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Book Pick: Evangelizing Catholics by Scott Hahn

09/13/2014 Comments (4)

A Mission Manual for the New Evangelization

By Scott Hahn
Our Sunday Visitor, 2014
176 pages, $19.95
To order: osv.com

Scott Hahn is currently perhaps the best-known Catholic evangelizer in the United States — and probably the best American evangelizer since Archbishop Fulton Sheen himself.

A convert and former Presbyterian minister, Hahn is a university professor, lecturer and prolific writer. With God’s grace, he has been responsible for multitudes of converts and reverts to the Catholic faith.

His newest book is Evangelizing Catholics: A Mission Manual for the New Evangelization. Its publication could not be more timely, given Pope Francis’ emphasis on...READ MORE

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Why Secularists Cannot Cope with Islam, Work and Our Common Dignity, Virtue Is Attractive and More! (2825)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

09/13/2014 Comment

Follow the Why the Secular Humanists Cannot Cope With Islam by Father Dwight Longenecker of Standing on my Head via Patheos link to read more.

Why the Secular Humanists Cannot Cope With Islam by Father Dwight Longenecker of Standing on my Head via Patheos - BigPulpit.com

Work and Our Common Dignity – Bishop Paul S. Loverde, Catholic Exchange

Virtue Is Attractive: The Crossroads Walk – The Motley Monk, The American Catholic

The Labor Movement, Teachers Unions and Catholic Social Teaching – Father George E. Schultz SJ, The Catholic World Report

Thoughts from a New Momma – Nicholas Senz, Catholic Stand

They Know I’m Catholic, Right? – Randy Hain, Integrated Catholic Life™

The Expectant Couples Guide to Praying the Joyful Mysteries – Matthew Higgins, Ignitum Today

The Stillbirth of Science in Arabia – Stacy Trasancos PhD,...READ MORE

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Ordinariate Community Has a Spiritual Home in Washington, D.C. (5320)

From the ‘wilderness in Egypt to the Promised Land’ is how one former Episcopalian describes the move to a church in the nation’s capital.

09/12/2014 Comments (5)
Elza Daniel

Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson, ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, celebrated Mass Sept. 7 at Immaculate Conception Church in Washington.

– Elza Daniel

WASHINGTON — A formerly Episcopal community that entered the Catholic Church in 2011 marked a historic moment in its journey to Rome, when the faithful gathered on Sept. 7 in downtown Washington for their first regularly scheduled Sunday Mass in the nation’s capital.

St. Luke’s at Immaculate Conception — as the community will now be known — offered its first Mass at Immaculate Conception Church in downtown Washington, after its move from its former home in a small, rented church in Bladensburg, Md.

St. Luke’s made headlines in 2011 when it became the first Episcopal church in the Washington area, and the second in the state of Maryland, to come into the Catholic Church under the...READ MORE

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Papal Trip to Turkey Confirmed for November (1212)

The visit will likely follow Pope Francis’ Nov. 25 visit to Strasbourg, France, which was announced by the Vatican on Sept. 11.

09/12/2014 Comment

VATICAN CITY — A statement released by the Vatican has confirmed that Pope Francis will visit Turkey in November, where he is expected to participate in celebrations surrounding the Orthodox feast of St. Andrew.

“This morning, the Holy See received the official letter of invitation from the part of the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for a trip of Pope Francis to the country,” the Sept. 12 statement, signed by Vatican spokesman Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, read.

“So the preparation will proceed for the trip in the final days of November, but the length and schedule of the same trip are still to be defined.”

The visit will likely follow the Pope’s Nov. 25 visit to...READ MORE

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Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Stars in Selfies (1764)

Great photos of the retired pope were tweeted yesterday.

09/12/2014 Comments (2)
@GianlucaBarile1 on Twitter

– @GianlucaBarile1 on Twitter

ROME -- The first “selfie” of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is making the rounds on social networks.

Gianluca Barile shared a "primo" photo on his Twitter account on Sept. 11. It is the first known selfie in which the retired pope has appeared. Then he shared another photo featuring Italian priest Father Sebastiano Sequino.

He wrote: "Not one, but two!"



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Pro-Lifers Cry Foul Over U.N. Leader’s Promotion of Abortion (2408)

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon issued a directive encouraging U.N. personnel to lobby for abortion in post-war settings, even though there is no international mandate to support such lobbying.

09/12/2014 Comments (4)
Wikipedia/World Economic Forum

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

– Wikipedia/World Economic Forum

NEW YORK — A United Nations directive encourages its personnel to lobby countries emerging from war to liberalize their abortion laws under the guise of offering reparations to women who were sexually victimized during hostilities.

The document, known as a guidance note, that U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon issued in June, is not a treaty, and it does not officially create a new international legal norm that member states are obliged to follow. However, Catholic and pro-life observers of the United Nations say the measure is an alarming example of the secretary general overstepping his mandate to promote an aggressive pro-abortion agenda.

“Obviously, this is very controversial. There...READ MORE

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Pope Francis: Correction Without Charity Is ‘a Slap in the Face’ (2395)

Gossip is destructive, the Pope noted, whereas charity ‘is like an anesthetic’ when it’s necessary to point out another Christian’s shortcomings.

09/12/2014 Comments (5)
Marta Jiménez/Catholic News Agency

– Marta Jiménez/Catholic News Agency

VATICAN CITY — In his daily Mass on Friday, Pope Francis spoke about fraternal correction, explaining that it heals and builds up the body of Christ, but only when done out of love rather than gossip or hypocrisy.

“Gossip hurts; gossip is a slap in the face of a person’s reputation. It is an attack on the heart of a person,” the Pope told those present in the Santa Marta residence on Sept. 12.

“Sure, when they tell you the truth, it’s not nice to hear, but if it is spoken with charity and love, it is easier to accept,” he said. So “we must speak of other people’s defects” with charity.

Referring to the day’s Gospel from Luke 6, the Holy Father focused his reflections on Jesus’...READ MORE

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Marching With Christ (1939)

Lessons that can be learned from this month's controversy over the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York.

09/12/2014 Comments (9)

– Shutterstock

Early this month, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York made headlines as his flock digested two unexpected developments: The cardinal endorsed a new policy that would allow a homosexual-rights activist group to march under its own banner in the city’s 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade; and the Church leader also agreed to serve as the next grand marshal for that parade.

His decision revived past debate over the religious character of a popular New York City event that celebrates Irish-Catholic heritage and had previously barred the participation of “LGBT” groups and other “political” entities, including pro-life organizations. Cardinal Dolan’s critics argued that his public acceptance of the...READ MORE

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