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Missouri Business Granted Injunction Against HHS Mandate (4003)

The company’s Catholic owner says the contraceptive mandate violates his religious freedom by forcing him to provide insurance coverage for morally objectionable drugs and procedures.

11/29/2012 Comments (9)

ST. LOUIS  — A federal appeals court on Nov. 28 granted a Catholic business owner in Missouri an injunction against the Department of Health and Human Services' mandate that he says violates his religious freedom by forcing him to provide insurance coverage for morally objectionable drugs and procedures.

“The order sends a message that the religious beliefs of employers must be respected by the government,” said Francis Manion, senior counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice.

The center is representing Frank O’Brien and his St. Louis-based business O’Brien Industrial Holdings, LLC, which operates many businesses in ceramic materials exploration, mining and processing.


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Artist Praises Family as He Receives Vatican Award (2247)

The father of six says that if he has a masterpiece, ‘it would for sure be my family.’

11/29/2012 Comment

– davidlopezribes.com

VATICAN CITY — Artist David Lopez Ribes noted the importance of his wife and children in his life as he received the award in the category of painting from the Pontifical Academies at the Vatican.

The Spanish father of six told Catholic News Agency after the Nov. 21 event that although he does not have one particular masterpiece among his work, “If there were one, it would for sure be my family.”

Lopez Ribes is a multidisciplinary artist devoted to painting, sculpture and video art; he is collaborating with Kiko Arguello — the founder of the Neocatecumenal Way — on an aesthetics project for liturgical spaces around the world.

He said a large part of his work “is putting this at the...READ MORE

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Interfaith Leaders: Dialogue Helps Overcome Secularism (2682)

Dialogue between faiths ‘can serve our nation and the world in ways that professional diplomats cannot,’ said auxiliary Bishop Barry Knestout of Washington.

11/29/2012 Comments (3)

Auxiliary Bishop Barry Knestout

– Archdiocese of Washington

WASHINGTON — Participants at a recent interfaith conference in the nation's capital discussed how interreligious dialogue can play an important role in establishing peace and fighting secularization in America.

Dialogue between faiths “can serve our nation and the world in ways that professional diplomats cannot,” said auxiliary Bishop Barry Knestout of Washington, who delivered the keynote address at the event.

He explained that a shared “commitment to an authentic and robust dialogue will foster understanding and peaceful coexistence.”

Held Nov. 10 at St. Paul’s College in Washington, the “Generations of Faith” conference was the second of its kind sponsored by the U.S. Conference...READ MORE

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Brother Joseph of Molokai, Begin the Apocalypse, a Music Set Apart and Much More! (991)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

11/29/2012 Comment

Brother Joseph of Molokai. Click on the link y Br. Daniel “Bruno” J. Heisey, O.S.B., to read more of this fascinating worker for Christ.

Brother Joseph of Molokai – Br. Daniel “Bruno” J. Heisey OSB, On The Square

Begin the Apocalypse! by Elizabeth Scalia of First ThingsBig Pulpit

A Music Set Apart – Jeffrey A. Tucker, Crisis Magazine

Abortion C. E. O. Admits Fewer Abortions after Sonogram Law – Rachel Bohannon, Texas Right to Life

Pre-Marital Counseling - J. Q. Tomanek, Ignitum Today

A Practical Guide to Exploring the Signs of Heaven at Home – Carl E. Olson, Ignatius Insight Scoop

Adventhology – Dorian Speed, Dappled Things

Franciscan University Changes Course Description – The Cardinal Newman Society Blog/Campus Notes

Requiem, St. Gregory’s, Cheltenham – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

Baby-Boom...READ MORE

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New York Archdiocese Could Close 26 Schools (3283)

More than 5,000 of the 50,000 students in local Catholic schools could be affected.

11/29/2012 Comments (6)

NEW YORK — The Archdiocese of New York has announced that 26 of its 159 elementary schools are at risk of closing this June, affecting more than 5,000 of the 50,000 students in local Catholic schools.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York regretted the “very somber news” on his blog, The Gospel in the Digital Age.

“I dread this! I’d rather be opening new schools, not closing some!” he wrote Nov. 28.

The cardinal expressed sorrow to those whose schools had closed, especially individuals who had just changed schools after previous closures. However, he encouraged parents to enroll their children in other nearby Catholic schools that are “eager to welcome every student from a closing...READ MORE

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Support for Teen Emergency-Contraception Access Deemed ‘Foolish’ (1562)

Medical experts and pro-life advocates warn that distribution of these drugs will promote risky behaviors and that the drugs have abortifacient effects and could harm girls who use them.

11/29/2012 Comments (3)

DENVER — Doctors and pro-life advocates warn that the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendation of emergency contraceptives for teenage girls promotes unwise and “risky behaviors.”

“It is beyond belief that the AAP would make this statement, which is not in the best interest of teens … but in fact encourages them to initiate sexual activity and to do more risky behaviors. It’s very foolish,” pro-life obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Donna Harrison told Catholic News Agency on Nov. 27.

A policy statement released Nov. 26 by the American Academy of Pediatrics aims to “encourage routine counseling and advance emergency-contraception prescription as one part of a public-health strategy...READ MORE

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Atlanta Falcons’ Coach Has a Special Team at Home (5428)

Special-teams coach Eric Sutulovich speaks of his journey of faith.

11/29/2012 Comments (3)
Atlanta Falcons

– Atlanta Falcons

When he went away to college nearly 20 years ago, Eric Sutulovich thought he had found a good crowd to hang out with. The name of the group made it sound like he would fit right in, since it included three important aspects of his life: Christianity, athletics and camaraderie. However, there was one large problem with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Those in the group weren’t shy about telling him that, as a Catholic, he was going to hell.

Sutulovich knew they were wrong, but couldn’t explain why in detail. It wasn’t until a few years later that he would be able to do that, in large part because of Catholic Answers Live, the popular radio program. This was the springboard for...READ MORE

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Catholics United vs. the Knights of Columbus, Gifts for Musicians and Priests and Much More! (2833)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

11/29/2012 Comment

Catholics United v. The Knights of Columbus. Follow the link by Kieran Raval to read more.

Catholics United v. The Knights of Columbus by Kieran Raval - Big Pulpit

Gifts for Musicians and Priests – Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

The Church is No Enemy of Science or the Infertile – Chelsea Zimmerman, Ignitum Today

Laudamus Te, The Magazine of the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Liturgy of the Roman Rite – Fr. Z's Blog

Endgame (Luke 21:25-38) - Fr. John Bartunek, Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction

Ad Orientem in Veneto – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

The Forgotten Men and Women of America – Bonchamps, The American Catholic

Is “Same-Sex Marriage” Inevitable? – Carl E. Olson, The CWR Blog

A Rational Basis for Marriage between One Man and One Woman – Bill...READ MORE

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