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Pope Francis Thanks Poland and Bergamo for the Gift of Two Saints (2147)

The Holy Father said their holiness continues to inspire the faithful today.

04/25/2014 Comment

VATICAN CITY — In messages to both residents of Poland and Bergamo, Pope Francis conveyed his gratitude for Blessed John Paul II and John XXIII, saying that their holiness continues to inspire the Church today.

“I thank the Polish people and the Church in Poland for the gift of John Paul II,” the Pope said in a video clip addressed to the Church in Poland, adding that “all of us have been enriched by this gift.”

Aired Thursday evening, the Holy Father’s message was shown on Polish television and radio, and it was sent alongside a letter.

In his opening words to the Polish people, Pope Francis relayed his joy in being able to canonize the two pontiffs this Sunday, Divine Mercy Sunday.


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Rome Girds for the Canonizations of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II (4329)

Upwards of 1 million pilgrims are expected to attend canonization ceremonies.

04/25/2014 Comments (2)
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The tapestry depicting Blessed Pope John XXIII hangs on the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica on April 25.

– Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

VATICAN CITY — Today is a public holiday in Italy: Shops are closed, parking spaces are plentiful, and Rome is unusually quiet.

It’s the calm before the storm of festivities for the historic canonizations of John XXIII and John Paul II on Sunday.

Over the past few weeks, the city has been hard at work repairing roads, sprucing up major thoroughfares and sealing off areas around the Vatican. A steady flow of pilgrims has been arriving all week, with the largest number coming from Poland. Five trainloads, 1,700 buses and 58 chartered planes of pilgrims have been arriving from John Paul II’s native land, as well as many others travelling from Bergamo, Italy, home to John XXIII.

No one knows...READ MORE

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Woman Cured by JPII’s Intercession Bringing Suitcase of Prayers to Rome (1889)

The miraculous healing of Floribeth Mora, a 50-year-old Costa Rican woman, paved the way for the canonization of John Paul II.

04/24/2014 Comment

Floribeth Mora

– YouTube

SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA — Floribeth Mora, the 50-year-old Costa Rican woman whose miraculous healing paved the way for the canonization of John Paul II, is taking to the Vatican a suitcase filled with handwritten letters for Pope Francis.

Mora was cured of a brain aneurysm in 2011, thanks to the intercession of the then-recently beatified John Paul II. The approval of this miracle allowed John Paul’s path to sainthood to move forward.

In statements to the newspaper La Razon, Mora said that she is preparing to travel to the Vatican to attend the canonization this Sunday and that “the most significant thing I am bringing is a suitcase with letters addressed to Pope Francis.”

“I know I am...READ MORE

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Gosnell’s List: Horror, Heroes and Hope (4275)

A team of journalists is racing against the clock to crowdfund a movie shedding light on America’s most notorious abortionist, a man they call America’s greatest serial killer.

04/24/2014 Comments (5)

WASHINGTON — In the Holocaust drama Schindler’s List, a little blonde girl in a red coat stands out as a powerful witness to the humanity of the Nazis’ victims.

A team of journalists behind the film Gosnell want audiences to see a little baby in a shoebox, a personal witness to the humanity of countless babies murdered by a man they call America’s greatest serial killer, Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

Ann McElhinney, Phelim McAleer and Magdalena Segieda have produced award-winning documentary films exposing baby-selling rings, as well as others critiquing environmentalist claims about global warming and natural-gas exploration, in 2013’s FrackNation.

Now, they’re funding a...READ MORE

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Arabic iBreviary a ‘Gateway’ to Religious Freedom (2031)

Father Paolo Padrini, a consultant with the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, said the Arabic version of the online breviary serves as an instrument of prayer, peace and religious liberty.

04/24/2014 Comment

ROME — Father Paolo Padrini, creator of the iBreviary application, said that part of his goal for the recent release of the program in Arabic is fostering religious freedom in countries persecuted for their faith.

“This, I feel, is a very useful service. It’s a gateway to religious freedom, an instrument of religious freedom or an instrument of prayer and also an instrument of peace,” Father Padrini told CNA on April 15.

Father Padrini is a parish priest in Tortona, northern Italy, and is a consultant with the Pontifical Council for Social Communications. He created the iBreviary application in 2008, which allows the faithful to pray the Liturgy of the Hours from wherever they are with...READ MORE

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Doubts Increase Over Pope’s Reported Phone Call on Divorce-Remarried Communion (3776)

The Vatican has not commented officially, but spokesman Father Federico Lombardi stressed that ‘consequences relating to the teaching of the Church are not to be inferred from these occurrences.’

04/24/2014 Comments (12)

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi


VATICAN CITY — Media frenzy over an alleged phone call Pope Francis made to a divorced-and-remarried woman about allowing her to receive Communion has seen a rise in conflicting details — and has been lamented by the Vatican as causing “confusion.”

Spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said today that the Holy See will not officially comment on the alleged phone call Pope Francis made to an Argentinian woman this week, as the Holy Father’s “personal pastoral” relationships “do not in any way form part of the Pope’s public activities.”

“That which has been communicated in relation to this matter,” he stressed in an April 24 statement, “and the consequent media amplification, cannot be...READ MORE

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John Paul II: Principal Teacher for Our Time (3109)


04/24/2014 Comments (6)
AP Photo/ Eric Draper

– AP Photo/ Eric Draper

In interviews during the mid-1990s with George Weigel for the definitive biography of Pope John Paul II, Witness to Hope, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger identified two distinguishing characteristics of John Paul’s intellectual work and pastoral approach: a “passion for man” and a capacity to “uncover the spiritual dimension of history.”

On the occasion of his canonization, it remains for the Church not only to celebrate John Paul’s holiness, but to gather up the vast riches of his papacy for the ongoing mission of the Church.

Using a favorite technique of the late Holy Father himself, one might take note of two anniversaries to draw attention to his passion for man and the spiritual dimension...READ MORE

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Stephen Colbert and The Death of Protestant America, Sacramental Marriage: Why Settle and Much More! (17087)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

04/24/2014 Comment

Follow the Stephen Colbert & The Death of Protestant America link by Joe Heschmeyer to read more.

Stephen Colbert & The Death of Protestant America by Joe Heschmeyer - BigPulpit.com

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On Barbarism &...READ MORE

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