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How I Moved from My Megachurch to Catholicism, Build a Spiritual Defense and Much More! (4845)

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08/17/2014 Comment

Follow the How I Moved from My Megachurch to Catholicism by Ulf Ekman of The Catholic Herald link to read more.

How I Moved from My Megachurch to Catholicism by Ulf Ekman of The Catholic Herald – BigPulpit.com

Build A Spiritual Defense – Kathleen Beckman, Catholic Exchange

Called to Be Saints, Called Home: Lessons on Sainthood – Megan Twomey, Ignitum Today

Pope Francis’s Secret Friend in Caserta – Sandro Magister, Chiesa

Catholic Blogosphere: Q & A with Fr. John Zuhlsdorf by Fr. Sean Salai, SJ, of America Magazine - BigPulpit.com

Pope Francis: Teens Stop Wasting Time on Cell Phones – Cindy Wooden, The Catholic Herald

Renewal & a New Set of Tires to Boot – Lisa Sheferly-Gillay, Catholic Stand

Getting Ready for Campus Life – Fr. C. John McCloskey, The Catholic Thing

Guard Your Mouth to a...READ MORE

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Pope: Crisis in Family Requires Greater Church Outreach (2052)

‘The family remains the basic unit of society,’ the Holy Father emphasized in remarks delivered today to South Korean lay leaders.

08/16/2014 Comments (4)
Alan Holdren/CNA

Pope Francis celebrated Mass Aug. 15 in Daejon, South Korea.

– Alan Holdren/CNA

SEOUL, South Korea — Pope Francis told South Korea's lay leaders during his visit to the country that the modern breakdown of families should spur greater outreach and catechesis to married couples and their children.

“At a time of great crisis for family life, our Christian communities are called to support married couples and families in fulfilling their proper mission in the life of the Church and society,” he said Aug. 16 at the Kkottongnae Spirituality Center.

“The family remains the basic unit of society and the first school in which children learn the human, spiritual and moral values which enable them to be a beacon of goodness, integrity and justice in our communities,” the Pope...READ MORE

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Calls for Peace Abound After Michael Brown Shooting (1816)

Political and religious leaders have issued appeals in the wake of the Aug. 9 police killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.

08/16/2014 Comments (3)
Lisa Johnston/St. Louis Review

Parishioners from Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Cruch in Ferguson, Mo., gather for a prayer vigil for peace after the Aug. 9 killing of Michael Brown.

– Lisa Johnston/St. Louis Review

ST. LOUIS — Amid protests and heavy police action following the shooting of the teenaged Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., political and faith leaders have called for peace and just action from both civilians and police forces.

“These scenes in the communities of Ferguson and Dellwood reflect the current state of our country and world,” wrote Father Art Cavitt, executive director of the St. Charles Lwanga Center in St. Louis and resident of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Parish in Ferguson, in an Aug. 14 column in the St. Louis Review.

Previously, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Parish had held a vigil night of prayer in honor of Brown and the protests surrounding his death.

“These are wonderful...READ MORE

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Pope Beatifies 124 Korean Martyrs, Praising Their Witness to Christ (3302)

In God’s mysterious providence, the Christian faith entered Korea through the hearts and minds of the people themselves, the Holy Father said at Mass at Seoul’s Gwanghwamun Gate.

08/16/2014 Comments (1)
CNA/Alan Holdren

Pope Francis beatifies Paul Yun Ji-Chung and 123 companion martyrs in Seoul Aug. 16.

– CNA/Alan Holdren

SEOUL, South Korea — Pope Francis on Saturday beatified Korean martyrs Paul Yun Ji-chung and 123 companions, praising their “great sacrifices” and their call “to put Christ first.”

“All of them lived and died for Christ, and now they reign with him in joy and in glory,” the Pope said during Mass at Seoul’s Gwanghwamun Gate.

“The victory of the martyrs, their witness to the power of God’s love, continues to bear fruit today in Korea, in the Church, which received growth from their sacrifice,” the Holy Father told a congregation of tens of thousands.

