Free Patriotic Movement, and the March 14 Coalition, led by the Sunni Muslim...READ MORE

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