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Old Irish Prophecy: Faith Will Nearly Die-Out, Then Reignite; Serpents and Doves and Much More! (5265)

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06/21/2014 Comment

Follow Old Irish Prophecy: Faith Will Nearly Die-Out, Then Reignite by Beverly Stevens link to read more.

Old Irish Prophecy: Faith Will Nearly Die-Out, Then Reignite by Beverly Stevens - BigPulpit.com

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Conn. Event Marks the Birth of Pro-Life Movement (3274)

Seventy-five years ago, Catholic priests facilitated the first state closing of an illegal contraceptive dispensary.

06/21/2014 Comments (5)

Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Waterbury, Conn.

– http://historicbuildingsct.com

WATERBURY, Conn. — On June 11, 1939, all 20 of the Catholic pastors in Waterbury, Conn., called for the closing of the city’s new, illegal contraceptive dispensary. A week later, authorities closed the dispensary, and they soon shuttered the other seven dispensaries in the state.

Waterbury Catholics hold the story up as a model for the way Catholics can and should be shaping their communities today.

They say the action of the Waterbury residents 75 years ago marked the start of the pro-life movement. The same forces that were opposed to their pro-life witness in Waterbury would later bring abortion to the mainstream in the United States.

A celebration marking the 75th anniversary of the...READ MORE

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Pope Appoints Bishop Mitchell Rozanski as New Springfield Shepherd (1923)

The installation Mass in the Massachusetts diocese will be celebrated Aug. 12.

06/20/2014 Comment
File Photo/CNA

Bishop Mitchell Rozanski

– File Photo/CNA

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Pope Francis on Thursday appointed Bishop Mitchell Rozanski, an auxiliary of the Baltimore Archdiocese, as the head of Massachusetts’ Diocese of Springfield. Bishop Rozanski accepted with gratitude.

“It is with deep gratitude to almighty God, to His Holiness, Pope Francis, and to our papal nuncio, Archbishop Vigano, that I accept His Holiness’ appointment to be the bishop of Springfield, Mass.,” Bishop Rozanski said June 19.

“I will remain forever grateful for the privilege to have ministered as priest and bishop in the Archdiocese of Baltimore for nearly 30 years. The formation and guidance that I have received from the dedicated archbishops, bishops, priests,...READ MORE

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Marriage Breakdown Threatens Society, Religious Leaders Stress (2556)

At the March for Marriage, participants highlighted the costs of defining marriage away from its traditional focus on the welfare of children.

06/20/2014 Comments (10)
Jason Calvi/EWTN

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone speaks with Archbishop Carlo Vigano, the apostolic nuncio to the United Sates, at the 2014 March for Marriage.

– Jason Calvi/EWTN

WASHINGTON — The redefinition of marriage and movement from its focus on children affects not only families but also entire communities and all of society, religious leaders warn.

“People see marriage as a relationship between adults rather than a man and a woman coming together to bond and produce children. Rather than being a child-centered institution, it’s an adult-centered institution,” Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco told CNA at the March for Marriage June 19.

This focus on adults rather than children leads to “broken families” and a host of other social struggles, the head of the U.S. bishops’ defense-and-promotion-of-marriage committee continued.

“We’ve known...READ MORE

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St. John Paul II Relic to Tour East Coast (3669)

The first stop will be Saturday in Boston.

06/20/2014 Comment
CNA/Lauren Cater

– CNA/Lauren Cater

BOSTON — A relic of St. John Paul II will begin a tour of the U.S. in Boston on Saturday, giving the Catholic faithful in several major cities the chance to venerate one of the Church’s newest saints.

Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston said St. John Paul II “meant so much to the people of the Archdiocese of Boston and around the world, enlivening in them the presence of God’s grace and love.”

The relic, a vial of St. John Paul II’s blood, will be displayed for veneration at Boston’s Holy Cross Cathedral June 21 from 3 to 4:30pm and after the 4:30pm anticipated Mass.

On June 22, veneration of the relic will take place after the 11:30am Mass, said by Cardinal O’Malley.

“We pray that those...READ MORE

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Ratzinger Prize Honorees Reflect Intellectual Vitality, Cardinal Says (1909)

Female Scripture scholar and Polish monsignor are the 2014 recipients.

06/20/2014 Comment
CNA/Daniel Ibanez

Cardinal Camillo Ruini, vicar general emeritus of the Diocese of Rome, speaks at the June 17 press conference on the Ratzinger Prize.

– CNA/Daniel Ibanez

VATICAN CITY — Cardinal Camillo Ruini praised the two winners of the 2014 Ratzinger Prize for their academic accomplishments and their commitment to the faith.

At a June 17 press conference announcing the prizes, the vicar general emeritus of the Diocese of Rome, said Scripture professor Anne-Marie Pelletier is a person of “great importance” in French Catholicism today, saying she “brings together an earned scientific prestige with a great and versatile cultural vitality and a genuine dedication to causes very important for Christian witness in society.”

He praised Msgr. Waldemar Chrostowski, a Polish biblical scholar, for combining “academic rigor with passion for the word of God in...READ MORE

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‘Fortnight for Freedom’ Issues a Call to Serve (4760)

The Church’s service to the poor and vulnerable, and leadership by laypeople in promoting religious liberty, feature prominently in this year’s event.

06/20/2014 Comments (1)

– YouTube/USCCB

BALTIMORE — The “Fortnight for Freedom” has launched into its third year in the United States. But the two weeks of the year dedicated by the U.S. bishops to religious liberty have made the greatest impact in places where laymen and women have seized the initiative with the support of their bishops behind them.

Hillary Byrnes, an attorney for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Ad Hoc Committee on Religious Freedom, told the Register that the levels of participation in 2014’s Fortnight for Freedom (from June 21 to July 4) are on track to match the past two years. At least 80% of the dioceses from all over the country are participating, according to the latest USCCB figures.


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Bishop Schneider: We are in the Fourth Great Crisis of the Catholic Church; How to Forgive and More! (4511)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

06/20/2014 Comment

Follow Bishop Athanasius Schneider: We Are in Fourth Great Crisis of the Catholic Church by Sarah Atkinson to read more.

Bishop Athanasius Schneider: We Are in Fourth Great Crisis of the Catholic Church by Sarah Atkinson - BigPulpit.com

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Slender Man Stabbing: Five Things You...READ MORE

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