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Democratic Lawmakers Push ‘Pro-Abortion Agenda on Steroids’ (7664)

Quiet support builds in the U.S. Senate and House for a bill that would override every pro-life law on the books.

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U.S. Capitol building

– Wikimedia Commons

WASHINGTON — A boom in state laws restricting and regulating abortion over the past three years has some abortion advocates quietly building support to overturn all of them, with federal legislation far more sweeping than the original Roe v. Wade decision.

Since its first introduction by Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., the abortion-deregulation bill called the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA) has gained 34 co-sponsors in the Senate and 116 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives — all of them Democrats.

The proposed law (S. 1696) involves such sweeping deregulation of the abortion industry that pro-life advocates dubbed it the “Gosnell Prerogative Act,” referring to abortionist...READ MORE

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Holy See Bolsters Financial Transparency in Agreement With Argentina (1822)

Vatican watchdog continues to strengthen.

06/26/2014 Comment
CNA/Daniel Ibanez

Rene Bruelhart (l), director of the Vatican’s Financial Information Authority, speaks at the Vatican Press Office.

– CNA/Daniel Ibanez

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican’s financial watchdog signed a memorandum of understanding with its Argentine counterpart Tuesday, extending and bolstering its anti-money-laundering reforms.

For the first time, the signing of such a memorandum took place within the Vatican. It was signed by the director of the Holy See’s Financial Information Authority, Rene Bruelhart, and the president of Argentina’s Unidad de Informacion Financera (AIF), Jose Sbattella, in Palazzo San Carlo, the AIF’s headquarters.

“We are very pleased to have signed this memorandum of understanding with Argentina today,” Bruelhart stated June 24. “This is an important step to further expand the network to support global...READ MORE

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Vatican to Appoint Adviser for Legionaries of Christ (3008)

The congregation, recovering from the scandal surrounding its founder, concluded a general chapter in February.

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CNA/Daniel Ibáñez

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi speaks with reporters.

– CNA/Daniel Ibáñez

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican announced Wednesday that an adviser will be appointed to assist the Legionaries of Christ in the revision of their newly drafted constitutions.

Having received numerous questions from journalists regarding the state of the Legionaries in light of the congregation’s recently concluded general chapter, Father Federico Lombardi published the answers he received from speaking with Cardinal Joao Braz de Aviz and Archbishop Jose Rodriguez Carballo, who are currently overseeing the process.

Cardinal Braz de Aviz serves as prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, and Archbishop Rodriguez is the congregation’s...READ MORE

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Pope Francis on Marriage and Things Jesus Does Not Like, How to Recognize the Anti-Christ and More! (4940)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

06/26/2014 Comment

Follow Pope Francis on Marriage and Things Jesus Does Not Like via Fr. Z’s Blog link to read more.

Pope Francis: Marriage and Things Jesus Does Not Like via Fr. Z’s Blog - BigPulpit.com

Redemption in Tragedy: Father Kenneth Walker - Sister Theresa Noble, Pursued by Truth

The Myth of 100% Certain on Marrying Him - Amanda Sloan, Ignitum Today

Pope Francis Condemns “Throw-Away Culture” – Jean M. Heimann, Catholic Fire

Nancy Pelosi and the Dereliction of Bishops – Don. R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

What’s Behind Nancy Pelosi’s Attack on Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone? – Anne Hendershott, Crisis Magazine

The Century of the Self: We the Sheeple – Anthony S. Layne, Catholic Stand

Bill Maher’s Bible Problem – Father Robert Barron, Aleteia

How to Recognize the Anti Christ –...READ MORE

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Pope’s Mafia ‘Excommunication’ Is a Call to Conversion (1823)

Italian priests explain that the Holy Father’s June 21 condemnation of organized crime leaders was a theological reflection, not an application of canon law.

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Daniel Ibanez/CNA

– Daniel Ibanez/CNA

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis’ statement Saturday that mafiosi (mafia leaders) are “excommunicated” was a reflection of theology rather than canon law and acted as a call to conversion for those in organized crime, priests have said.

Pope Francis visited the Diocese of Cassano all’Jonio, in the southern Italian region of Calabria, June 21. The diocese has been profoundly affected by its local organized crime group, the ‘Ndrangheta. Cassano all’Jonio was the scene of a feud between mafia clans in the 1990s and 2000s.

The Pope preached during a Mass in Sibari, saying that, “when adoration of the Lord is substituted by adoration of money, the road to sin opens up to personal interest. When one...READ MORE

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What Should the U.S. Do About Iraq? (3962)


06/25/2014 Comments (10)
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

President Barack Obama speaks about Iraq in the Brady Briefing Room of the White House on June 19.

– Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

WASHINGTON — Last week, amid reports of fighters from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) rapidly advancing across Iraq toward the capital of Baghdad, U.S. President Barack Obama announced that 300 military advisers would be deployed to help stop the incursion.

“It is in our national security interest not to see an all-out civil war in Iraq,” Obama said during a June 19 meeting with reporters gathered in the White House briefing room, underscoring fears that the confrontation between ISIS fighters, who are Sunni, and the Iraq government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who is Shiite, could explode into a regional sectarian war.

The administration’s decision to deploy the military...READ MORE

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The Church Is a Family That Welcomes and Teaches Us, Pope Francis Says (2256)

The Holy Father continued his series of catechesis on the Church.

06/25/2014 Comment


VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis, in his Wednesday general audience address on June 25, drew attention to how God formed the Church to unify humanity, stating that no one is saved on his own, but, rather, through the help of others.

“Our identity is one of belonging. To say, ‘I am Christian’ means to say: ‘I belong to the Church.’ I belong to this people with whom God established an ancient alliance that is always faithful,” the Pope stated.

The Holy Father, who began a series of reflections on the Church June 18, told the pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square, “In our catechesis on the Church, we have seen that God gathered a people to himself in the Old Testament and in the fullness of time sent...READ MORE

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Restoring Sacred Architecture to a Higher Plane (13471)

William Heyer works to draw faith communities heavenward.

06/25/2014 Comments (20)
Courtesy of William Heyer

St. Patrick's Oratory in Kansas City, Mo.

– Courtesy of William Heyer

In the years following the Second Vatican Council, the gathered local community was often pointed to as the new focal point of worship, while Jesus Christ was literally set aside.

According to the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, "In accordance with the structure of each church and legitimate local customs, the Most Blessed Sacrament should be reserved in a tabernacle in a part of the church that is truly noble, prominent, readily visible, beautifully decorated and suitable for prayer” (314). “Consequently, it is preferable that the tabernacle be located, according to the judgment of the diocesan bishop: a.) either in the sanctuary, apart from the altar of celebration, in a form...READ MORE

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