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Interfaith Women’s Group Begs U.N. to Aid Middle-East Victims of Violence (1967)

Members of the Council for Interfaith Dialogue in the Archdiocese of Lahore, Pakistan, gathered Aug. 26 for a prayer service.

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CNA/CFID/Archdiocese of Lahore

The Interfaith Women's group in Lahore held a candlelight prayer service for victims of violence in Iraq and Gaza.

– CNA/CFID/Archdiocese of Lahore

LAHORE, Pakistan — An interreligious women’s group in Pakistan has appealed to the United Nations to offer support and protection for those suffering in Iraq and Gaza.

Organized under the patronage of the Council for Interfaith Dialogue in the Archdiocese of Lahore, Pakistan, an organization of more than 50 women — including lay and religious — gathered Aug. 26 for a special prayer service, offered for the deceased Christians and Muslims in Iraq and Gaza.

Franciscan Father Francis Nadeem, national coordinator of the Council for Interfaith Dialogue, led the prayer service. He was joined by Advocate Shabnam Nagi, chairwoman of the women’s wing of the council.

The interfaith women’s group...READ MORE

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The Fall Into Heresy of the CTSA, The Stillbirth of Science in Greece, The Inquisition and More! (3869)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Pope Francis: Learn From Jesus' Rebuke of Peter (2085)

In his Sunday Angelus, the Holy Father exhorted the faithful to change the world through their faith.

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CNA file photo

– CNA file photo

VATICAN CITY — Christians must avoid the temptation to conform to the world, Pope Francis cautioned Aug. 31, stressing that they should instead allow their faith to transform the world around them.

“Christians live in the world, fully integrated into the social and cultural reality of our time, and rightly so,” the Pope said in his reflection at the Sunday Angelus.

However, “this carries with it the risk that we might become ‘worldly,’ that ‘the salt might lose its flavor,’” as the Gospel of Matthew warns.

Pope Francis spoke to those gathered in the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square at noon. As he does each week, the Holy Father offered a reflection on the Sunday Gospel before reciting...READ MORE

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An Open Letter From Ukraine’s Catholic Primate (8460)

His Beatitude Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk, head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, writes ‘on the very difficult situation in Ukraine.’

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Wikimedia Commons

– Wikimedia Commons

Editor’s Note: The letter has been edited for style.

To the Catholic Episcopal Conferences,

То the World’s Religious and Political Leaders,

To All People of Goodwill:

For nine months, Ukrainians have been on an arduous pilgrimage from post-Soviet fear to freedom and God-given dignity. Traumatized by the 20th-century world wars, brown and red totalitarianism and genocide, they seek a just society and a democratic European future.

With patience, endurance and great human sacrifice, they overcame in February the brutal regime of Victor Yanukovych. This moral triumph was answered in March by Russia’s territorial annexation of Crimea. Now, for months, the country endures foreign supported...READ MORE

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St. Padre Pio's Five Point Rule of Life; St. Toribio de Mogrovegjo: Apostle of Peru and More! (4021)

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God Has a Flare for the Dramatic (13657)

COMMENTARY: A harmless solar event last year was the most powerful storm on the sun in more than 150 years. If it happened a week earlier, scientists say it would have set the earth back to the Middle ages.

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NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

– NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has recently disclosed that two years ago, on July 23, 2012, planet Earth almost plunged into global catastrophe.

On that date, a solar flare — better known in scientific parlance as a “coronal mass ejection” (CME) — came close to hitting the Blue Planet and disabling electrical appliances everywhere, thereby causing a widespread global blackout. It was the most powerful storm on the sun in more than 150 years.

Had it flared up just a week earlier, Earth, according to scientists, would have been directly in its line of fire. As a result, it would have sent the planet back to the Middle Ages. Just 10 minutes without electricity,...READ MORE

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Censoring Saint Therese of Lisieux: Five Things Unknown about the Little Flower; Crybaby and More! (4152)

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Ophelia’s Funeral: Suicide and The Church – Thomas L....READ MORE

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When Reagan and Ratzinger Teamed Up on Faith and Hope (7946)

COMMENTARY: Thirty years ago, the duo wrote words of wisdom worth paying attention to today.

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Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI almost a year after the June 2004 death of Ronald Reagan.

I don’t know if Ratzinger and Reagan ever met, though there’s a chance they did during one of Reagan’s visits to the Vatican to meet with Pope John Paul II, especially his first and most prominent visit, in June 1982.

Beginning then, Reagan got to know John Paul II well and admired him greatly. The two forged a friendship, a partnership, and even found a notable degree of spiritual harmony, despite their theological differences as a Protestant and a Catholic.

In truth, those differences were not vast. Ronald Reagan was not only remarkably pro-Catholic, but also strikingly Catholic...READ MORE

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