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Holy Spirit’s ‘Surprises’ Pave the Way to Happiness, Pope Francis Says (5771)

God brings true fulfillment and true joy that we can’t find anywhere else, the Holy Father tells the throng gathered for Pentecost Mass.

05/20/2013 Comment
CNA/Stephen Driscoll

Pope Francis greets some of the cardinals who concelebrated Pentecost Mass with him.

– CNA/Stephen Driscoll

VATICAN CITY — Around 200,000 pilgrims packed St. Peter’s Square to celebrate Pentecost with Pope Francis, who called on them to be open to “God’s surprises” because they bring true happiness.

“This is not a question of novelty for novelty’s sake, the search for something new to relieve our boredom, as is so often the case in our own day,” the Pope said May 19.

“The newness which God brings into our life is something that actually brings fulfillment, that gives true joy, true serenity, because God loves us and desires only our good,” he stated.

Pope Francis gave his homily during a 10:30am Mass with Church movements and associations from Europe, Asia and Africa in St. Peter’s...READ MORE

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Pope Francis and the Holy Spirit (13109)

The Holy Father’s homilies provide a compelling invitation to seek the guidance of the third Person of the Trinity.

05/19/2013 Comments (7)
CNA / Stephan Driscoll

Pope Francis greets the crowd at his Wednesday audience on May 15.

– CNA / Stephan Driscoll

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis’ early-morning homilies in the Casa Santa Marta residence chapel  — often underreported — continue to challenge the faithful, and this past week was no exception.

On Monday, the Holy Father set the tone for the week leading up to Pentecost Sunday. He focused on the Holy Spirit who, he said, helps Christians remember the history of the faith and the gifts God has given. Without this grace, he said, the faithful risk slipping into idolatry.

Many Christians don’t know who the Holy Spirit is or what he is, he said, and the Holy Spirit “is always somewhat ‘the unknown’ of the faith.” And yet, he continued, the Holy Spirit is “God active in us” and “awakens our...READ MORE

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When Doctors Think You're a Liar, Pope Francis on Judas and Poverty, Drive-By Advice and More! (4486)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

05/18/2013 Comment

When Doctors Think You’re a Liar. Follow the link by Trent Horn of Catholic Answers website to read more.

When Doctors Think You’re a Liar by Trent Horn of Catholic Answers website - BigPulpit.com

Pope Francis on Judas and Poverty - Andrea Tornielli, La Stampa/Vatican Insider

Catholics, Marriage & the Supreme Court – Brianna Heldt, Ignitum Today

The Pope’s Financial Gospel and the Vatican Bank - John Thavis, Decoding the Vatican

Drive-By Advice – Paul McCusker, Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction

Ramifications of the New Normal - Fr. Z’s Blog

The News – Brianna Heldt, Catholic Stand

A Month-Long Immersion in Chant for Young Adults - Jennifer Donelson, The Chant Café

Best Photo of Pope Francis Yet – Tay. Marshall PhD, Canterbury Tales

Ye Olde Vegetable Patch: Mid-May 2013 -...READ MORE

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Gift of Knowledge Glorifies God Above All (5088)

COMMENTARY: A Register series on the gifts of the Holy Spirit

05/17/2013 Comments (5)

Detail of 'St. Paul Preaching in Athens' by Raphael


As we have seen, Scripture warns repeatedly of separating knowledge from the love of God and neighbor. But that is not because knowledge is bad. It’s because knowledge, like all powerful and good things such as fire, must be wielded with love or it will destroy. The good news is that, wielded with love, knowledge can be a huge and potent force for good.

So again and again, Scripture urges us to “know the Lord” and promises us that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14). We find that Solomon in the Book of Proverbs and elsewhere is interested in not only “religious” or “spiritual” knowledge but in...READ MORE

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Relations With China Affect Timing of Matteo Ricci Cause (2434)

His case was submitted to Rome last week, but the strained Vatican-China relationship could delay further developments for several years.

05/17/2013 Comments (2)

Father Matteo Ricci, painted in 1610 by Chinese Brother Emmanuel Pereira (born Yu Wen-hui).

– Wikipedia

VATICAN CITY — Approval for the beatification of the Italian Jesuit missionary Matteo Ricci, who ministered in China 500 years ago, depends to some degree on the Vatican’s relations with China.

“Part of the beatification depends on the political relations between China and the Vatican,” said Father Anton Witwer, the postulator of his cause.

“It’s possible to wait, even if all things are clear for a beatification, something like five years, to see if the political situation has changed and is more favorable for the cause,” he told EWTN News in a May 15 interview.

Jesuit Father Matteo Ricci was an expert in mathematics, cosmology and astronomy who helped spread the Gospel in China...READ MORE

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Is Violence a Right? (3375)


05/17/2013 Comments (9)

Hubert Horatio Humphrey was vice president of the United States from 1965 to 1969. At the dedication of the Hubert H. Humphrey Building in 1977 in Washington, he made the following comment:

“The moral test of government is how it treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the aged; and those in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.”

At that time, such a statement would not have provoked either dissention or controversy. It was a different era, one we may look back on with a feeling of nostalgia.

A decade later, Pope John Paul II saw fit to remind Americans of the moral ideal so eloquently expressed by...READ MORE

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‘Chasm’ Exists Between Pope Francis and Liberation Theology (7221)

Even though the Holy Father has been praised by liberation theologians, he has always disagreed with that interpretation of the Gospel, even at the cost of finding himself isolated.

05/17/2013 Comments (3)
Stephen Driscoll/CNA

Pope Francis during his general audience on May 15.

– Stephen Driscoll/CNA

ROME — Even though Pope Francis is deeply concerned for the poor and has been praised by liberation theologians, there is a stark divide between the Pope and them, according to a Vatican analyst.

“There is a chasm between the vision of the Latin-American liberation theologians and the vision of this Argentine Pope,” Sandro Magister wrote May 16 in the Italian publication L’Espresso.

This is despite perceptions that “when, just three days after his election as Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio called for ‘a Church that is poor and for the poor’; his admission among the ranks of the revolutionaries seemed like a done deal.”

Liberation theology developed in Latin America in the 1950s as a...READ MORE

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Pope’s Plan to Visit Bonaria Shrine Thrills Pastor (1953)

Pope Francis announced at the end of his May 15 general audience that he will travel to the city of Cagliari in September.

05/17/2013 Comment
EWTN News file photo

The statue of Our Lady of Bonaria

– EWTN News file photo

CAGLIARI, Italy — Father Giovannino Tolu said his heart began racing when he heard that Pope Francis will visit the shrine he oversees on the Italian island of Sardinia, making it the fourth time he has received a pope.

Pope Francis announced at the end of his May 15 general audience that he will travel to the city of Cagliari in September to venerate Our Lady of Bonaria at the basilica of the same name.

“Can’t you hear my heart going tick, tick, tick?” Father Tolu, the basilica’s pastor, asked in reaction to the Pope’s declaration.

“We still don’t know yet if Pope Francis will be here one day or if he will be here several days, because we just found out yesterday about this,”...READ MORE

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