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Pope Personally Greets Rome March for Life Participants (4971)

The second annual event drew double the number of marchers than last year, it was estimated.

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Edward Pentin

Participants in the May 12 March for Life in Rome move past the Colosseum.

– Edward Pentin

ROME — Rome’s second annual March for Life, which took place yesterday, attracted approximately double the number of participants compared to last year and concluded with Pope Francis personally greeting the marchers as they arrived at the Vatican.

Estimates of between 30,000 to 40,000 people attended the pro-life event, which began at 9am at the Colosseum and ended at noon about a mile away, at Castel Sant’Angelo near the Vatican, in time for the Pope’s Regina Coeli prayer.

The aim of the march is to affirm the sanctity of all human life, rally all people of good will to defend the right to life and urge others to denounce in politics and culture all legislation that is against the...READ MORE

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Canada's Pro-Life March Reflects Growing Movement (1936)

Tens of thousands of Canadians stand up for life at the country's 16th annual March for Life.

05/13/2013 Comment
CNA/Courtesy Peter Baklinski of LifeSiteNews.com

March for Life 2013 in Ottawa, Canada.

– CNA/Courtesy Peter Baklinski of LifeSiteNews.com

OTTAWA, Canada — The 16th National March for Life drew to Ottawa thousands of pro-life Canadians who advocated legal protections for all unborn people, with a special focus this year on sex-selective abortion.

“The culture of life is alive, it’s loud, and it’s growing,” Matt Wojciechowski, spokesman for the Campaign Life Coalition, told Catholic News Agency.

“The march was an amazing, amazing event,” he added. “It was very inspiring to see the never-ending crowds.”

Between 20,000 and 25,000 pro-life advocates gathered on Parliament Hill in the Canadian capital on May 9.

The youth contingent was “definitely a large presence,” Wojciechowski said, estimating that about 90% of...READ MORE

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Abuse Report Finds Six Credible Allegations Against Clergy in 2012 (8980)

The latest report on child protection in the U.S. Catholic Church found a total of six credible allegations of abuse of minors by diocesan clergy in 2012, with a 20% decrease in the numbers of new credible abuse allegations about incidents in the past 60 years.

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(Editor's note: Yesterday's original story reported 11 credible allegations. The number is actually six. The story has been amended to reflect that number.)

WASHINGTON — The latest report on child protection in the U.S. Catholic Church found a total of six credible allegations of abuse of minors by diocesan clergy in 2012, with a 20% decrease in the numbers of new credible abuse allegations about incidents in the past 60 years.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, the U.S. bishops’ conference president, said in reaction to the report that Catholic bishops renew their “steadfast resolution” not to lessen their commitment to protect children and young people.

“We seek with equal...READ MORE

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A Truly Horrible Church; CDW: Faithful Celebration of Liturgy Makes Holy People of God and More! (4060)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

05/13/2013 Comment

A Truly ‘Horrible’ Church. Follow the link by Richard Collins of the Linen on the Hedgerow blog to read more.

A Truly ‘Horrible’ Church by Richard Collins of the Linen on the Hedgerow blog - Big Pulpit

C. D. W.: A Faithful Celebration of the Liturgy Makes For a Faithful and Holy People of God – Kathleen Pluth, The Chant Café

So You Want to be a Deaconess? – Joel and Lisa Schmidt, Catholic Stand

Proclaiming Christ Through Catholic Radio – Jim Graves, The Catholic World Report

Kids These Days: Introducing YOUCATholic.com – T. J. Burdick, Ignitum Today

Video: Abbot Zielinski on the C. D. W. Office of Art and Architecture – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

Mysticism: Who’s Called to It? – Mary Kaufmann, Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction

Is the U. S. Selling Out the Middle East’s...READ MORE

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Dioceses Celebrate U.S. World Youth Day Ahead of WYD ’13 (4692)

New York and Texas Gather Thousands of Youth in Hopes of Strengthening Faith

05/12/2013 Comment
Jasmin TM Photography & Design, courtesy of Archdiocese of New York

Cardinal Timothy Dolan celebrates Mass at the first New York Catholic Youth Day.

– Jasmin TM Photography & Design, courtesy of Archdiocese of New York

The Archdiocese of New York held its first New York Catholic Youth Day on April 6 at the College of Mount St. Vincent in Riverdale, N.Y.

With more than 1,500 youth and young adults present, the theme for the event was “Rejoice in the Lord Always,” from Philippians 4:4. The diocese held the event to recognize U.S. World Youth Day, typically held on the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Originally scheduled for November, it was rescheduled due to Hurricane Sandy.

The day consisted of music, entertainment, workshops, adoration, confession and a food drive led by Catholic Charities. Featured guests included Father Agustino Torres and Father Stan Fortuna of the Franciscan Friars of the...READ MORE

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Mother’s Day: Gender Matters (9997)


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– Shutterstock

In his book Bonfire of the Vanities, Tom Wolfe describes the women at an exclusive party in Manhattan. The first group, starved to near perfection, used fashion to compensate for the natural curves that they had denied their bodies. These were mostly the first wives and “women of a certain age.” Then he describes the “lemon-tarts,” the women who were young, the live-in girlfriends or subsequent wives. But he notes that one type of woman was missing: “[N]o one ever invited … Mother.”

This passage has stuck with me, particularly when I consider how our notions about both motherhood and fatherhood have been diluted.

Frequently, both women and men are valued for their career...READ MORE

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Protestant South Becoming a New Catholic Stronghold (46694)

Dixie Catholics credit the strong Southern sense of community, and dialogue with faithful Protestants, with helping to power the Church’s growth there.

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Courtyard of St. Dominic's Monastery in Linden, Va.

– www.lindenopnuns.org

LINDEN, Va. — In the waves of turbulence that rippled throughout the Catholic Church in the 1970s, the nuns of St. Dominic’s Monastery found themselves forced to leave their longtime home in Wisconsin in search of a new one.

The nuns moved to a temporary residence in Washington, D.C., while looking for a permanent setting conducive to the cloistered, contemplative life they sought to lead. It would be more than two decades before they found one. When they did, it was in what may seem a most unlikely place: the rural northeast of Virginia, considered one of the Protestant Bible Belt states of the South.

The story of St. Dominic’s Monastery’s southern move may be the story of U.S....READ MORE

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Pope Francis and the Liturgy (28658)


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CTV/Vatican Radio/Facebook

– CTV/Vatican Radio/Facebook

No genius is needed to figure out that Pope Francis is not a liturgist the way Pope Benedict was.

But the fear that Francis’ papacy may mark the “end of the reform of the reform” of the liturgical changes that were introduced after the Second Vatican Council is, frankly, unfounded.

Let me present the evidence.

Although his liturgical gestures as pope have not amounted to much so far, his ministry in the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires convincingly shows his mindset on the liturgy.

In Buenos Aires, then-Cardinal Bergoglio did not express significant interest in the extraordinary form of the rite. However, he put up no resistance to it either. Following Summorum Pontificum, he made the...READ MORE

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