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Pope Francis: ‘Excommunicated’ Mafia Adore Evil and Must Be Fought (3713)

The Holy Father went into mafia-controlled Calabria to say adoring Jesus in the Eucharist is key to fighting evil and injustice.

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Sabrina Fusco/CNA

– Sabrina Fusco/CNA

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis made a day trip Saturday into Italy’s Calabria region, a fearsome mafia stronghold, where he denounced the crime lords and their servants as “excommunicated” and “adorers of evil,” during his evening Mass homily, condemning them for their dishonesty and violence.

“When adoration of the Lord is substituted by adoration of money, the road to sin opens to personal interest. ... When one does not adore the Lord, one becomes an adorer of evil, like those who live by dishonesty and violence,” Pope Francis said June 21 at the outdoor Mass in Sibari, Italy.

“Your land, so beautiful, knows the signs of the consequences of this sin. The Ndrangheta [Calabrian mafia] is...READ MORE

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God’s Immeasurable Love Transforms Lives, Pope Francis Tells Pilgrims (2660)

The Holy Father said, 'Every time that we participate in holy Mass and we are nourished by the body of Christ, the presence of Jesus and of the Holy Spirit acts in us, shaping our hearts, communicating interior attitudes to us that translate into behaviors according to the Gospel.'

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VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis stressed the limitless nature of God’s love that transforms the heart and life of every Christian in his Sunday Angelus on June 22.

“One cannot measure the love of God. It is without measure. And so we become capable of loving even those who don’t love us: And this is not easy,” the Pope said to the crowds gathered in St. Peter’s Square.

His reflections followed Sunday’s reading from the Gospel of John in which Jesus proclaims himself to be the “living Bread sent from heaven.”

The Christian community’s union with Jesus in the Eucharist, underscored Pope Francis, “obliges us, his disciples, to imitate him, making our existence [like his] with our attitudes,...READ MORE

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Archbishop Sheen’s Reported Miracle Gets Second Vatican Approval (17482)

A commission of seven theologians confirms the miracle credited to his intercession as genuine and supernatural.

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PEORIA, Ill. — Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen received a second major affirmative in less than four months in the step to beatification. On June 17, the Diocese of Peoria, Ill., again heard from the Vatican that its commission of seven theologians examining a reported miracle through Archbishop Sheen’s intercession confirmed it as genuine and supernatural.

Previously in March, the Vatican’s panel of seven medical experts unanimously affirmed that the reported miracle credited to his intercession is genuine.

“The commission met that afternoon in Rome, and after their deliberations, our postulator called me to deliver the good news to Bishop Jenky,” said Msgr. Stanley Deptula of this...READ MORE

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The Candidate Was Simply Too Catholic, 12 Things Catholic Fathers Want To Tell You and Much More! (3861)

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06/23/2014 Comment

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Healing the Body of Christ, How to Be a Hero to the Long-Suffering, The Grace of Pain and Much More! (2893)

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06/22/2014 Comment

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Old Irish Prophecy: Faith Will Nearly Die-Out, Then Reignite; Serpents and Doves and Much More! (5239)

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06/21/2014 Comment

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Conn. Event Marks the Birth of Pro-Life Movement (3241)

Seventy-five years ago, Catholic priests facilitated the first state closing of an illegal contraceptive dispensary.

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Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Waterbury, Conn.

– http://historicbuildingsct.com

WATERBURY, Conn. — On June 11, 1939, all 20 of the Catholic pastors in Waterbury, Conn., called for the closing of the city’s new, illegal contraceptive dispensary. A week later, authorities closed the dispensary, and they soon shuttered the other seven dispensaries in the state.

Waterbury Catholics hold the story up as a model for the way Catholics can and should be shaping their communities today.

They say the action of the Waterbury residents 75 years ago marked the start of the pro-life movement. The same forces that were opposed to their pro-life witness in Waterbury would later bring abortion to the mainstream in the United States.

A celebration marking the 75th anniversary of the...READ MORE

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Pope Appoints Bishop Mitchell Rozanski as New Springfield Shepherd (1907)

The installation Mass in the Massachusetts diocese will be celebrated Aug. 12.

06/20/2014 Comment
File Photo/CNA

Bishop Mitchell Rozanski

– File Photo/CNA

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Pope Francis on Thursday appointed Bishop Mitchell Rozanski, an auxiliary of the Baltimore Archdiocese, as the head of Massachusetts’ Diocese of Springfield. Bishop Rozanski accepted with gratitude.

“It is with deep gratitude to almighty God, to His Holiness, Pope Francis, and to our papal nuncio, Archbishop Vigano, that I accept His Holiness’ appointment to be the bishop of Springfield, Mass.,” Bishop Rozanski said June 19.

“I will remain forever grateful for the privilege to have ministered as priest and bishop in the Archdiocese of Baltimore for nearly 30 years. The formation and guidance that I have received from the dedicated archbishops, bishops, priests,...READ MORE

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