“Our celebration of Blessed Paul and Companions provides us with the opportunity to return to the first moments, the infancy as it were, of...READ MORE

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RIP Robin Williams: I Only Knew That Your Were Thirsty; To Lose Sight of the Shore and Much More! (4075)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

08/16/2014 Comment

Follow the RIP Robin Williams: I Only Knew That You Were Thirsty by Sister Theresa Noble of Pursued by Truth link to read more.

RIP Robin Williams: I Only Knew That You Were Thirsty by Sister Theresa Noble of Pursued by Truth – BigPulpit.com

Three Deadly Ideas – Thomas M. Doran, The CWR Blog

To Lose Sight of the Shore – Michelle Fritz, Catholic Stand

Real Science Is Not the Realm of Atheists or Egoists – Deborah Castellano Lubov, Zenit

Satanists Friend Sent Him the Host for Oklahoma City Black Mass by John Burger - BigPulpit.com

How Catholic Missionaries Brought Science to China – Andrew Kassebaum, Strange Notions

Why I Ride the Metro Backwards – Siobhan Benitez, Ignitum Today

Recovering an Enchanted World – Anne Hendershott, The Catholic World Report

Witness in Words & Works. . .Or Else! – Fr. Dwight...READ MORE

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Asian Youth Impressed by Pope’s Humility (2239)

Twenty young Asian Catholic leaders lunched with the Holy Father this afternoon.

08/15/2014 Comments (2)
Elise Harris/CNA

Asian youth who lunched with Pope Francis Aug. 15 speak with journalists about their experience on Aug. 15.

– Elise Harris/CNA

SEOUL, South Korea — Following their lunch with Pope Francis, a Chinese and a Pakistani youth said the Pope was like a humble father who wanted to be near them.

“He told us what the message of the Pope is for us, for the youth, for the whole world,” that it is “to evangelize with the Bible, evangelize with the words of Jesus. In my eyes, the Pope is living the life of Jesus. He’s a living Jesus,” Alexander John told journalists during an Aug. 15 press briefing.

John, a 33-year-old youth coordinator from Karachi, Pakistan, was one of 20 young Asian leaders who dined with Pope Francis this afternoon. He was chosen for the lunch by the executive secretary of Pakistan’s National Youth...READ MORE

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Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe: Giving a Voice to the Voiceless in Uganda (3991)

The Ugandan religious sister helps disadvantaged girls regain their dignity.

08/15/2014 Comments (1)
Time magazine

– Time magazine

KAMPALA, Uganda — Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe joined the Sacred Heart Sisters in 1972. The congregation, established in the Sudan in 1954, moved to Uganda in 1964 following the tumultuous civil war that ravaged Sudan. The sisters settled in Moyo district (now the provincial seat of the order) in northern Uganda.

Sister Rosemary in 2002 came to St. Monica’s School and Tailoring Center in Gulu, Uganda, to teach literacy and vocational skills to underprivileged Ugandans, whose safety is regularly threatened by paramilitary forces in Sudan and Uganda, particularly Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army, who would regularly abduct and rape young women and detain them as sex slaves. 

Sister Rosemary...READ MORE

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Pope Francis: ‘There’s Only One Korea’ (2275)

In off-the-cuff comments at a gathering of Asian youth, the Holy Father spoke of Korea as a divided family.

08/15/2014 Comments (1)

Alan Holdren/CNA

DAEJEON, South Korea — Addressing the division between North and South Korea, Pope Francis emphasized that the two are “one family,” calling for prayers of re-unification while stressing repentance and forgiveness.

“There is only one Korea, but this family is divided,” the Pope said to a large gathering of young people from across Asia.

His off-the-cuff comments came during an Aug. 15 meeting with youth at Solmoe Shrine, the birthplace of the first Korean-born priest, St. Andrew Kim Taegon, who was martyred in the 1800s. The gathering was part of his visit to South Korea, which coincides with the Sixth Asian Youth Day.

After giving prepared remarks in English, Pope Francis told the young...READ MORE

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