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Pope Francis Grants Live Radio Interview to Argentinean Station (1434)

In the 20-minute interview, the Pope encouraged young people to respond to God’s call to selfless love through their vocations to religious or family life.

08/12/2014 Comment
Daniel Ibáñez/CNA

– Daniel Ibáñez/CNA

VATICAN CITY — In a 20-minute live interview on an Argentinean radio station on Aug. 8, Pope Francis encouraged young people to fearlessly answer God’s call to selfless love through a vocation.

“Each person has a role; each person has a job to do, a vocation,” the Pope said. “Pray that God sends workers to the harvest, that he sends shepherds.”

“Young people who feel the call of Jesus should not be afraid,” he continued, explaining that life is “not for achieving gains. Life is for giving it away.”

“If someone is feeling that God is asking him to give his life in the priesthood, he should not be afraid. We need to gamble on big things, not on little ones. And if he feels that Jesus is...READ MORE

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Alliance Defending Freedom: First Amendment Protects School Choice (2280)

The religious-freedom-defending legal organization has filed a brief in a Colorado lawsuit involving the Diocese of Colorado Springs and a number of Christian schools and universities.

08/12/2014 Comment
Diocese of Arlington

– Diocese of Arlington

DENVER — Faith-based schools should not be excluded from Colorado’s educational-choice programs, according to a brief filed by attorneys in a case that is due to be heard by the state Supreme Court.

“School districts have a responsibility to provide the best educational choices for parents and their children without discriminating against religious options,” commented Gregory Baylor, senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, in an Aug. 5 statement.

Baylor affirmed that religious schools in Colorado “provide an excellent education that meets all state standards. They should continue to be welcomed into programs like this one so that students, the community and the government will all...READ MORE

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Pope Sends Video Message to Korea Before Trip (1581)

In advance of his visit this week, the Holy Father greeted Koreans and offered special encouragement to young and elderly people.

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– en.radiovaticana.va

VATICAN CITY — Amid preparations for his trip to South Korea this week, Pope Francis has sent a video message greeting the people of the country and offering special encouragement to youth and the elderly.

The Pope recalled the words of Isaiah, “Arise; shine!”

He reflected that “it is the Lord who invites you to receive his light, to welcome it in the heart, to reflect it in a life full of faith, of hope and of love, full of the joy of the Gospel.”

Noting that his trip coincides with the sixth World Asian Youth Day, the Pope said that he “will bring the Lord’s call, particularly to the youth.”

“The youth are bearers of hope and of energy for the future, but they are also victims of the...READ MORE

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Robin Williams RIP (13467)

There really was no one comparable to the mercurial genius.

08/12/2014 Comments (35)

In the flood of commentary and sorrow surrounding the death of Robin Williams, apparently by suicide, so many are struggling over what to say about a man who seemed never to be at a loss for words. 

Not many people who have ever worked in Hollywood were as starkly in a class by themselves as Williams. You can compare what Meryl Streep or Daniel Day-Lewis do to the work of other actors; you can’t really compare Williams to anyone. Not when he was doing what he did best. Steven Spielberg’s phrase “a lightning storm of comic genius” captures that sense of Williams as a force of nature, explosive, unpredictable, one flash of inspiration followed by another seemingly without interruption. If he...READ MORE

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Report: Planned Parenthood May Defraud U.S. Taxpayers (4365)

Alliance Defending Freedom’s third annual audit suggested that Planned Parenthood practices ‘resulted in losses to the American taxpayer of more than $115 million’ from health-care funding programs.

08/12/2014 Comment

– alliancedefendfingfreedom.org

WASHINGTON — A report investigating audits of Planned Parenthood claims to show that the national abortion provider’s practices may have led to the loss of more than $100 million of taxpayer money.

Publicly available audits and testimonies from former employees “strongly suggest that Planned Parenthood affiliates systematically take advantage of ‘overbilling’ opportunities to maximize revenues,” Alliance Defending Freedom said in its 2014 report, “Profit, No Matter What.”

The report, which is Alliance Defending Freedom’s third annual report on the abortion-performing corporation, examined 44 external audits of Planned Parenthood as well as 51 federal audits of state family-planning...READ MORE

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Vatican Permits Maryknoll Father Miguel d’Escoto to Celebrate Mass Again (8401)

NEWS ANALYSIS: St. John Paul II suspended the liberation theology-inspired priest in 1985.

08/12/2014 Comments (34)
UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

Maryknoll Father Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, President of the sixty-third session of the UN General Assembly, at a press conference Nov. 11, 2008.

– UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

MANAGUA, Nicaragua — In 1985, then-Pope John Paul II ordered the suspension of the priestly ministry of Maryknoll Father Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, who served as the foreign minister of the Sandinista-led Nicaragua government in violation of canon law, which bars priests from holding political office.

Almost three decades later, on Aug. 5, Vatican Radio reported that Father d’Escoto, 81, had requested that he be allowed to say Mass again “before dying,” and Pope Francis approved his request.

The letter from the Vatican that agreed to the priest’s request was signed by Cardinal Fernando Filoni, prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples.

“The Holy Father has given his...READ MORE

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How Christians Can Rebuild Our Culture, Seven Great Saint Quotes on Holiness and Much More! (3035)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

08/12/2014 Comments (1)

Follow the How Christians Can Rebuild Our Culture by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput OFM Cap link to read more.

How Christians Can Rebuild Our Culture by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput OFM Cap - BigPulpit.com

10 Commandments of Reverence for the Holy Sacrament – Msgr. Charles Mangan

Seven Reasons Christianity Most Persecuted Religion in World – Laura McAlister, Ignitum Today

How to Stay Married 10 Years & Then Some – Karee Santos, Can We Cana?

The West Must See Evil That Has Revealed Itself in the Iraq Genocide - BigPulpit.com

Seven Great Saint Quotes on Holiness – Jean M. Heimann, Catholic Fire

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Five Books for the Catholic Mom’s Soul – Sarah Babbs, Catholic Lane

The Demon Wolves of ISIS: Ancient Assyria Reborn –...READ MORE

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Canadian Student Missionaries Teach the Faith on Campus (2770)

Catholic Christian Outreach brings peers and parishes closer to Christ.

08/11/2014 Comments (2)
Catholic Christian Outreach

Catholic Christian Outreach's ‘Summer Impact’ mission team in Victoria, British Columbia.

– Catholic Christian Outreach

VICTORIA, British Columbia — For 25 years, Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO), a university missionary apostolate inspired by evangelical Protestant groups such as Campus Crusade for Christ, and its missionaries, have been bringing to Canadian campuses — and parishes — Catholic truths about the sacraments and especially the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

The group’s message to university students is that life in Christ can bring great freedom, while the ostensibly liberated campus culture of unrestricted sex, drugs and alcohol is the way to slavery.

“In a world that is searching for something tangible to believe in,” said CCO missionary Mark Dumbrique, 20, “you can’t have...READ MORE

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