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Father Benedict Groeschel: ‘A Heart for the Poor’ (8712)

Some of those touched by the famous Franciscan friar recall how he served Jesus by helping those most in need and inspired others to follow his selfless example.

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Franciscan Father Benedict Groeschel

– YouTube/EWTN

NEW YORK — “St. Vincent de Paul said: If you love the poor, your life will be filled with sunlight, and you will not be frightened at the hour of death,” Father Benedict Joseph Groeschel, a founder of the Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, once wrote. “I wish to witness that this is true.”

Those words encapsulated the remarkable priestly ministry of Father Groeschel. He lived and worked in a small converted garage, even as he maintained a tireless pace as a popular preacher, counselor and author who expressed himself with the accent and edgy humor of a New Jersey native.

Now, following his death at the age of 81 on Oct. 3, the vigil of the feast of his patron, St. Francis,...READ MORE

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Misleading Claims Concerning the Synod on the Family, Everything About Holy Water and Much More! (3442)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Click on Misleading Claims and Skewed Statements Concerning the Synod on the Family by Carl E. Olson of The Catholic World Report link to read more.

Misleading Claims and Skewed Statements Concerning the Synod on the Family by Carl E. Olson of The Catholic World Report - BigPulpit.com

Cardinal Pell Rules Out Change on Jesus Teaching on Marriage – Francis X. Rocca, The Catholic Herald

The Marriage Mess – Father Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

Another Cardinal Against the Innovation of Cardinal Kasper: Cardinal Angelo Scola - Sandro Magister, La Repubblica’s Chiesa

Everything You Want to Know About Holy Water by Fr. John Bartunek LC of Catholic Spiritual Direction - BigPulpit.com

The Upcoming Synod and The Real Crisis of Marriage – Russell Shaw, Our Sunday Visitor Newsweekly

Bishop Cupich Is the Second Coming of Bernardin –...READ MORE

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Father Benedict Groeschel (1933-2014) (26967)

The co-founder of the Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal and former host to EWTN’s Sunday Night Prime died Oct. 3, the vigil of his patron, St. Francis of Assisi, at age 81.

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Franciscan Father Benedict Groeschel


NEW YORK — Franciscan Father Benedict Joseph Groeschel, well-known preacher and a founder of the Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, died on Friday at age 81, after an extended illness.

“We are deeply saddened by the death of Father Benedict. He was an example to us all,” said Father John Paul Ouellette, community servant of the Friars of the Renewal, in a statement.

“His fidelity and service to the Church and commitment to our Franciscan way of life will have a tremendous impact for generations to come.”

Father Groeschel was a founder, author, teacher, preacher and retreat master. He hosted and appeared on EWTN television shows for more than 25 years. He was ordained a...READ MORE

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Cardinal Wuerl: Break Your Silence and Save the Middle-East Christians (2951)

The archbishop of Washington says Christians must raise their voices and build bridges in their hometowns with diaspora Middle-Eastern Christians.

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Ed Pfueller/Catholic University

Cardinal Donald Wuerl delivers his homily at the Mass of the Holy Spirit at The Catholic University of America on Aug. 28.

– Ed Pfueller/Catholic University

WASHINGTON — “Why a silence?” With those words at The Catholic University of America’s Mass of the Holy Spirit, Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington challenged U.S. Catholics to search their consciences and ask themselves what they were doing in the face of the atrocities being committed in the Middle East.

In this interview with the Register, Cardinal Wuerl explains further why Christians “cannot remain silent” and must “raise our voices.” He also addressed why Christians must show solidarity marked not only by prayer, but also concrete action, particularly in aiding the victims.

The cardinal also shared his thoughts about the importance of the In Defense of Christians summit, held Sept....READ MORE

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The Bridegroom and His Bride (1688)

Book Pick: Jesus the Bridegroom by Brant Pitre

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The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

By Brant Pitre

Image Catholic Books, 2014

208 pages, $23 (hardcover)

To order: imagecatholicbooks.com


Modern Christians are at a disadvantage when it comes to reading our own Scriptures and appreciating the nuances therein, since we’re many centuries removed from the culture and times in which the Scriptures were written. Jews of the first century, on the other hand, obviously had no such disadvantage and would have understood the events in the life of Jesus and the writings of the New Testament in a way that only scholars understand today.

Once again — as in his previous book, Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist —...READ MORE

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Five Prayers Recommended by an Exorcist to Combat Evil, How Scotland was Christianized and More! (4315)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Click on Five Prayers Recommended by an Exorcist to Combat Evil by H. H. Ambrose of Saint Peter's List link to read more.

Five Prayers Recommended by an Exorcist to Combat Evil by H. H. Ambrose of Saint Peter's List - BigPulpit.com

If the Synod on the Family Is Badly Handled We’ll Live with the Results for Years – Father Raymond De Souza, The Catholic Herald

Who Is the False Prophet of the End Times? – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

Cardinal Müller and Cardinal Pell Take Cardinal Kasper to Task - John Thavis, Monday Vatican

‘Same-Sex Marriage’ Violates the Rights and Dignity of Children – Quartermaster of the Barque

10 Reasons Why Homeschoolers Should Play Sports – Ginny Seuffert, Seton Magazine

Insulting Marriage – Greg Erlandson, Our Sunday Visitor Newsweekly

Catholicism and Obedience –...READ MORE

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Alleviating Anger in Aggressive Athletes (4209)

Humility and prayer are keys to self-control in a violent sport, say former NFL players and a sports psychologist.

10/03/2014 Comment

Former NFL star Danny Abramowicz of Crossing the Goal.

NEW YORK — Much media attention has recently been focused on off-field violence — some proven, some alleged — involving NFL players.

San Francisco 49ers defensive end Ray McDonald was arrested Aug. 31 on suspicion of domestic violence. A video showing former Baltimore Ravens’ running back Ray Rice punching and knocking out his wife, then his fiancée, was released to the public, and Minnesota Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson was charged with child abuse.

With these stories simultaneously in the public eye, the conclusion is sometimes drawn that being a professional football player makes one more likely to be involved in off-the-field violence, especially of the domestic sort. However,...READ MORE

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Pope Francis, the Synod and the Declining Italian Family (2707)


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It’s fitting that the Catholic Church is meeting in Rome for its Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family. The reason for the location is obvious — the Vatican being physically where it is. But the location is especially appropriate given the decline of the family in Italy. Of course, Italy is hardly alone. What I’m going to say here could be said about almost any Western-European country, but I’d like to focus my thoughts on Italy, based on study and recent experience.

One of the most compelling statistics on the decline of the Italian family was reported several years ago by George Weigel in his excellent The Cube and the Cathedral: Europe, America and Politics Without God. Weigel...READ MORE

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