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Knights of Columbus Set Record for Global Charitable Giving (2490)

For the 2013 year, the Knights donated nearly $170 million and volunteered more than 70.5 million hours to charitable causes around the globe.

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ORLANDO, Fla. — The Knights of Columbus continued to set records for charitable giving and volunteer hours, making this the 14th consecutive year they've increased their contributions.

For the 2013 year, the Knights donated nearly $170 million and volunteered more than 70.5 million hours, according to their "Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity" discussed at the 132nd Knights of Columbus Supreme Convention in Florida.

“Charity has been at the heart of the Knights' mission for the past 132 years,” said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson.

“Whether with funds or service, and whether quietly helping someone overcome a personal tragedy or assisting in the aftermath of a widely known humanitarian...READ MORE

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Seeking the Union of Sport and Faith in Philly (2924)

Major League Soccer veteran Brian Carroll aims to balance competition with Christian charity.

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Greg Carroccio/Philadelphia Union

Brian Carroll, captain of Major League Soccer’s Philadelphia Union

– Greg Carroccio/Philadelphia Union

Soccer has been a part of Brian Carroll’s life as far back as he can remember. He and his two younger brothers, Jeff and Pat, battled against each other in almost every sport as they grew up in Springfield, Va., but they became particularly adept at soccer. This skillfulness resulted in all three of them playing the sport collegiately and professionally.

Brian Carroll finished his collegiate career early, exiting Wake Forest University after an All-American season in the fall of 2002 that nearly included a Hermann Trophy, college soccer’s equivalent of the Heisman Trophy in football. He was selected 11th overall in the Major League Soccer draft by D.C. United in 2003, and the...READ MORE

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Pope Francis Issues Urgent Appeal for Iraqi Christians (4625)

In an Aug. 7 Vatican statement, the Holy Father called for worldwide efforts to assist those affected by increasing violence.

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Daniel Ibanez/CNA

– Daniel Ibanez/CNA

VATICAN CITY— As Iraq’s largest Christian city fell into the hands of the Islamic State (IS), Pope Francis issued an urgent appeal asking for peace and called for worldwide efforts to assist those affected by increasing violence.

“In light of the very distressing events, the Holy Father renews his spiritual closeness to the many who are experiencing this extremely painful trial,” an Aug. 7 statement from the Vatican read.

“He joins with the heartfelt appeals of the local bishops, asking, together with them and for their troubled communities, that a chorus of incessant prayer may rise from the whole Church to invoke the Holy Spirit for the gift of peace.”

Going on, the statement also...READ MORE

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‘American Dream’ Ends in Deportation for Honduran Moms (1963)

A dangerous month-long journey to the U.S. ends with a swift return to extreme poverty, drug-related conflict and the terror of gang violence.

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Johanna Kattán/Semanario Fides

A mother holds her child after being deported from the United States back to Honduras.

– Johanna Kattán/Semanario Fides

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — Angelica Galvez set off this summer on a grueling, one-month journey to the U.S., fleeing economic hardship in violence-ridden Honduras and seeking a better life for her 6-year-old daughter.

“We traveled by train; we had to sleep on a hill and even beg for money,” she told local Catholic weekly newspaper Fides.

The young mother’s hopes were cut short, however, once she reached El Paso, Texas. She was detained on June 28 for several weeks and later deported, along with seven other women and 22 children.

For Angelica, a journey of 30 days to the U.S. ultimately led to a four-hour flight back to her home country, where drug-related conflict has ripped apart the...READ MORE

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Alabama Governor Disappointed His Abortion-Regulation Law Was Struck Down (2253)

Judge ruled against 2013 law requiring doctors who perform abortion procedures to have hospital admitting privileges.

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– Wikipedia

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- Robert Bentley, Alabama's governor and a trained physician, has expressed disappointment that a law he signed last year requiring abortionists in the state to have hospital admitting privileges was struck down by a federal judge.

“We are extremely disappointed by today’s ruling,” Bentley stated on Aug. 4.

“As a doctor, I firmly believe that medical procedures, including abortions, performed in Alabama should be done in the safest manner possible,” he said, explaining that the law in question “ensures that if a complication arises there is continuity of treatment between doctor and patient.”

“This ruling significantly diminishes those important protections,” he...READ MORE

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Thai Surrogacy Scandal: The Difference Between Begotten and Made (10544)


08/07/2014 Comments (28)
Apichart Weerawong/AP photo

Pattaramon Chanbua, right, kisses her baby boy Gammy at a hospital in Chonburi province, southeastern Thailand, on Aug. 3.

– Apichart Weerawong/AP photo

A surrogacy story has recently made headlines all over the world: David and Wendy Farnell, an Australian couple, contracted with a Thai woman, Pattharamon Janbua, to carry their in vitro fertilization (IVF)-created embryos. Pattharamon gave birth to twins, a boy with Down syndrome and a girl. The Farnells took the girl home to Australia and left the boy, named Gammy, in Thailand.

The Farnells say that they were told that Gammy was going to die, so they left him behind. It is telling that nowhere in the couple’s statements do they mention going back to get him. Pattharamon is now committed to raising Gammy as a part of her family. In an ominous twist to an already tragic predicament, David...READ MORE

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A 21st Century Knight, a Model of Chivalry; The Pope Francis Effect on Vatican Media and Much More! (3241)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

08/07/2014 Comment

Follow the A 21st Century Knight, a Model of Chivalry by David Clayton link to read more.

A 21st Century Knight, a Model of Chivalry by David Clayton - BigPulpit.com

The ‘Pope Francis Effect’ on Vatican Media – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture

A Father’s Blessing for a Girls Vocation – Lisa Shefferly-Gillay, Catholic Stand

Book Review: “7 Secrets of the Eucharist” by Vinny Flynn – Quartermaster of the Barque

When Priest Confessor Doesn’t Use Proper Form of Absolution via Fr. Z's Blog - BigPulpit.com

Spiritual Director or Shrink? How to Discern? – Fr. John Bartunek LC ThD, Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction

Heaven Is For Children – Victor Ajluni MD, Catholic Stand

Former ‘Guardian’ of Vatican Artworks Dies at 85 – Carol Glatz, The Catholic Herald

Choosing the Better Part –...READ MORE

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Obama Silent as ISIS Gains Ground and Iraqi Christians’ Hopes Fade (14451)

As Iraq’s religious minorities face a humanitarian crisis, their advocates in Washington say the Obama administration must provide a blueprint for relief, protection and resettlement.

08/06/2014 Comments (53)
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A displaced Iraqi Christian displays a tattoo of Christ on the cross in late June at St. Joseph’s Church in Erbil, Iraq.

– Spencer Platt/Getty Images

WASHINGTON — Over the past weekend, jihadist fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria — known as ISIS, ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) and most recently as IS (Islamic State) — fresh from their brutal expulsion of Christians from Mosul, swept into several northern Iraqi towns, including two with a large community of Yazidis, another religious minority with ancient roots.   

Before the close of the weekend, an estimated 200,000 Yazidis had left their homes in Sinjar for the mountains with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and a smaller group of Christians were also on the move, victims of the militants’ policy of religious cleansing.

The Washington Post has since...READ MORE

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