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Scottish Bishops Encourage Voting in Independence Referendum (1224)

They did not take a stand on whether Scotland should leave the United Kingdom, but stressed Catholics’ responsibility to participate constructively in the political process.

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The Union Jack and the Scottish flag stand together outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, Scotland.

– Wikipedia

EDINBURGH, Scotland — Multiple Scottish bishops have appealed to Catholics to vote in the Sept. 18 referendum which will decide whether or not Scotland will become independent of the United Kingdom.

“Along with the bishops of Scotland, who are deeply conscious of the importance of this referendum, I encourage and urge all those eligible to vote to do so with complete freedom of choice and in accordance with their prayerful judgment of what is best for the future,” Archbishop Philip Tartaglia of Glasgow said in an Aug. 29 statement.

“May God guide us and bless us in whatever choice we make in good conscience.”

The referendum on Scottish independence will take place Sept. 18 to decide the...READ MORE

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Father Pavone: Pope Francis Is a Pro-Life ‘Son of the Church’ (1846)

The national director of Priests for Life says the Pope’s integrated way of embracing humanity is a ‘particular blessing’ to the pro-life movement.

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Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life

– Wikipedia

ROME — Pope Francis has drawn praise for his firm pro-life stance as well as his approach to the topic, which goes to the heart of the issue and teaches the Church how to truly embrace humanity.

“I believe he has a very integral approach to teaching the faith. In other words, anything that we teach as a Church he adheres to 1,000%. Like he said, ‘I am a son of the Church,’” pro-life leader Father Frank Pavone told journalists in an Aug. 31 interview.

“There’s no question here about: Does he himself buy into, whole heart and soul, everything the Church teaches? Of course he does. The question is: How does he want to present that?”

Father Pavone, the national director of Priests for Life,...READ MORE

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Is Dialogue Dead? (4712)


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For many Catholics, “dialogue” is a dirty word.

In their minds, it’s code for the kinds of ecumenism and interfaith relations that emphasize similarities and dismiss differences.

“Dialogue” means “we’re all climbing the same mountain, which is God — but we’re on different paths” or “dogma divides, and we are trying to move past dogma to find our common ground.”

In other words, “dialogue” means indifferentism — the idea that all religions are essentially the same. “Dialogue” means universalism — if all religions are the same, then everyone will be saved in the end. “Dialogue” means, therefore, that no one needs to be converted to the Catholic faith because they’re okay where they are.


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Indians in Holy Land Gather to Celebrate Nativity of Mary (2011)

‘The celebration of the birth of Blessed Virgin Mary has a special relevance in the modern world, as it binds the migrant community together,’ said Franciscan Father Tojy Jose.

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CNA/Father Tojy Jose, O.F.M.

Pilgrims gathered for a Marian procession with the Indian Chaplaincy in the Holy Land.

– CNA/Father Tojy Jose, O.F.M.

JERUSALEM — Spiritual preparations for the Nativity of Mary, blending culture and faith, are under way in the Holy Land, where the Indian Chaplaincy serves emigrants from Goa and elsewhere in India.

“A grandiose celebration of the Nativity of Virgin Mary, called the ‘Monti Fest’ by the Konkani-speaking group, is being organized by the Indian Chaplaincy in the Holy Land with traditional gaiety and religious fervor,” said Franciscan Father Tojy Jose, head of the Indian Chaplaincy in the Holy Land, to CNA Sept. 2.

Konkani is the official language of the Indian state of Goa, which was long a Portuguese colony and has an unusually high concentration of Christians for the nation (27%).


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CDW Prefect Moved, Who Is the Replacement? Important Rules for Catholic Fathers and Much More! (2772)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

09/04/2014 Comment

Follow the Cardinal Cañizares, CDW Prefect, Moved to Valencia, Replacement? via Fr. Z's Blog link to read more.

Cardinal Cañizares, CDW Prefect, Moved to Valencia, Replacement? via Fr. Z's Blog – BigPulpit.com

Important Rules for Catholic Fathers – Randy Hain, Integrated Catholic Life™

Hitler: Born Before His Time – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Same-Sex Adoption: Not as Harmless as Portrayed – Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report

Blessing Is In Obedience – Olivia Spears, Ignitum Today

Sex Attitudes of Christian ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ Supporters – Mark Regnerus, Crisis Magazine

O Lord, Make Me Happy, But Not Yet. . . – Father Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

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Taking Offense: An...READ MORE

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Pope Francis’ ‘Match for Peace’ Brims With Positive Message (2352)

International soccer players of many faiths gathered in Rome to join the Holy Father in solidarity against hate.

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CNA/Daniel Ibañez

Soccer players participate in the 2014 Match for Peace in Rome’s Olympic Stadium, Sept. 1.

– CNA/Daniel Ibañez

ROME — Players, singers and sponsors who participated in Pope Francis’ interreligious match for peace have praised him for the idea, stating that it promotes good values important for youth today.

“Soccer is a motivation of example; it’s a marvelous sport [of] which hundreds of millions of young people are aware,” Marco Tronchetti Provera told journalists Sept. 1 during halftime.

“To transmit these values, I believe, is a wonderful initiative that the Pope wanted to happen here in Rome, and we are happy to have been able to help in this initiative.”

Speaking to CNA, Provera stated that the fact that “great players have joined together through soccer to give a message of peace” signifies...READ MORE

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Latin Mass Altar-Boy Camp Draws Strong Interest (7845)

Youth from four states attended the three-day camp in South Carolina, praying and playing sports together while learning how to serve the ancient Mass rite.

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Stephanie Stewart

Father Christopher Smith, administrator of Prince of Peace Parish in Greenville, S.C., instructs participants in the parish's Latin Mass altar-boy camp.

– Stephanie Stewart

TAYLORS, S.C. — More than 60 young men and boys participated in a three-day camp in late July dedicated to learning to serve the traditional Latin Mass.

Boys aged 6 to 18, from four states including Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina, came together at Prince of Peace Parish near Greenville, S.C., to spent time in prayer, study and sports, while learning to serve the ancient rite of Mass under the tutelage of two diocesan priests and a seminarian from the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP).

Father Christopher Smith, administrator of Prince of Peace, and Father Renaurd West, both priests of the Diocese of Charleston, together with Michael Cunningham, a third-year seminarian for the FSSP...READ MORE

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Italian Bishops Support Priest Threatened by Mafia (1475)

An imprisoned mafia leader was overheard last week saying that Father Luigi Ciotti must be killed because of his opposition to organized crime.

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Father Luigi Cotti

– Wikipedia

ROME — Responding to threats on the life of an anti-Mafia priest, the Italian bishops issued a letter offering support and calling for an end to corruption and injustice.

“The Italian Church, which in recent years has not failed to make heard its voice educating to legality, confirms its closeness to and its esteem for Father Luigi in a time when he has been made the subject of gratuitous intimidations,” the Sept. 1 letter read.

Signed by Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, president of the Italian Bishops Conference, the letter responded to a threat made last week on the life of Father Luigi Ciotti. Italian mafia boss Totò Riina was overheard in prison saying that the anti-Mafia priest had to be...READ MORE

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