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Catholic Dating in the Bible Belt, Unraveling Saint Buddha, Choice and Repercussion and Much More! (4370)

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07/29/2013 Comment

Catholic Dating in the Bible Belt. Follow the link by Shane Schaetzel of Catholic In The Ozarks blog to read more.

Catholic Dating in the Bible Belt by Shane Schaetzel of Catholic In The Ozarks blog - BigPulpit.com

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We Need More Babies, It’s a Stark Economic Fact – Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald

Have Catholics ‘Contracepted’ Away Their Schools? – Catholic Education Daily

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Not This Family...READ MORE

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Poles Thrilled to Hear Next World Youth Day in Krakow (3350)

Pope Francis announced that WYD 2016 will be in Blessed John Paul II’s former archdiocese.

07/28/2013 Comments (4)
Estefania Aguirre

Polish pilgrims celebrate after hearing the news that the next World Youth Day will be in Krakow.

– Estefania Aguirre

Young Polish men and women gathered in Rio rejoiced at Pope Francis’ announcement that Krakow, Poland, will host the next World Youth Day in the summer of 2016.

“I haven’t got words; I don’t know what to say,” said Hanna Banas, 25.

“We had heard it could be in Poland, but we weren’t sure,” she told Catholic News Agency.

She was with a group gathered among the 3 million youths at Copacabana beach July 28 for Mass with Pope Francis. The final Mass was the capstone of the world’s biggest Catholic youth gathering, which witnessed five days of celebrations.

After the Pope announced World Youth Day would be held in Krakow, thousands of Poles who were scattered across Copacabana cheered...READ MORE

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Pilgrims From the East See Struggle, Sacrifice as Key to WYD Joy (3165)

Some young people traveled more than 50 hours to arrive in Rio de Janeiro.

07/28/2013 Comments (1)
Chris Kudialis

Redemptoris Mater Seminarians Jose Angel Garcia (left), 36, of Mexico stands with Gabriel Camacho, 23, of Guam.

– Chris Kudialis

Angela Joseph, 30, from Pune, India, is a proud Catholic.

Considering that 2% of residents in her home country practice Christianity, that says something.

Add to that the tragedy she has overcome during the past decade, and Joseph’s faith is nothing short of remarkable.

Joseph lost her father, fiancé and mother in a span of eight years. Her father, Ajay, was the first to pass away, in 2004, after a long battle with leukemia. In 2007, her fiancé died of a major heart attack, just two months before they were to marry.

But perhaps her mother’s battle with cancer was what inspired Joseph most in her faith.

In 2008, Shreya Joseph, just 58 at the time, was diagnosed with lung cancer,...READ MORE

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Don’t Stay ‘Locked Up’ in Your Parish or Movement, Pope Exhorts (3886)

Pope Francis told an estimated 3 million people on Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana beach July 28 to 'go' and 'bring Christ into every area of life.'

07/28/2013 Comments (6)

Pope Francis arrives at Forte Copa on his way to the closing Mass of World Youth Day at Copacabana beach.

Christians are called to be disciples of Jesus with a mission, going out from their small circles to make disciples of all nations, Pope Francis taught today during the closing Mass of World Youth Day.

“Jesus is speaking to each one of us, saying: ‘It was wonderful to take part in World Youth Day, to live the faith together with young people from the four corners of the earth, but now you must go; now you must pass on this experience to others,’” Pope Francis told the crowd of pilgrims on Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana beach July 28 during his homily for the Mass for the Evangelization of Peoples.

The first need for evangelization is to “go,” Pope Francis taught. “During these days here...READ MORE

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Our Marching Orders (5038)

Pope Francis has touched the hearts of all and sent us forth, 'Go, do not be afraid, and serve.'

07/28/2013 Comments (1)

On Copacabana beach in Rio, Father John Paul Zeller interviews pilgrims for 'Life on the Rock.'


The week leading up to World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro has been full of surprises.  Our small band of 12 from EWTN embarked on a journey that has touched and, I dare say, shaken each of us to the core. We have been surprised not merely by some significant changes in events, or witnessing up close the Pope’s warmth and gestures, which have become a kind of “Francis trademark,” but the real surprise is how each of our own hearts have been deeply touched by Pope Francis' message to the youth from every continent gathered here in Brazil.

The theme, “Go, and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19) is a Gospel text meant for each and every Christian, not merely for the young. In his...READ MORE

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The Field of Faith Is Your Own Heart, Pope Tells WYD Pilgrims (3019)

Pope Francis addressed a crowd of 3 million pilgrims at the Saturday night prayer vigil.

07/28/2013 Comment
Jill Sanders/ EWTN

Pope Francis arriving to the media center at Forte Copa on Copacabana beach as he makes his way to the prayer vigil July 27.

– Jill Sanders/ EWTN

Pope Francis told the crowd of pilgrims at World Youth Day's Saturday night prayer vigil that the “field of faith” is found in their own hearts, which Christ wishes to till.

“This, dear young people, means that the real ‘Campus Fidei,’ the field of faith, is your own heart; it is your life,” the Pope told the pilgrims gathered in Rio de Janeiro at the beginning of a vigil July 27. The prayer vigil was held on Copacabana beach rather than “Campus Fidei” in Guaratiba, which was rained out.

He stressed that the deepest meaning of “Campus Fidei” is not a geographical place, like the massive plain east of Rio that was closed to pilgrims after heavy rains. Rather, the field of faith is,...READ MORE

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Religion Is ‘Leaven’ in Society, Pope Tells Brazil’s Leaders (3307)

Pope Francis met July 27 with Brazilian political, cultural, educational and business leaders gathered at Rio de Janeiro’s municipal theater.

07/27/2013 Comments (2)

Pope Francis addresses Brazilian leaders in Rio de Janeiro July 27.


Pope Francis told representatives of Brazil’s leadership this morning that governments should affirm the value of religion in society so that religions can contribute to open dialogue in the public square.

“Peaceful coexistence between different religions is favored by the laicity of the state, which ... respects and esteems the presence of the religious factor in society, while fostering its concrete expressions,” the Pope said July 27 to Brazilian leaders gathered at Rio de Janeiro’s ornate municipal theater.

He said the great religious traditions “play a fruitful role as a leaven of society and a life-giving force for democracy.”

Pope Francis’ audience included political,...READ MORE

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Piety: the Perfection of Religion (3601)

COMMENTARY: A Register series on the gifts of the Holy Spirit

07/27/2013 Comment

The sixth of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit we receive in the sacrament of confirmation is piety. Piety is one of those “religious” words that people tend to tune out. Sometimes, we tune them out because they sound too false (“Look at that smug hypocrite. She’s so pious!”).

Or, then again, we dislike other religious words because, conversely, they sound harsh, forbidding, abstract and out of touch with human need and frailty. The chief of these religious words is, well, “religion.” So we hear frequently the old saw, “I’m not religious. I just love the Lord!”

The notion behind this is that “religion” is the sterile performance of meaningless rites, the memorization of cold and...READ MORE

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